WBCS 2011 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2011 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2017 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2011 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2011 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2011 Question Paper

Instruction for Q. Nos. 1 – 5

Choose the correct alternatives from the options to fill in the blanks :

1.  The boys were ‘kept in’ after school means that the boys were ——.

     (A)  Caned       (B) Punished       (C) Confined      (D) Rewarded

2.  In spite of all his brag he had ‘to eat humble pic’ means that he had to —— .

     (A) Apologize      (B) Surrender       (C) Leave      (D) Eat his food

3.  His observations were ‘beside the point’ means thai his observations were ———.

     (A) Written in point form      (B) Written beside his points       (C) Not relevant      (D) Not heard by others

4.  ‘A wild-goose chase’ means —

     (A) To go hunting       (B) To go on a foolish, fruitless search       (C) To chase wild geese     (D) To protect

5.  He ‘made light, of his friend’s warning means he ——— .

     (A) Lit a fire       (B) Showed the light       (C) Took seriously      (D) Treated lightly

Instruction for Q. Nos. 6-10

Use appropriate words to fill in the blanks.

6.  The —— structure dwarfed all the surrounding buildings.

     (A) Impossible       (B) Imposing        (C) Implacable       (D) Important

7.  Her —— ways captivated many young men.

     (A) Wintry       (B) Weird         (C) Wearisome        (D) Winsome

8.  The thieves —— through the cupboards searching for valuable articles.

     (A) Ran       (B) Ruptured        (C) Rummaged        (D) Rustled

9.  The —— of the farmland was enough to sustain the small family.

     (A) Yoke       (B) Yeast        (C) Yard         (D) Yield

10.  The —— fumes of vehicles pollute the air.

       (A) Noxious       (B) Nutritious       (C) Nourishing       (D) Notorious

Instruction for Q. Nos. 11 & 12

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined words:

11.  Chaos reigned supreme at the football match.

       (A) Order        (B) Confusion       (C) Anarchy       (D) Luck

12.  The hubbub in the cities makes one tired and irritable.

       (A) Roar       (B) Quiet       (C) Disorder        (D) Disturbance

Instruction for Q. Nos. 13 & 14

Insert the appropriate phrasal verbs in the blanks below to make the sentence meaningful :

13.  We should ———— for a rainy day.

       (A) Put down        (B) Put into       (C) Put something by      (D) Put things off

14.  The thief —— with the ornaments.

       (A) Made away       (B) Made out       (C) Made off       (D) Made up

Instruction for Q. Nos. 15 & 16

Identify the correct word from the options given to make the sentence meaningful:

15.  He is so ———, nothing moves him.

       (A) Non-commital        (B) Nonchalant        (C) Nondescript       (D) Noncombatant

16.  The dish was —— with herbs.

       (A) Garnished        (B) Garlanded        (C) Gathered       (D) Gardened

Instruction for Q. Nos. 17-22

Choose the right word to make the sentence meaningful :

17.  A dissolute person is one who is

      (A) Debauched         (B) Dishonest       (C) Dissimilar       (D) Discontent

18.  A female ‘administrator’ will be called an

       (A) Administratoress       (B) Administress        (C) Administratrix       (D) Administrer

19.  Many camels together would be called a —— of camels.

       (A) Team       (B) Troop       (C) String       (D) Pack

20.  A man who catches fish as a hobby is called a/an —

       (A) Fisherman       (B) Angler       (C) Hunter       (D) Fishmonger

21.  He came of his own —— .

       (A) Violation      (B) Volition      (C) Volubility      (D) View

22.  The fruit was juicy and ——  .

       (A) Succulent        (B) Succinct      (C) Sufficient       (D) Subtle

Instruction for Q. Nos. 23 – 25

Choose the word closest to the meaning of the underlined words :

23.  The model’s clothes were so bizarre that they created quite a sensation.

       (A) Beautiful       (B) Grotesque       (C) Mundane       (D) Lugubrious

24.  The teacher gave us explicit instructions.

       (A) Definable       (B) Resolvable        (C) Demonstrative       (D) Detailed

25.  The concert was a pot-pourri of events.

       (A) Medley       (B) Lengthy        (C) Badly arranged        (D) Classical

26.  An example of a scalar quantity is

       (A) Velocity       (B) Force       (C) Momentum        (D) Energy

27.  The first metal discovered by man was

       (A) Iron       (B) Aluminium        (C) Zinc       (D) Copper

28.  Juan Manuel Santos is the new President of

       (A) Peru       (B) Colombia        (C) Chilie       (D) Brazil

29.  “Before Memory Fades —— An Autobiography” is written by

       (A) Prem Shankar Jha       (B) Fali S. Nariman       (C) Archana Upadhyay       (D) Vikram Seth

30.  The African Union Summit was held in

       (A) Somalia       (B) Uganda      (C) South Africa      (D) Zimbabwe

31.  The 97th Annual Session of the Indian Science Congress was held at

       (A) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala      (B) IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal

       (C) Bangalore, Karnataka      (D) Mumbai, Maharashtra

32.  Which country recently (June 2010) joined the Non-Aligned Movement ?

       (A) Afganisthan       (B) Zimbabwe       (C) Sudan        (D) Fiji

33.  The Parliament has power to legislate with respect to a matter in the State List provided it is in the

       (A) National interest        (B) Interest of the concerned State

       (C) Interest of the underpriviledged        (D) Interest of the minority

34.  A piece of metal plate with a circular hole is heated.  If the metal plate expands on heating, the diameter of the hole will

       (A) Increase       (B) Decrease

       (C) Increase or decrease depending on the diameter of the hole

       (D) Increase or decrease depending upon the material of the plate

35.  The volume of a vessel containing an ideal gas is doubled and its temperature (in °K) is also doubled. The pressure of the gas

       (A) Remains unchanged        (B) Is doubled

       (C) Is one-fourth of the original pressure

       (D) Is four times the original pressure

36.  The new face of the Indian Rupee was designed by

       (A) D. Udaya Kumar       (B) Sahil Shetty       (C) Rana Dasgupta       (D) Salil Bhatt

37.  Naoto Kan is the New Prime Minister of

       (A) China        (B) The Republic of North Korea        (C) Japan       (D) Malaysia

38.  Which Himalayan town in the Ladakh Region was severely hit by a cloud burst followed by flash floods and rain ?

       (A) Srinagar       (B) Tiske       (C) Manali       (D) Leh

39.  The new Chief of the Indian army is

       (A) Gen. Deepak Kapoor       (B) Lt. Gen. V. K. Singh        (C) Lt. Gen. S. R. Mehta        (D) Lt. Gen. H. L. Kakria

40.  Who introduced Permanent Settlement ?

       (A) Lord Cornwallis       (B) Warren Hastings       (C) John Shore      (D) Lord Bentinck

41.  World’s biggest solar power station opened in

       (A) USA       (B) Spain       (C) UK       (D) Japan

42.  The Summits of G8 and G20 were held in

       (A) Washington, USA       (B) Paris, France       (C) Toronto, Canada       (D) Berlin, Germany

43.  Which Bollywood star was appointed UNlCEF’s National Ambassador for child rights ?

       (A) Amitabh Bachchan      (B) Sharmila Tagore      (C) Priyanka Chopra       (D) Shilpa Shetty

44.  The main Buddhist religious texts are written in

       (A) Prakrit       (B) Sanskrit       (C) Pali       (D) Ardha magadhi

45.  Where was the first World Classical Tamil Conference held ?

       (A) Chennai       (B) Trichinapalli        (C) Coimbatore       (D) Mammallapuram (Mahaballipuram)

46.  Laura Chin Chilla is the first woman President of

       (A) Brazil       (B) Chilie       (C) Argentina       (D) Costa Rica

47.  Who was the first Indian selected as a member of British Parliament ?

       (A) J. L. Nehru        (B) Dada Bhai Naoroji       (C) M.K.Gandhi      (D) None of the above

48.  Panchayats

       (A) Are authorised to levy taxes only       (B) Have no power to levy taxes

       (C) Are entitled to Government grants only      

       (D) Are authorised to levy and collect taxes, duties, tolls and fees

49.  Planning Commission is a

       (A) Political body        (B) Statutory body      (C) Non-political body      (D) Quasi-political body

50.  Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence ?

       (A)  J. L. Nehru       (B) Sardar Patel       (C) J. B. Kripalini      (D) Abul Kalam Azad

51.  Who was awarded the Indira Gandhi peace prize of the year 2010 ?

       (A) South Korean Premier Lee Myung Bak      (B) Bangladesh PM, Sheik Hasina

       (C) Sri Lankan President Mahendra Rajapaksa       (D) German President Dr. Horst Koehler

52.  Who was founder of the All India Trade Union Congress ?

       (A) M. N. Joshi        (B) J. L. Nehru       (C) Lala Lajpat Rai       (D) Muzaffar Ahmed

53.  Anti-tank Missile Nag was successfully tested in

       (A) Chandipur, Orissa        (B) Balasore, Orissa

       (C) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh        (D) Wheeler island, Orissa

54.  A spring has length l and spring constant K. It is cut into two pieces of lengths l1 and l2 . If l1 = nl2 , the spring constant of the spring of length l1 is

      (A) K(l + n)/n       (B) K(l + n)        (C) Kn/(l + n)       (D) K/(l + n)

55.  Two copper wires A and B have the same weiglit and the radius of B is half that of A .  The ratio RA/RB of their resistances is

       (A) 1/4        (B) 1/8       (C) 1/16       (D) 1/2

56.  The International Conference on Biodiversity was held in

       (A) Barcelonia       (B) Chennai       (C) Calgary       (D) Tokyo

57.  Which country launched its first High Resolution Mapping Satellite  ?

       (A) China       (B) Japan         (C) USA       (D) Russia

58.  Alexander stayed in India for

       (A) 16 months      (B) 19 months       (C) 20 months       (D) 24 months

59.  V. K. Moorthy was awarded the

       (A) Jamunalal Bajaj Award             (B) Ramon Magsaysay Award

       (C) Dada Saheb Phalke Award       (D) The Infosys Prize

60.  The first Muslim elected as the President of Indian National Congress was

       (A) Mohammad Ali       (B) Badruddiu Tayabji       (C) Abul Kalam Azad       (D) None of the above

61.  ‘Baburnama’ was written by

       (A) Abul Fazal       (B) Firdousi       (C) Afif       (D) Babur

62.  In February 2010, India signed a civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with

       (A) UK       (B) USA       (C) Japan        (D) France

63.  Who was called the ‘Iron Man’ ?

       (A) J. L. Nehru       (B) Sardar BallavbhaiPatel        (C) Mahatma Gandhi        (D) Subhas Chandra Bose

64.  Rolling Plan covered the period

       (A) 1978 – 83       (B) 1973 – 78        (C) 1970 – 75       (D) 1980 – 85

65.  ‘Equal pay for equal work for both men and women’ is a

       (A) Directive Principle of State Policy      (B) Statutory Provision in Labour Law

       (C) Fundamental Right       (D) None of the above

66.  What is the over-all sex-ratio of India according to the 2001 census  ?

       (A) 875 females per 1000 males       (B) 975 females per 1000 males

       (C) 950 females per 1000 males       (D) 933 females per 1000 males

67.  The words ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ were inserted in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the

       (A) 24th Amendment       (B) 42nd Amendment      (C) 43rd Amendment      (D) 44th Amendment

68.  People of the Sundarbans derives livelihood basically from

       (A) Rain-fed monocropping       (B) Tourism

       (C) Fishing        (D) Construction of barrages and embankments

69.  Which of the following committees is concerned with the regularity of the expenditure of the Government ?

       (A) Public Accounts Committee       (B) Estimates Committee

       (C) Committee on Public Undertakings       (D) All of the above

70.  The nuclear reaction involved in a nuclear reactor is

       (A) Fission        (B) Fusion        (C) Spallation       (D) Neutron absorption

71.  Dimension of gravitational constant is

       (A) cm4 sec-1 gm-2       (B) cm sec-3 gm-2       (C) cm3 sec-2 gm-1      (D) gm cm-3 sec-2

72.  An important port in the time of Satavahanas was

       (A) Sopara       (B) Tamralipta        (C) Calicut       (D) Cochin

73.  Who is called ‘the morningstar’ of Indian Renaissance  ?

       (A) RabindranathTagore     (B) Raja Rammohan Roy     (C) M.K.Gandhi     (D) Swami Vivekananda

74.  Who introduced “Din-i-llahi”  ?

       (A) Firuz Shah Tughlaq        (B) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq       (C) Kabir        (D) Akbar

75.  The minimum distance between an object and its real image in a convex lens is

       (A) More than 4f       (B) Less than 4f        (C) Equal to 2f        (D) Equal to 4f

76.  Who is the first Indian woman to clinch the gold at the World Shooting Championship, Munich, Germany ?

       (A) Saina Nehwal       (B) Dola Banerjee       (C) Tejaswini Sawant       (D) Krishna Poonia

77.  When did Munda Revolt take place ?

       (A) 1854 – 55        (B) 1890       (C) 1899 – 1900      (D)1902

78.  Which Governor-General of India was assassinated in the Andaman ?

       (A) Lord Lytton        (B) Lord Mayo       (C) Lord Curzon       (D) None of the above

79.  During which Five Year Plan was Green Revolulioii initiated in India ?

       (A) 3rd         (B) 4th        (C) 5th       (D) 6th

80.  Which Head of the state visited India in March, 2010 ?

       (A) US President, Barack Obama        (B) Afgan President, Hamid Karzai

       (C) Chinese President, Hu Jintao        (D) Vladimir Putin PM of Russia

81.  Which Amendment of the Constitution reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18 years ?

       (A) 60th Amendment      (B) 61st Amendment      (C) 62nd Amendment       (D) 63rd Amendment

82.  Which one of the following is an endemic plant ?

       (A) Quercus Incana       (B) Eleusine Coracana       (C) Phoenix Paludosa       (D) Kydia Calycina

83.  Where did Buddha preach his first sermons ?

       (A) Kushinagar        (B) Bodh Gaya        (C) Kasi       (D) Sarnath

84.  Who composed the Allahabad Prasasti ?

       (A) Asvaghosha        (B) Nagarjuna        (C) Harisena        (D) Vasumitra

85.  Who was the author of “Pather Dabi” ?

       (A) Rabindranath Tagore      (B) Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

       (C) Satinath Bhaduri       (D) Tarasankar Bandopadhyay

86.  Article 24 of the Indian Constitution prohibits employment of children in any factory below the age of

       (A) 14 years        (B) 12 years        (C) 7 years       (D) 15 years

87.  The 10th Plan allocations gave the maximum boost to

       (A) Agriculture        (B) Energy        (C) Social Services       (D) Communications

88.  In the east of West Bengal lies

       (A) Assam and Bangladesh       (B) Bihar and Jharkhand 

       (C) Sikkim and Bhutan       (D) Orissa and Jharkhand

89.  Tropical evergreen forests are found in West Bengal

       (A) Below 1000 mt.       (B) 1000 to 1500 mt.      (C) 1500 to 3000 mt.      (D) Above 3000 mt.

90.  How many annual plans have been completed till the commencement of the 10th plan ?

       (A) Three       (B) Four       (C) One        (D) Six

91.  Haldia is a centre for

       (A) Petro-Chemical Industries        (B) Deep sea fishing

       (C) Iron & Steel Industries      (D)  Engineering Industries

92.  Name one rootless plant.

       (A) Ceratophyllum        (B) Eichhornia       (C) Monochoria       (D) Pistia

93.  The most ideal region for cultivation of Tea in West Bengal is

       (A) Malda       (B) Jalpaiguri        (C) Darjeeling       (D) Cooch Bihar

94.  Watson and Crick are famous for their discovery of

       (A) Life history of Plasmodium Vivax     (B) Vaccinia       (C) Structure of DNA       (D) Antibodies

95.  Vulcanisation is the process of heating rubber with 3 – 5% of

       (A) Sulphur       (B) Lime       (C) Potassium permanganate       (D) Naphthalene

96.  Who wrote Tahqiq-i-Hind  ?

       (A) Alberuni       (B) Al Biladari        (C) Sulaiman       (D) AI Masudi

97.  Which of the following has the oldest rock in India ?

       (A) Himalayas      (B) Indo-Gangetic Plain       (C) The Aravallis       (D) Siwaliks

98.  The first state in India which was created on linguistic basis

       (A) Andhra Pradesh       (B) Gujarat        (C) Haryana        (D) Kerala

99.  Mc. Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between

       (A) India and Pakistan       (B) India and China      (C) India and Nepal      (D) India and Bangladesh

100.  Nerve cells originate from the embryonic

         (A) Ectoderm        (B) Endoderm         (C) Mesoderm       (D) Both endo and mesoderm

101.  The number of amino acids occurring in nature is

         (A) 10       (B) 20       (C) 30       (D) 40

102.  Which of the following is an unmatching group  ?

         (A) Cray fish, cuttle fish and hag fish      (B) Star fish, sea urchin and sea cucumber

         (C) Cockroach, crab and spider       (D) Whale, lizard and frog

103.  Who was known as Amitraghata ?

         (A) Bimbisara        (B) Bindusara       (C) Asok       (D)  Kalasoka

104.  Which of the following soils is favourable for cotton cultivation  ?

         (A) Red Soil        (B) Regur         (C) Alluvial Soil        (D) Laterite

105.  Indian Civil Service was introduced during the Governor-Generalship of

         (A) Lord Dalhousie       (B) Lord Curzon       (C) Lord William Bentinck       (D) Lord Cornwallis

106.  Rainfall in West Bengal occurs due to summer monsoon by

         (A) Arabian sea current        (B) Bay of Bengal current     

         (C) Retreating monsoon       (D) Western Disturbances

107.  Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located at

         (A) Sriharikota       (B) Tarapur       (C) Hyderabad       (D) Chandipur

108.  If EGIK = FILO, then FHJL = ?

         (A) GJMP       (B) GJPM       (C) HGMN      (D) GMJO

109.  River Narmada flows through a

        (A) Lagoon       (B) Gorge       (C) Fault Trough       (D) Meander

110.  Who issued the Nasik Prasasti (Inscription) ?

        (A) Gautamiputra Satakarni      (B) Samudragupta       (C) Harshavardhan     (D) Dharmapala

111.  Who was the last independent Sultan of Bengal ?

         (A) Husain Shah       (B) Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah       (C) Nusrat Shah       (D) Illiyas Shah

112.  Which of the following Delhi Sultans had set up a separate department of Slaves ?

         (A) Iltutmish        (B) Balban        (C) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq       (D) Firuz Shah Tughlaq

113.  Find the missing letter in the following series from the given alternatives :

        G,  H,  J,  M, —  ,  V .

       (A) Q       (B) T       (C) O      (D) R

114.  Chittaranjan in West Bengal is well known for its

         (A) Fertilizer Plant      (B) Iron & Steel Industries       (C) Locomotive Works       (D)  Cement factory

115.   Find the odd number out from the following series :

          25,  49,  81,  121,  169

          (A) 25       (B) 81       (C) 121       (D) 169

116.   Duncan Passage lies between

         (A) Andaman and Nicobar Islands        (B) South Andaman and Little Andaman

         (C) Little Andaman and Nicobar        (D) Amindivi and Lakshadweep Islands

117.  Which Iron and Steel Plant is called “Rurh of India” ?

         (A) Bhilai       (B) Durgapur         (C) Rourkela        (D) Jamshedpur

118.  The smallest size of a cell which can be seen with unaided eye is

         (A) One micron       (B) 10 microns        (C) 100 microns        (D) 1000 microns

119.  ‘Sal’ is a type of

         (A) Coniferous tree       (B) Evergreen tree       (C) Mangrove       (D) Deciduous tree

120.  The Lion capital of currency notes was discovered from

         (A) Bharut       (B) Sanchi       (C) Bodh Gaya       (D) Sarnath

121.  The gastric glands in the stomach produce an enzyme

         (A) Insulin       (B) Ptyalin        (C) Pepsin       (D) Trypsin

122.  The final approval to the draft Five Year Plan is given by the

         (A) Parliament       (B) President        (C) Planning Commission       (D) National Development Council

123.  Which of the following is a terrestrial algae  ?

         (A) Chlorella       (B) Terentepohlia        (C) Spirullina        (D) Sargassum

124.   Who won the Women’s singles in the Australian Open 2010 ?

          (A) Cara Black Zimbabwe       (B) Serena Williams, USA

          (C) Justine Henin, Belgium       (D) Laura Robson, UK

125.  Ozone depletion in Antarctica is caused by the formation of

         (A) Nitrogen dioxide       (B) Sulphur dioxide       (C) Freon       (D) Chlorine nitrate

126.  At which place Gandhiji had the first experience of mass-movement in India ?

         (A) Bardoli        (B) Dandi       (C) Chauri Chaura       (D) Champaran

127.  The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

         (A) Votes only in case of tie        (B) Votes like any other member of the Lok Sabha

         (C) Has no right to vote       (D) Has two votes – one in ordinary course and another in case of tie

128.  If ÷ stands for multiplication, x for addition, + for subtraction and – for division, then the value of 16 x 3 + 5 – 2 ÷ 4 will be

         (A) 19      (B) 10      (C) 9       (D) 15

129.  Who said, “If Congress wishes to accept partition, it would be over my dead body” ?

         (A)  J. L. Nehru       (B) M. K. Gandhi        (C) Ballavbhai Patel       (D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

130.  Cyclones of Bay of Bengal are studied with the help of

         (A) Topographical Maps      (B) Satellite Imageries       (C) GIS      (D) Oxford Atlas

131.  The least positive integer n such that n! divisible by 75 is

         (A) 5       (B) 7       (C) 10       (D) 75

132.  During the reign of which Sultan, Chinghiz Khan invaded India ?

         (A) Iltutmish       (B) Alauddin Khilji        (C) Ghiyasuddin Balban       (D) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

133.  Ilbert Bill was introduced in the Imperial Legislative Council in the year

         (A) 1880       (B) 1883       (C) 1885       (D) None of the above

134.  The Sarkaria Commission was set up for the review of the relation between

         (A) The Prime Minister and the President       (B) The Legislative and the Executive

         (C) The Executive and the Judiciary        (D) The Centre and the States

135.  If South-East becomes North and North-East becomes West, then the direction for East will be changed to

         (A) North-East       (B) South       (C) North-West       (D) South-East

136.  The Cyclonic Storm over South Bengal named “Aila” occurred on

         (A) May, 2009       (B) May, 2008       (C)  June, 2007      (D) July, 2007

137.  In India when population of an urban settlement crosses 100,000 it is called

         (A) Town       (B) City       (C) Metropolis       (D) Megalopolis

138.  Brass is an alloy of

         (A) Iron and Copper       (B) Copper and Tin       (C) Copper and Aluminium      (D) Copper and Zinc

139.  During the reign of which ruler Ibn Batuta came to India ?

         (A) Akbar      (B) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq        (C) Iltutmish       (D) Alauddin Khilji

140.  Farakka Barrage has been constructed

        (A) To increase the flow of water in Hooghly river

        (B) To generate hydroelectric power

        (C) To irrigate agricultural fields

        (D) None of the above

141.  The Finance Commission is constituted by the President every

        (A) 2 years       (B) 3 years        (C) 5 years       (D) 4 years

142.  Which of the following Indian States that Akbar could not annex ?

         A) Kashmir       (B) Bengal       (C) Bihar       (D) Assam

143.  The Bahmani Kingdom and Vijaynagar Empire clashed frequently over the territory of

         (A) Madurai       (B) Warangal        (C) Malabar        (D) Raichur Doab

144.  Who caused to build Qutb Minar in Delhi ?

         (A) Qutbuddin Aibak      (B) Iltutmish        (C) Balban        (D) Alauddin Khilji

145.  ‘Indigo Revolt’ in Bengal took place in the year

          (A) 1859       (B) I860       (C) 1863       (D) 1869

146.   Among West Bengal’s districts, the lowest human development index is recorded for

          (A) Malda       (B) Purulia       (C) Murshidabad       (D) Birbhum

147.   What will be the angle between the two hands of a clock at 9-30 hrs. ?

          (A) 75°       (B) 80°      (C) 90°       (D) 105°

148.   When was University of Calcutta founded ?

          (A) 1854       (B) 1857       (C) 1860       (D) 1874

149.   —— are the second major source of irrigation in Indi

         (A) Wells and Tubewells       (B) Canals        (C) Tanks       (D) Oceans

150.   Which of the following hydroelectric power projects has the largest installed capacity (M.W.) for generation of electricity ?

          (A) Sabari Giri (Kerala)      (B) Koyna (Maharastra)

          (C) Bhakra-Nangal (Punjab)       (D)  Kundah (Tamil Nadu)

151.  To which place did Murshid Quli Khan transfer his capital from Dacca ?

          (A) Monghyr        (B) Murshidabad        (C) Gour       (D) Pandua

152.   Which Indian ruler was made the prisoner of the Revolt of 1857 ?

         (A) Rani of Jhansi-Lakshmi Bai      (B) Nana Shaheb     (C) Bahadur Shah Zafar    (D) None of the above

153.  Two trains each of 200 metre length, and travelling with equal speed but in opposite directions, cross each other in 10 sec. The speed of the trains is.

         (A) 18km/hr       (B) 36 km/hr       (C) 20 km/hi        (D) 72 km/hr

154.  Lowest rate of photosynthesis takes place in

         (A) Blue light       (B) Orange light       (C) Green light        (D) Red light

155.  International Women’s Day is celebrated on

         (A) March 15       (B) March 22       (C) March IX      (D) March 8

156.  In West Bengal foot hill region of the Himalayas is known as

        (A) Terai and Duars       (B) Barind        (C) Diara       (D) Bagri

157.  Which is the most industrially advanced state in India ?

         (A) Maharastra       (B) Gujarat        (C) Punjab        (D) Tamil Nadu

158.  The President of India is elected by

         (A) The elected members of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha and the State Assemblies

         (B) The elected members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha

         (C) The elected members of the Lok Sabha only

         (D) The elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies only

159.  A number, divisible by 7, which when divided by 4, 9 or 12 leaves a remainder 3. Then the number is

        (A) 77       (B) 98       (C) 147      (D) 210

160.  Gopal was the founder of

         (A) Pala dynasty        (B) Pallava dynasty       (C) Pratihara dynasty       (D) Chalukya dynasty

161.  When did Royal Indian Navy Revolt in Bombay take place ?

         (A) 1942        (B) 1944        (C) 1945       (D) 1946

162.  Given the Premises

         (i) Human cannot live without atmosphere

         (ii) The moon is without atmosphere

         Then which of the following conclusions is valid ?

        (A) Some men cannot live on the moon        (B) There is no life possible on the moon

        (C) The man cannot live on the moon           (D) All of these

163.  Liberalisation means

          (1) Removal of industrial licensing

          (2) Dereservation of items from the SSI List

          (3) Withdrawal of MRTP restrictions

          Which ones were contemplated by the Government of India in the 1990’s  ?

          (A) 1, 2 and 3      (B) 1 and 2        (C) 1 and 3       (D) 2 and 3

164.  Which of the following states was previously know as NEFA ?

         (A) Nagaland         (B) Manipur        (C) Assam       (D) Arunachal Pradesh

165.  The first political society started under British rule in India was

         (A) Brahma Samaj       (B) Arya Samaj       (C) Bengal land-holders’society     (D) None of the above

166.  India’s permanent Research Station ”Dakshin Gongotri” is located at

         (A) Himalayas       (B) Indian Ocean       (C) Antarctica       (D) Arabian Sea

167.  Ram was born 4 years after his father’s marriage. His mother is 6 years’ younger than his father but 25 years older than Ram, who is now 16 years old.  At what age his father got married ?

        (A)  25        (B) 27       (C) 29       (D) 31

168.  If in a mirror a clock shows time as 12 : 40, then the real time is

         (A) 8:50       (B) 10:10        (C) 11:20        (D) 12:40

169.  The slogan “Inguilab Zindabad” was given by

        (A) Subhas Chandra Bose     (B) Bhagat Singh      (C) Sir Mohammad Iqbal      (D) Lala Lajpat Rai

170.  Kranz anatomy states that, plant has

         (A) C3 cycle        (B) C4 cycle       (C) C2 cycle       (D) Both C3 and C4 cycle

171.  The National Conference in Calcutta was held to raise National Fund in the year

         (A) 1883       (B) 1884      (C) 1885       (D) 1905

172.  Finances are distributed between the Centre and the States on the basis of the recommendations of the

        (A) Planning Commission         (B) Finance Commission

        (C) National Development Council       (D) Public Accounts Committee

173.  Where was Gadar Party formed ?

         (A)  New York       (B) Tokyo       (C) San Francisco       (D) Lahore

174.  During whose reign the East India Company established their first factory in India ?

         (A) Jahangir        (B) Shahjahan         (C) Aurangzeb        (D) Bahadur Shah-I

175.  Which pollutant of the atmosphere inhibits the Hill reaction of photosynthesis ?

         (A) Per acetyl nitrate       (B) Nitrogen monoxide       (C) Ultra violet rays      (D) Hydrocarbon

176.  Which of the following industries has shown a high rate of growth since the 1980’s  ?

         (A) Capital goods industries        (B) Intermediate goods industries

         (C) Consumer durable goods industries      (D) Consumer non-durable goods industries

177.  In an examination 40% students fail in English, 30% in Mathematics and 15% in both. Then the pass percentage in

         (A) 50%       (B) 30%       (C) 65%       (D) 45%

178.  2 oranges, 3 bananas and 4 apples taken together cost Rs. 15-00. 3 oranges, 2 bananas and 1 apple cost Rs. 10-00. Then the cost of 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples cost

        (A) Rs. 12-00         (B) Rs. 16-00        (C) Rs. 20-00        (D)  Rs. 15-00

179.  Which of the triangles with the measures of sides given below is an obtuse-angled triangle ?

         (A)  (12, 5, 13) cm        (B) (6, 7, 5) cm       (C) (7, 3, 5) cm       (D) (8, 8, 8) cm

180.  Which Sultan of Delhi brought one Asokan Pillar to Delhi ?

         (A) Iltutmish        (B) Alauddin Khilji       (C) Md. Bin Tughlaq       (D) Firuz Shah Tughlaq

181.  Which of the following items comes under the concurrent list ?

         (A) Agriculture       (B) Labour Welfare       (C) Public Health       (D) Insurance

182.  A rectangular field is half as wide as it is long, and its perimeter is p. The area of the field is

         (A) p22p22     (B) 2p2      (C) p218p218      (D) 2p292p29

183.  The policy of Subsidiary Alliance was introduced by

         (A) Dalhousie        (B) Canning        (C) Wellesley       (D) Warren Hastings

184.  “The Servants of India” Society was founded by

           (A) M. N. Joshi      (B) H. N. Kunzuru       (C) B. G. Tilak      (D) V. D. Savarkar

185.  Which of the following teams won the 58th National Volley ball Championship Tournament held in January, 2010 ?

         (A) Karnataka       (B) West Bengal       (C) Tamil Nadu      (D) Kerala

186.  Which Muslim invader conquered Bengal during the time of Lakshmanasena ?

         (A) Muhammad Ghori       (B) Bakhtiyar Khilji       (C) Qutbuddin Aibak       (D) Iltutmish

187.  Who was the main inspiration of the Young Bengal movement ?

         (A) Raja Rammohan Roy      (B) L. V. Derozio       (C) Debendranath Tagore      (D) David Hare

188.  Why were the Indians dissatisfied with the Simon Commission ?

         (A) Because no Indian was taken as a member of the Commission.

         (B) Because Indians never wanted the review of the working of Act of 1919.

        (C) Because it recommended that Dyarchy in the provinces should be abolished.

        (D) None of the above

189.  27 cubes of equal size have been placed in a way to form a single large cube. Then how many cubes will not be visible at all ?

         (A) 3       (B) 4       (C) 2       (D)  1

190.  Essential constituent of plant cell is the carbohydrate,

         (A) Cellulose      (B) Sucrose       (C) Starch      (D) Lignin

191.   Mr. X has four children. His age equals to the sum of the ages of his four children. After 20 years his age will be one half of his children’s combined age. Mr. X’s present age is

         (A) 40 years       (B) 56 years      (C) 66 years     (D) 70 years

192.  If 4 c 3 d 8 a 10 b 5 = 18, where a, b, c, d stand for four fundamental arithmetical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but not necessarily in this order, then the value of 3 c 4 a 2 d 6 b 3  is

         (A) 3      (B) 9      (C) 10      (D) 12

193.   Jallianwala Bag Massacre took place in the year

         (A) 1914        (B) 1916        (C) 1919       (D) 1929

194.  A dealer sold a radio for Rs. 540 losing 10%. At what price should he have sold to earn a 10% profit ?

         (A) Rs. 660      (B) Rs. 650       (C) Rs. 600      (D) None of the above

195.   If 15 apples and 20 oranges cost as much as 20 apples and 15 oranges, then which of the following conclusions is correct ?

         (A) Orange and apple have equal price      (B) Orange is costlier

         (C) Apple is costlier       (D) No conclusion can be made

196.  The next term of the series 30, 42, 56, 72, …. is

         (A) 84        (B) 88        (C) 90        (D) 92

197.  The latitude of a place is expressed by its angular distance in relation to

         (A) South Pole       (B) North Pole       (C)  Equator       (D) Axis of the Earth

198.   P, Q, R, S are four positive numbers satisfying the condition P + Q > R + S, Q > S,  P + R = Q, P + S = Q + R. Then the least and greatest numbers are

          (A) P, Q       (B) R, Q       (C)  P, S      (D)  S, P

199.   If the radius of a circle is increased by 100%, then the area of the circle will be increased by

          (A) 100 %         (B) 200 %        (C) 300 %         (D) 400 %

200.   What is the revised target rate of growth in the 11th Plan ?

(A)  8 percent         (B)  8-5 percent       (C) 9 percent        (D) 81 percent

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