WBCS 2010 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2010 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2010 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2010 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS 2010 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2010 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2010 Question Paper

1.  Choose the right alternative from the options given below :

      A gourmet loves —— .

      (A) Fashion       (B) Action       (C) Food       (D) Films

Direction for Question Nos. 2 and 3

Fill in the blanks in the sentences choosing the most meaningful alternative from the ones supplied :

2.  The —— of the place attracts many ascetics.

     (A) Quietness       (B) Silence       (C) Quietude       (D) Soundlessness

3.  The street is not properly —— .

      (A) Illumed       (B) Illumined        (C) Illuminated        (D) Enlightened

4.  Choose the right alternative from the options given:

     A man with an irrationally fixed idea is called ——

     (A) An eccentric       (B) A maniac       (C) A manikin      (D) A phobic

Direction for Question Nos. 5 to 7

Fill in the blank with the correct alternative from the ones supplied:

5.  A man in the charge of farming and nurturing animals is called —— .

     (A) A ploughman         (B) A farmer        (C) A firm-manager        (D) A husbands man

6.  Lachrymose nature means —— .

     (A) Lethargic       (B) Prone to anger       (C) Prone to tear       (D) Energetic

7.  The man who follows his nose actually follows his —— .

     (A) Passion       (B) Rationality       (C) Instinct       (D) Memory

8.  Choose the correct alternative from the ones supplied:

Detect where the adjective “public” is used in a derogatory sense:

     (A) Public house       (B) Public woman        (C) Public servant       (D) Public speech

9.  Choose the right word from the alternatives to complete the sentence idiomatically :

A clever man sweeps his family scandals under the —— .

     (A) Ground       (B) Floor       (C) Carpet       (D) Grave-stone

10.  Fill in the blank with correct word to make the sentence meaningful :

It is usual nowadays to blow one’s own —— to impress others.

     (A) Horn       (B) Trumpet        (C) Drum        (D) Band

Direction for Question Nos. 11 and 12

Select the pair in the following option which is set in opposition :

11.  (A) Doggish —— Canine       (B) Manly —— Virile       (C) Divine —— Infernal        (D) Earthly ——Terrestrial

12.  (A) Pedant —— Pedagogic     (B) Humid —— Arid      (C) Erroneous —— Faulty     (D) Horrible —— Horrendous

Direction for Question Nos. 13 and 14

Choose the word from the list which is nearest in meaning to the underlined part of the sentence:

13.  Hike in oil price may mar the future of the trade world.

      (A) Harness     (B) Help      (C) Better     (D) Worsen

14.  The separation from a lover fills one’s mind with blues.

       (A) Sadness      (B) Romanticism       (C) Nostalgia      (D) Colourfulness

15.  Choose the correct alternative from the options to fill in the blanks:

      ‘In the time of danger, we should try to take the bull by the horns’ means “In the time of danger we should try to —— “

      (A) Surmount it       (B) Face the situation boldly       (C) Overcome it      (D) Control ourselves

16.  ‘We are superior to everybody else’ is the apt utterance of a/an

       (A) egoist      (B) pacifist      (C) anarchist       (D) chauvinist

17.  ‘To give a dog a bad name’ means

      (A) it is very difficult to destroy the reputation of a loyal person

      (B) it is very difficult to lose a bad reputation

      (C) it is very difficult to earn a good reputation in a bad company

      (D) it is very difficult to both be loyal and do  something that jeopardizes self-reputation

18.   The prospect of her marriage is remote.

        The opposite of ‘remote’ in this sentence, would be

       (A) high       (B) less       (C) far      (D) near

19.  Fill in the blank with the right word:

     A lame duck organization is one which needs —— .

     (A) authority      (B) staff       (C) power       (D) support

20.  A manicurist takes care of

     (A) foot      (B) ear      (C) nails      (D) mind

21.  A duck is a bird, but to duck is

     (A) to feel shy      (B) to refuse      (C) to abandon       (D) to avoid

22.  Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below and make the sentence meaningful:

     This evidence —— with what one already knows.

     (A) ties in       (B) sets in       (C) gives in      (D) goes down

23.  The specialist who handles problems in the human body related to bones is a/an

     (A) orthodontist        (B) osteopath         (C) podiatrist        (D) oncologist

24.  Baptism of fire means

      (A) a fire fighting act       (B) a bad beginning in the first job

      (C) a difficult introduction to an experience      (D) a religious experience

25.  A pugilist is a

      (A) boxer       (B) swimmer       (C) athlete       (D) weight-lifter

26.  The number of m’s in the series  a  bbb  ccccc  ddddddd  is

      (A) 15        (B) 17        (C) 25        (D) 27

27.  Suppose x * y = x + y,  if x < y = x – y + 1,  if x > y = 2x – 1,  if x = y

       Then 5 * (6 * 2) + (5 * 6) * 2 =

       (A) 24       (B) 23       (C) 20       (D) 19

28.  Rate of radiation of heat from a body is the highest if its surface is

       (A) White        (B) Smooth        (C) Smooth but black       (D) Rough but black

29.  The gene for Haemophilia is

       (A)  X-linked recessive       (B)  X-linked dominant       (C) Y-linked       (D) Located in autosome

30.  The narrow portion between uterus and vagina of higher mammals is known as

       (A) Clitoris       (B) Urethra        (C) Oviduct       (D) Cervix

31.  The toxic chemical element that caused Minamata disease in Japan was

       (A) Uranium         (B) Mercury        (C) Cadmium        (D) Arsenic

32.  The vegetative body of a dryophyte/moss represents the structure of

      (A) Sporophyte      (B) Gametophyte      (C) Sporophyte or gametophyte      (D) Sporophyte and gametophyte

33.  Who among the following Sultans of Delhi wanted to become Second Alexander and conquer the world ?

       (A) Alauddin Khilji      (B) Ghiyasuddin Balban      (C) Muhammad Bin Tugluq      (D)  None of them

34.  Bidisha gets from her father Rs. 50 every 30th day of a month and Rs. 100 every 31st day. During 2008, she gets from her father a total of Rs.

       (A) 900       (B) 950       (C) 1250        (D) 1300

35.  Which one of the following pairs of days may appear 53 times each in a leap year while all other days will appear 52 times each ?

       (A) Sunday and Friday        (B) Wednesday and Thursday

       (C) Monday and Wednesday       (D) Tuesday and Saturday

36.  Enzymes speed up biochemical reactions by

       (A) Increasing the activation energy of the reaction

       (B) Lowering the temperature of the reaction

       (C) Increasing the temperature of the reaction

       (D) Lowering the activation energy of the reaction

37.  Cardiac muscles do not undergo fatigue, because

       (A) Interconnection of cells by intercalated disc       (B) Having numerous mitochondria

       (C) Having more actins        (D) Having more myosin

38.  The minimum number of artificial satellites required for communication throughout the globe is

       (A) 1      (B) 2       (C) 3       (D) 4

39.  In photosynthesis, ‘Light reaction’ takes place in

       (A) Cytosol       (B) Grana of Chloroplast       (C) Stroma of chloroplast        (D) Ribosome

40.  Chittaranjan in West Bengal is well known for its

       (A) Fertiliser plant      (B) Locomotive works     (C) Iron and Steel industry    (D) None of the above

41.  Haversian system is a part of

       (A) Kidney       (B) Bone        (C) Heart       (D) Brain

42.  Which of the following is a good nuclear fuel ?

       (A) Uranium 238      (B) Plutonium 239       (C) Neptunium 239      (D) Thorium 236

43.  Which of the following is not a physical change ?

       (A) Dehydrating milk to get milk powder        (B) Sublimation of iodine

       (C) Dissolving sugar in tea         (D) Burning of wax in a candle

44.  The earthquake in Latur is believed to have resulted from

       (A) Excessive loading of water       (B) Plate movement       (C)  Fault line underneath a dam       (D) Folding

45.  Polytene chromosome is found in the cells of

      (A) Salivary gland of larvae of flies       (B) Liver of man       (C) Neuron of insects     (D) None of the above

46.  Presence of sunken stomata in leaves indicates the character of

       (A) Hydrophytes       (B) Xerophytes       (C) Halophytes       (D) Mesophytes

47.  Which Five Year Plan was suspended one year before its time schedule ?

       (A) Third Plan        (B) Fourth Plan        (C) Fifth Plan       (D) Sixth Plan

48.  To which period of Indian history did Aryabhatta and Varahamihira (Scientist and Mathematician respectively) belong ?

       (A) Maurya period        (B) Gupta period       (C) Pala period       (D) Delhi Sultanate

49.  What did Iqta mean during Sultanate period ?

       (A) A form of Salutation      (B) An important official

       (C) The grant of land revenue from a village or territory       (D) None of the above

50.  Which one of the following companies has recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Uranium Corporation of India for exploration of uranium deposits ?

       (A) ONGC        (B) GAIL        (C) Reliance Petroleum        (D) Essar Oil

51.  Which Carbodydrate is used commercially in the silvering of mirrors ?

       (A) Sucrose       (B) Fructose       (C) Cellulose       (D) Glucose

52.  VAT is imposed on

      (A) the final consumer of a commodity

      (B) total value added at the final stage of production of a commodity

      (C) the value added at each stage of production of a commodity

      (D) aggregate value in terms of cost of production of the producer of a commodity

53.  Which metal ion is responsible for electron transportation in photosynthesis ?

       (A) Sodium         (B) Potassium         (C) Cobalt        (D) Iron

54.  The next term in the series 1, 2, 6, 15, 31,    is

       (A) 47      (B) 50       (C) 56       (D) 63

55.  69 biscuits were distributed among 27 students in a class. If each boy got 2 biscuits and each girl 3, how many girls were there in the class ?

       (A) 23       (B) 19       (C) 15       (D) 12

56.  A tube-well will not work if the depth of water below the ground is

       (A) 20 ft.       (B) 25 ft.      (C) 28 ft.      (D) 38 ft.

57.  The technique of ‘DNA sequencing’ was discovered by

       (A) H. G. Khorana       (B) Watson and Crick       (C) Frederick Sanger      (D) E. M. Southern

58.  Among the districts of West Bengal, according to 2001 census data sex ratio is lowest in

       (A) Kolkata        (B) Purulia        (C) Hooghly       (D) Uttar Dinajpur

59.  A Cladogram depicts the hypothesis of

       (A) Evolutionary relationship       (B) Phenatic relationship

       (C)  Genetic relationship           (D)  Taxonomic relationship

60.  The Right to Information Act is applicable to the whole of India except to the state of

       (A) Jammu and Kashmir       (B)   Mizoram       (C)  Manipur       (D)  Nagaland

61.  In West Bengal SEZ was planned

       (A) Around Medinipur       (B) Around Jhargram

       (C) Around Nandigram      (D) Around Haldia

62.  Consider the following statement

       (1) Definition of force is obtained from Newton’s first law of motion.

       (2) Definition of force is obtained from Newton’s second law of motion.

       (3) In a house-hold wiring the appliances are connected in series.

       (4) The picture-tube of a television is basically a cathode ray tube.

       (A) Only 1 is correct       (B) Only 2 is correct

       (C) Only 2 and 4 are correct       (D) Only 1 and 4 are correct

63.  Which one of the following is an indirect tax levied by the Central Government in India ?

       (A) Service tax       (B) Corporate Income tax      (C) Profession tax     (D) Agricultural Income tax

64.  The Treaty of Amritsar was signed by the English with Ranjit Singh in the year

       (A) 1807 A.D.        (B) 1809 A.D.        (C) 1811 A.D.       (D) 1813 A.D.

65.  What is Ibadat Khana at Fatepur Sikri ?

       (A) A magnificent building for residence        (B) A house for religious discourses of all religions

       (C) A house for eating        (D)  None of the above

66.  Prohibition of Sati was enacted by Regulation XVII in year

       (A) 1829 A.D.       (B) 1830 A.D.       (C) 1835 A.D.       (D) None of the above

67.  With the people of which country Harappan people carried trade ?

       (A) China        (B) Iran        (C) Russia        (D) Sumer

68.  The Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh was founded in the year

       (A) 1868 A.D.       (B) 1875 A.D.       (C) 1883 A.D.     (D) 1906 A.D.

69.  The oldest school of Indian Philosophy is

       (A) Yoga        (B) Sankhya        (C) Vaisesika       (D) Karma Mimansa

70.  3 positions of a six-faced die, with one of tne digits 1, 2, ……….. 6 marked on each face, are shown below :

       What is the face opposite 2  ?

       (A) 1       (B) 3       (C) 5       (D) 6

71.  If the day before yesterday was a Monday, the third day after tomorrow will be a

       (A) Thursday         (B) Friday        (C) Saturday       (D) Sunday

72.  Todas are tribals of

       (A) Jharkhand          (B) Chhattisgarh         (C) Uttarakhand        (D) Nilgiri Hills

73.  How much of India’s crude oil requirement is imported  ?

       (A) 65 %        (B) 70 %        (C) 75 %        (D) 80 %

74.  Kapildhara Falls is located on

       (A) River Sone        (B) River Chambal        (C) River Narmada       (D) River Krishna

75.  The number in the position marked ‘?’ in the diagram is

       (A) 43        (B) 39        (C) 22       (D) 12

76.  Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by a

       (A) Thermostat        (B) Motor        (C) Dynamo        (D) Rectifier

77.  The 73rd Constitutional Amendment in 1992

       (A) provided a constitutional guarantee to the formation of Panchayats at the village and other levels.

       (B) added a new part to the Constitution relating to urban local bodies.

       (C) stipulated that all Panchayat members be elected for a five year term in elections supervised by the State Election Commission.

       (D) Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

       (A) 1 and 2        (B) 1 and 3        (C) 1 only        (D) 2 only

78.  The apex body which operates micro-finance scheme by promoting self-help groups of individuals from a homogeneous class through banks or non-government organisations is

       (A) Regional Rural Bank       (B) Grameen Bank

       (C) State Bank of India         (D) National Bank Or Agriculture and Rural Development

79.  Nadir Shah invaded India in the year

       (A) 1738 A.D.       (B) 1739 A.D.       (C) 1740 A.D.       (D) 1741 A.D.

80.  A piece of cotton cloth gets wet if one end of it is dipped in water in a glass. This is due to

       (A) Gravitation         (B) Viscosity         (C) Elasticity         (D) Capillarity

81.  Who was Megasthenes ?

       (A) Ambassador of Seleucus        (B) Prime Minister of Chandragupta Maurya

       (C) A Greek pilgrim        (D) A Chinese traveller

82.  Pinkubabu purchased 4 baskets of mango containing 15, 18,  21 and 22 fruits. He kept the entire content of one of the baskets for his own family, and distributed the remaining mangoes equally among five of his friends living nearby. Number of mangoes in the basket he kept for his own family was

      (A) 15       (B) 18        (C) 21       (D) 22

83.  The Himalayas are

       (A) Fold Mountains        (B) Block Mountains        (C) Residual Hills       (D) Table land

84.  Tsunamis are generated by

       (A) Undersea plate movements       (B) Undersea vulcanism        (C) Tidal change      (D) None of the above

85.  Under which Article of the Indian Constitution provision has been made for the formation of a Finance Commission to deal with various aspects of Centre-State financial relationship ?

       (A) Article 245       (B) Article 280        (C) Article 356       (D) Article 370

86.  Who was the author of Rajtarangini ?

       (A) Kautilya        (B) Megasthenes        (C) Kalhan        (D) None of the above

87.  At which Delhi Durbar the Queen of England was proclaimed the Empress of India ?

       (A) 1876-77 A.D.       (B) 1911 A.D.        (C) 1921 A.D.       (D) None of the above

88.  Who was the main inspiration of the Young Bengal movement ?

       (A) Rammohan        (B) Derozio       (C) Debendranath       (D)  David Hare

89.  Who is called “A traditional moderniser” ?

      (A) Vidyasagar        (B) Swami Vivekananda        (C) Rammohan Roy       (D) B. G. Tilak

90. The capital of Tipu Sultan was at

      (A) Mysore        (B) Seringapattam        (C) Sringeri        (D) Belur

91.  About whom the British Prime Minister said – “Half naked Fakir from India” ?

      (A) Taj Bahadur Sapru      (B) Gandhiji        (C) Muhammad Ali       (D) B. R. Ambedkar

92.  If CAT = 356,   COW = 398,   DOG = 490 and RAT = 256,  then a possible code for FOX is

       (A) 701        (B) 107       (C) 791       (D) 193

93.  Who was the founder-President of the Swaraj Party ?

       (A) Motilal Nehru       (B) C. R. Das       (C) Rajendra Prasad       (D) Rajagopalachari

94.  In a college union election for the post of General Secretary, Surupa secured 60% of the total votes and defeated Ananya by a margin of 60 votes in a direct contest. Total number of valid votes was

       (A) 120        (B) 150        (C) 300       (D) 360

95.  Suppose

       (I)  Only hardworking persons become rich, and

      (II) All successful persons are hardworking.

      Then which one of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above two assumptions ?

      (A) Attn is hardworking; therefore he is both successful and rich.

      (B) Bitan is successful; therefore he is rich.

      (C) Chayan is neither successful nor rich; therefore be is not hardworking

      (D) Duke is not hardworking; therefore he is neither successful nor rich.

96.  Highest population growth rate in West Bengal, according to 2001 census is found in

       (A) Malda        (B) Uttar Dinajpur       (C) Dakshin Dinajpur       (D) South 24-Parganas

97.  The Simon Commission was appointed for

       (A) Indian Constitutional Reforms       (B) Administrative Reforms

       (D) Educational Reforms        (D) Jail Code Reforms

98.  Who was the Governor-General who decided in favour of Western education in India ?

       (A) Lord Cornwallis        (B) Lord Bentinck        (C) Lord Ripon        (D) Lord Curzon

99.  Who was the Governor-General of India when Widow Remarriage Act was passed ?

       (A) Lord Ripon         (B) Lord Canning        (C) Lord Dalhousie       (D) Lord Bentinck

100.  Which number in the following sequence is incorrect ?

         1, 4, 13, 40, 122, 364, ……………………

         (A) 13        (B) 40        (C) 122       (D) 364

101.  8 persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting by a round table each facing the centre. D is second to the left of F and third to the right of H. A is second to the right of F and an immediate neighbour of H. C is second to the right of B and F is third to the right of B. G is not an immediate neighbour of F.  In the above information who is to the immediate left of A ?

       (A) H        (B) E        (C) G        (D) B

102.  The next term in the sequence  4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 5, 7 ………… is

         (A) 5       (B) 6      (C) 7        (D) 8

103.  Sal is a type of

         (A) Coniferous tree      (B) Deciduous tree       (C) Evergreen tree       (D) Xerophytic tree

104.  Who wrote “Life Divine” ?

         (A) Swami Vivekenanda       (B) Keshab Chandra Sen       (C) Sister Nivedita      (D) Arabindo Ghosh

105.  The Community Development Programme was launched in the year

         (A) 1950 A.D.       (B) 1951 A.D.      (C) 1952 A.D.      (D) 1953 A.D.

106.  Who founded the “Amrita Bazar Patrika” ?

         (A) Surendra Nath Banerjee      (B) Barindra Ghosh     (C) Krishna Kumar Mitra     (D) Sisir Kumar Ghosh

107.  The Muslim League joined the Interim Government in

         (A) October 1946       (B)  November 1946      (C) December 1946       (D) January 1947

108.   Which of the following films was directed by Tapan Sinha ?

          (A) Zindagi Zindagi       (B) Sagina        (C) Ek Doctor Ki Maut       (D) All of the above

109.   Who translated ‘Nil Darpan’ in English ?

          (A) Madhusudan Dutt        (B) Rev. James Long 

          (C) Harish Chandra Mukherjee       (D) Kali Prasanna Singha

110.  ‘Sundarbans’ in West Bengal has been declared World Heritage site in

         (A) 1999        (B) 1989       (C) 1979       (D) 1969

111.  The Bhakra Nangal Multipurpose Project consists of the Bhakra Dam across

         (A) River Jhelum        (B) River Sutlej       (C) River Beas      (D) River Indus

112.  Bailadila range in India is noted for the production of

         (A) Aluminium       (B) Iron Ore        (C) Bauxite       (D) Mica

113.  World Conference against Racism was recently held in

         (A) Beijing        (B) Durban        (C) Bonn       (D) Geneva

114.  Which movement of Gandhiji joined with Khilafat movement ?

       (A) Civil Disobedience      (B) Non-Co-operation      (C) Quit India      (D) Against Indigo cultivation (1917)

115.  Satyam Computers has been taken over by

         (A) Lersen & Toubro       (B) TCS       (C) Tech Mahindra       (D) W. L. Ross

116.  Who was the first President of the All India Trade Union Congress ?

         (A) Lala Lajpat Rai      (B) Dewan Chamanlal      (C) Chittaranjan Das    (D) Subhash Chandra Bose

117.  Partition of Bengal was withdrawn in

         (A) 1905       (B) 1906       (C) 1911       (D) 1909

118.  If LALGARH is coded as MCOKFXO, then a possible code for ANDOLAN, is

        (A) BQGSQGU       (B) BPGSQGU       (C) BPGTQGU        (D) BPFSQGU

119.  Who offered leadership for the Khilafat Movement ?

         (A) Sayyid Ahmed       (B) Iqbal       (C) Mohammad Ali and Saukat All      (D) RahamatAli

120.  Bauxite extracted in Madhya Pradesh is used for the production of

         (A) Bronze       (B) Aluminium        (C) Copper      (D) Mica

121.  50 added to 60% of a number is the number itself. The number is

        (A) 110       (B) 125      (C) 200        (D) 300

122.  The first to be designated as the Governor General of India was

         (A) Lord Clive        (B) Sir John Shore        (C) Warren Hastings       (D) Lord Cornwallis

123.  C  is  A’s only daughter, and B  and  D  are her only two brothers, Of the three grandsons E, G and M of A, E and M are only sons of B and D respectively, Of the three grand daughters F, H and N of A, H and N are only daughters of C and D respectively. Then B is G’s

      (A) Maternal uncle       (B) Paternal uncle       (C) Nephew       (D) Cousin

124.  AIDS/HIV virus is a type of

         (A) DNA virus        (B) RNA virus       (C) Either DNA or RNA virus      (D) Both DNA and RNA virus

125.  19 students appear in a class test. The average of the best 10 scores is 69 while that of the worst 10 is 38. If the average of all the 19 scores is 54, the 10th score in order’of magnitude is

        (A) 62       (B) 58       (C) 46       (D) 44

126. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act deals with

        (A) revenue deficit only        (B) fiscal deficit only

        (C) both fiscal deficit and revenue deficit

        (D) fiscal deficits in the budgets of state governments only

127.  When did Chingiz Khan invade India  ?

        (A) 1211 A.D.        (B) 1221 A.D.        (C) 1399 A.D.         (D) 1526 A.D.

128.  India held joint naval exercise in February with USA and

         (A) Japan       (B) Australia       (C) South Korea        (D) None of the above

129.  Consider the following statements about the Right to Education Bill :

         (1) The preliminary work on the Bill was initiated by the UPA government.

         (2) One of the key provisions of the Bill is to ensure 25% reservation in private schools for disadvantage children from the neighbourhood, at the entry level.

         (3) The Bill also prohibits physical punishment, expulsion or detention of a child.

         Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

         (A) 1 only       (B) 2 only       (C) 2 and 3       (D) All of 1, 2 and 3

130.  Who is called “Sher-i-Punjab” ?

        (A) Ranjit Singh      (B) Amar Singh       (C) Lala Lajpat Rai      (D) Bhagat Singh

131.  The Yas Pal Committee Report relates to

         (A) Telecommunications      (B) Higher Education        (C) Rural Health      (D) Drinking Water Supply

132.  Attempt is being made to regulate vehicular pollution by autorickshaws through switching over to

         (A) Petrol        (B) Alcoholic fuel        (C) CNG      (D) Diesel

133.  The largest contribution to India’s foreign exchange reserve in value terms comes from

         (A) Engineering Goods      (B) Software Services      (C) Gems and Jewellery     (D) Readymade Garments

134.  What is Adigranth ?

         (A) A religious book of the Sikhs

         (B) A book which gave the fundamental codes of human conduct

         (C) A book which guided the rulers of medieval India

         (D) None of the above

135.  Alberto Fujimori was the President of

         (A) Peru        (B) Japan        (C) Kenya        (D) Chile

136.  Who was known as “Bagha Jatin”  ?

         (A) Jatin Das        (B) Jatindranath Mukherjee      (C) Jatindramohan Sengupta        (D) None of the above

137.  The All India Home Rule League was established by

         (A) Annie Besant        (B) Motilal Nehru        (C) B. R.Ambedkar       (D) Sarojini Naidu

138.  Using a bi-cycle, Ayan moves 2 km from A to D due west; then 8 km to B due east via A, and finally 8 km to C due
north. His distance in km now from A is

        (A) 10      (B) 12      (C) 14       (D) 18

139.  Forest Protection Committees consist of

         (A) Forest Guards        (B) Panchayat Members

         (C) Forest Villages, Forest Department and Panchayat

         (D) Forest Department officials

140.  In which year did Jalianwalabagh massacre happen  ?

         (A) 1908       (B) 1909       (C) 1918       (D) 1919

141.  Shivaji’s coronation took place in the year

         (A) 1672 A.D.       (B) 1673 A.D.       (C) 1674 A.D.       (D) 1675 A.D.

142.  Inter-state water dispute regarding sharing of river water has been taking place between

         (A) Madhya Pradesh and Orissa        (B) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

         (C) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar        (D) Gujarat and Maharashtra

143.  In India variety of corals are found around

         (A) Lakshadweep       (B) Daman & Diu        (C) Sundarbans       (D)  Narmada estuary

144.  The soil of Bankura district is

         (A) Podzolic       (B) Alluvial       (C) Lateritic       (D) Silty

145.  The first Indian Prime Minister who did not belong to the then Indian National Congress ?

         (A) Charan Singh       (B) Vishwanath Pratap Singh       (C) Chandra Shekhar      (D) Morarji Desai

146.  Which Governor General was assassinated during his term of office ?

         (A) Lord Mayo       (B) Lord Hardinge       (C) Lord Northbrook        (D) Lord Lytton

147.  Iran recently celebrated anniversary of its Islamic Revolution.

         (A) 20th       (B) 25th       (C) 30th       (D) 50th

148.  In which of the following Five Year Plans a bold approach was adopted towards a long term employment policy ?

         (A) Fifth       (B) Sixth       (C) Seventh       (D) Eighth

149.  Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly ?

         (A) B. R. Ambedkar      (B) C. Rajagopalachari        (C) Rajendra Prasad       (D) Jawaharlal Nehru

150.  Who founded the “School Book Society” ?

         (A) William Jones        (B) Hyde East        (C) D. Bethune       (D) David Hare

151.  The Nagarjunasagar Multipurpose Project consists of a masonry dam across

         (A) River Krishna       (B) River Cauvery       (C) River Tungabhadra       (D) River Sone

152.  The word “demarche” recently appeared in the news in the wake of Mumbai Terror Attacks. What is a “demarche” ?

         (A) A sudden air-strike on a specific area in a foreign country

         (B) A secret report on subversive activities within a state

         (C) Diplomatic representation of a government position

         (D) Recommendations to the government on police reforms

153.  Which of the following recently witnessed ethnic riots  ?

         (A) Urumaqi       (B) Wuhan        (C) Tianjin         (D) Taichung

154.  A man, while facing east, turns twice in succession to his right; then turns thrice in succession to his left; finally he turns twice in succession to his right. The direction he is facing now is

        (A) East         (B) West        (C) North        (D) South

155.  In respiration, cytosol plays a significant role in

        (A) Oxidative phosphorylation       (B) Oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvic acid

        (C) Krebs cycle        (D) Glycolysis

156.  Who presided over the second session of the Indian National Congress ?

         (A) Dadabhai Naoroji       (B) Badruddin Tayebji        (C) W. C. Bonerjea       (D) Pherozeshah Mehta

157.  Queen Victoria became Empress of India by

         (A) Royal Titles Act, 1876      (B) Act of 1858       (C) Council Act, 1861      (D)  Act of 1872

158.  Which officer was called Bakshi during the ruie of Akbar  ?

         (A) An officer in charge of town administration        (B) Officer in charge of military organization

         (C) An administrative/executive officer         (D) None of the above

159.  Which of the following recently filed for bankruptcy ?

        (A) General Motors       (B) Toyota        (C) Hyundai        (D) Honda

160.  River Ganga flows into the sea through

         (A) An estuary        (B) A delta         (C) A bird’s foot estuary        (D) None of the above

161.  Consider the following statements :

         1.  Part II of the Indian Constitution covers Articles 12 to 35 and deals with Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens.

         2.  Right to Property is listed as a Fundamental Right in the Constitution.

         Which of the above statements is/are correct  ?

         (A) 1 only        (B) 2 only        (C) Both 1 and 2       (D) Neither 1 nor 2

162.  —— has been declared the International Year of Astronomy .

         (A) 2008         (B) 2009        (C) 2010       (D) None of the above .

163.  The Diwani of Bengal was granted to Clive in the year

         (A) 1757 A.D.        (B) 1765 A.D.        (C) 1772 A.D.        (D) 1784 A.D.

164.   Who was known as the mother of Indian revolutionaries ?

          (A) Sister Nivedita        (B) Annie Besant         (C) Madame Cama        (D) Matangini Hazra

165.   Which one among the following Indian states has the highest density of population ?

          (A) West Bengal         (B) Maharastra        (C) Uttar Pradesh       (D) Bihar

166.   India’s new Constitution was adopted (signed) on

          (A) 26 November 1949        (B) 20 December 1949        (C) 25 December 1949      (D) 26 January 1950

167.  Which was not a member of Third Front in last Lok Sabha Election ?

         (A) CPI (M)      (B)  Janata (S)        (C) IRS       (D) SP

168.  Bombay High Court recently ordered the merger of Reliance Industries and ——

         (A) Reliance Natural       (B) Reliance Infra        (C) Reliance Petroleum        (D) Reliance Power

169.  The Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India contains provisions for

         (A) administration of tribal areas in the States of Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram

         (B) administration and control of Scheduled areas of many States

         (C) powers and subjects to be looked after by the Union and States

         (D) disqualification of members on grounds of defection

170.  Which one of the following diagrams represents the sets of all human beings, swimmers and Indians ?

         Ans: (C)

171.  The process of radical economic reforms and liberalization in India was started in the year

         (A) 1990 AD.       (B) 1991 A.D.       (C) 1992 A.D.       (D) 1993 A.D.

172.  What was Khutba ?

         (A) A sermon read in the name of the ruling king at Friday prayers

         (B) An order issued by the king 

         (C) A punishment given by the king

         (D) None of the above

173.  Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists :

         List I (Person)              List II (Position)

         (a) N. Gopalaswamy         1. Chief Information Commissioner

         (b) Sukhadeo Thorat        2. Chief Election Commissioner

         (c) Wajahat Habibullah     3. Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission

         (d) S. Rajendra Babu        4. Chairman, University Grants Commission Codes :

        (A)  a – 2,  b – 1,  c – 4,  d – 3        (B) a – 1,  b – 3,  c – 4,  d – 2

        (C)  a-2,  b-4,  c-3.  d- 1               (D) a – 2,  b – 4,  c – 1,  d – 3

174.  Globalisation is being reflected in the Indian Scenario through the establishment of

         (A) Neighbourhood shops        (B) Local bazaars        (C) Shopping malls       (D) Stationery shops

175.  An alloy contains 20% zinc, 45% nickel and rest aluminium. The total mass in gm of the alloy containing 105 gm of aluminium is

         (A) 170        (B) 200        (C) 250        (D) 300

176.  The Medical College in Koikata was established in the year

         (A) 1829 A.D.       (B) 1835 A.D.        (C) 1858 A.D.        (D) 1884 A.D.

177.  The last Wimbledon (2009) was Roger Federar’s —— grand slam title.

         (A) 15th        (B) 16th        (C)  17th       (D) 18th

178.  Corazone Aquino was the head of ——

         (A) Thailand         (B) Philippines        (C) Fiji        (D) Australia

179.  Last August (2009) India signed a free trade agreement with ——

         (A) OPEC         (B) AU        (C) ASEAN        (D) NAFTA

180.  In West Bengal Plantation Agriculture is found in

         (A) Malda district         (B) Darjeeling district        (C) Bankura district        (D) Howrah district

181.  Who of the following conquered territory in India and founded an empire in the name of his ancestors ?

         (A) Humayun        (B) Sher Shah       (C) Babur        (D) None of them

182.  India is not a member of ——

         (A) BRIC        (B) BIMSTEC         (C) SCO         (D) WTO

183.  ‘Andhis’are storms of

          (A) Punjab         (B) West Bangal         (C) Assam        (D) Uttar Pradesh

184.  Consider the following statements :

         1.  Rajya Sabha is a permanent body.

         2.  Every member of the Rajya Sabha is entitled to a maximum term of five years.

         3.  Lok Sabha can make laws on subjects mentioned in the State List

         Which of the above statements is/are correct ?

        (A) 2 and 3        (B) 1 and 3       (C) 2 only       (D) None of 1, 2 and 3

185.  Same force is applied to two bodies A and B of masses m and 5 m respectively for the same time. Then

         (A) Velocity of A and B will be same        (B) Momentum of A and B will be same

         (C) Momentum of A will be greater         (D) Momentum of B will be greater

186.  Coastal Regulation Zones in India have been identified on the basis of

         (A) Tidal Height        (B) Sea Level Rise       (C) Depth of Water       (D) Undersea Bathymetry

187.  Which Constitutional Amendment Act granted the Right to Education for all Indian citizens ?

         (A) 73rd        (B) 74th       (C) 86th        (D) 91st

188.  Which one of the following years is regarded as the base year for construction of the Wholesale Price Index in India ?

         (A) 1990-91       (B) 1991-92       (C) 1992-93       (D) 1993-94

189.  Who is the Chair person of the Unique Identification Authority ?

         (A) B. G. Verghese       (B) Nandan Nilekani        (C) Sam Pitroda        (D) Nandan Bagchi

190.  Among Ashoke,  Dibakar, Arun and Bratin, Dibakar is younger than Arun, Bratin is older than only Ashok. Who is the oldest ?

         (A) Can’t be identified data incomplete      (B) Dibakar       (C) Arun        (D) Bratin

191.  Gangubai Hangal belonged to ———  gharana.

         (A) Agra        (B) Gwalior       (C) Mewati        (D) Kirana

192.  India’s third research station in Antarctica will be named

         (A) Gangotri        (B) Maitri       (C) Bharti       (D) Alka

193.  Which of the following Indian pharmaceuticals companies was recently taken over by Dilchi Sankyo of Japan with 62.92% of equity share capital ?

         (A) Ranbaxy       (B) Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories        (C) Nicholas Piramal        (D) Glaxo India

194.  The author of  “In Other Rooms, Other Wonders” is

        (A) Mohsin Hamid      (B) NadeemAslam      (C) Daniyal Mueenuddin       (D) Mohammad Hanif

195.  The Central Government is to collect Rs ——  crore from disinvestment in 2009-10.

        (A) 1120       (B) 1125       (C) 1130       (D) 1150

196.  The 109th amendment of the Indian Constitution relates to ——  .

       (A) The President’s power    (B) Age of voters     (C) Reservation for SCs and STs     (D) Official language

197.  India developed RISAT 2 satellite in collaboration with

         (A) USA       (B) Russia      (C) France      (D) Israel

198.  China was recently lashed by Typhoon ——  .

         (A) Morakot       (B) Lungwang        (C) Wukong       (D) Rumbia

199.  India was the —— country to develop nuclear powered submarine .

         (A) 5th       (B) 6th        (C) 7th      (D) 8th

200.  Who founded the Indian Association in Calcutta ?

         (A) W. C. Banerjee       (B) S. N. Banerjee      (C) Subhas Chandra Bose      (D) Chittaranjan Das

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