WBCS 2009 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2009 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2009 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2009 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS 2009 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2009 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2009 Question Paper

Direction for Question Nos. 1 to 5

From the given options choose the words nearest in meaning to those underlined in the sentences:

1.  The children were very vivacious in the play ground.

     (A) smiling        (B) sportive        (C) lively/full of life        (D) joyful

2.  After a prolonged suffering he passed away.

     (A) went away      (B) left       (C) expired      (D) yielded

3.  The musician has a very sonorous voice.

     (A) Loud       (B) Shrill        (C) Harsh        (D) Full and deep

4.  In the new place he had to earn by the sweat of his brow.

     (A) Very hard work       (B) Frown of his brow        (C) Seriously       (D) Idly

5.  After much effort he could tide over the crisis.

     (A) Overcome       (B) Win over       (C) Defeat     (D) Enjoy

Direction for Question Nos. 6 & 7

Choose the correct prepositions to fill in the blanks:

6.  A gentleman should be true —— his words.

     (A) from        (B) to        (C) in      (D) on

7.  The father was vexed —— the son.

      (A) with      (B) about       (C) to      (D) in

Direction for Question Nos. 8 & 9

Choose the appropriate words from the given options to suit the meaning of the following most nearly.

8.  A fourteen-lined poem is called a

     (A) sonnet       (B) epilogue       (C) composition        (D) lyric

9.  One who hates mankind is called

     (A) Man-hater       (B) Cannibal        (C) Demon       (D) Misanthropist

10.  Choose the correct meaning of the following idiomatic expression from the options given:

      Poles apart

      (A) Very distant      (B) Separate       (C) Toialy different in views       (D) Very difficult

Direction for Question Nos. 11 & 12

Choose the correct items from the given options:

11.  The art of cultivating and managing gardens is called

      (A) Horticulture        (B) Gardening        (C) Botany      (D) Geology

12.  Love for the whole world is called

       (A) Patriotism         (B) Generousness        (C) Philanthropy        (D) Nobility

13.  From the given options choose the most appropriate word to fill up the gap in the following sentence:

       The mother —— the child

       (A) Deserted        (B) Hated        (C) Ran away       (D) Abandoned

Direction for Question Nos. 14 & 15

Choose the most appropriate single word from the options given, as substitute for the underlined parts of the sentences.

14.  People who look at the stars in the sky are pursuing a wonderful vocation.

       (A) Astrologers       (B) Astronomers        (C) Geophysicists       (D) Geologists

15.  People who were present in the hall to listen to the lecture were undisciplined.

       (A) Crowd        (B) Mob        (C) Audience       (D) Ruffians

16.  Choose the correct item from the given options:

       A Government by divine guidance is called

       (A) Theocracy       (B) Episcopacy       (C) Oligarchy      (D) Aristocracy

17.  Choose the opposite of the following idiomatic expression from the options given:

       To go to the dogs.

       (A) To turn over a new leaf     (B) To oil one’s own machine

       (C) be off one’s head      (D) To breathe one’s last

18.  From the options choose the word most nearly opposite in meaning to those underlined in the following sentence:

       The high-handed ways of the manager made him an enemy of the people.

       (A) Submissive and friendly      (B) Ignorant       (C) Angry      (D) Impatient

19.  Complete the sentence by choosing appropriate word from the given options:

       Tagore’s birthday was —— with songs and recitation

       (A) completed       (B) maintained        (C) celebrated       (D) enjoyed

20.  Choose the correct meaning of the following idiomatic expression from the options given:

      “A bolt from the blue —

      (A) a drop from the sky        (B) an unexpected shock       (C) thunderbolt       (D) a blue sky

21.  Choose the correct item from the given options:

       A disease affecting many persons at the same time and place is called

       (A) epidemic       (B) infection        (C) sickness        (D) death

22.  From the given options choose the most appropriate word to fill up the gap in the following sentence:

       I had —— something wrong as soon as I reached the spot.

       (A) understood        (B) realised        (C) guessed        (D) smelt

Direction for Question Nos. 23 & 24

Choose the most appropriate single word from the options given, as substitute for the underlined parts of the sentences.

23.  I met a person in the meeting whose appearance did not reflect his mind.

       (A) Was deceptive        (B) was convincing        (C) was faithful       (D) was honest

24.  A collection of poems came out to felicitate the poet.

      (A) Guide book       (B) Collection        (C) Compilation       (D) An Anthology

25.  Choose the correct item from the given options:

       A person who makes his journey on foot is called a

       (A) Pedestrian        (B) Walker       (C) Rambler      (D) Wanderer

26.  After a shower, it becomes difficult to drive a car at high speed on the wet road because

       (A) Friction decreases        (B) Friction increases

       (C) Friction becomes zero        (D) More force cannot be applied on the car

27.  What is the name of tropical cyclone Which passed into the Irrawaddy river delta of southern coast of Myanmar in the first week of May, 2008 ?

       (A) Fanoos        (B) Nargis        (C) Laila        (D) Nilam

28.  Largest delta in the world is

       (A) Ganga Delta       (B) Mississipi Delta         (C) Irrawaddy Delta       (D) Godavari Delta

29.  When and where was the Gadr Party founded ?

       (A) America. 1913        (B) England. 1917        (C) Denmark, 1921       (D) Scottland. 1925

30.  The weight of an object is

        (A) Maximum at the centre of the earth

        (B) Maximum at infinity

        (C) Maximum at the surface of the earth

       (C) Name everywhere from the center of the earth to infinity

31.  The UN has declared 2008 as the international year of

       (A) Sanitation       (B) Social Justice       (C) Aids prevention       (D) Rural Health

32.  Chotanagpur Plateau is made up of

       (A) Old igneous and metamorphic rocks       (B) Sedimentary rocks     (C) Aluminum      (D) Lava flows

33.  World Trade Organization was established in the year

       (A) 1986       (B) 1995      (C) 2000       (D) 2005

34.  At constant temperature if the pressure decreases, then the volume of a given mass of gas will

       (A) Increase        (B) Decrease         (C) Remain constant

      (D) May increase or decrease depending on nature of the gas

35.  Asif Ali Zardari belongs to

       (A) Pakistan Muslim League      (B) Peoples National Party

       (C) National Forum of Pakistan      (D) Pakistan People’s Party

36.  Total number of districts in West Bengal at present is

       (A) 18        (B) 19       (C) 17       (D) 16

37.  Who announced the Communal Award ?

       (A) Viceroy Lord Mountbatten        (B) British Prime Minister Ramsay McDonald

       (C) Lord Lytton        (D) A. B. Alexander

38.  A small quantity of water is placed in a small cavity made in a block of ice at 0°C. What will happen to the water ?

       (A) The water will freeze to ice at 0°C

       (B) There will be no change in the temperature of water

       (C) The temperature of water will decrease to 0°C but it will not freeze

       (D) The water will freeze to ice if the block of ice is large compared to the mass of water

39.  The Hezbollah militant group is mostly based in

       (A) Palestine      (B) Syria       (C) Jordan       (D) Lebanon

40.  Farakka Barrage has been constructed

       (A) To increase the flow of water in river Hooghly

       (B) To generate hydro-electric power

       (C) To irrigate agricultural lands

       (D) None of the above

41.  The real introduction of Decentralized Planning in India was made for the first time during the

       (A) 7th Plan      (B) 8th Plan       (C) 9th Plan      (D) 10th Plan

42.  The walls of a music hall should

        (A) Transmit sound       (B) Absorb sound      (C) Reflect sound       (D) Amplify sound

43.  Who was called ‘Grand Old Man’ of India ?

      (A) Dadabhai Naoroji      (B) Jamshedji Tata     (C) Surendranath Banerjee      (D) C. Rajagopalachair

44.  The two famous brands of passenger car acquired by Tata Motors are

       (A) Ferari and Land Rover      (B) Jaguar and Land Rover      (C) Jaguar and Ferari      (D) Ferari and Safari

45.  The electromagnetic radiation that is emitted during the radio-active disintegration is

       (A) X-rays       (B) y-rays       (C) Ultraviolet rays       (D) Infra-red rays

46.  Highest density of population (2001 census) is found in

       (A) Kerala       (B) West Bengal       (C) Maharastra       (D) Uttar Pradesh

47.  Who called for “Do or Die” ?

      (A) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose      (B) Mahatma Gandhi

      (C) Surendranath Banerjee      (D) Anandamohan Bose

48.  A clock fixed on the wall shows a time of 4 : 25. The time shown by its image on a plane mirror fixed to the opposite wall will be

      (A)  8: 35      (B) 7:25       (C)  7 : 35      (D) 8 :25

49.  How many 0’s in the following series are preceded and followed by digits that differ by at most ?

       203  278  608   209  828   072  340  4307

       (A) 2      (B) 3       (C) 4      (D) 5

50.  When do the south-west monsoon winds blow in India ?

      (A) January-February      (B) March to mid-June      (C) Mid-June-September      (D) October to December

51.  Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India ?

      (A) L. K. Advani      (B) Morarji Deshai      (C) Charan Singh       (D) Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel

Answer questions 52 and 53 using the following information :
6 persons Arun, Prasun, Satycn, Kanchan, Naren and Mithun are sitting on 6 equispaced chairs around a circular table. Arun sits adjacent to Mithun and is just opposite to Kanchan. Satyen is at the right of Kanchan. Prasun sits at the left of Arun.

52.  Who sits opposite to Naren ?

       (A) Mithun        (B) Satyen        (C) Kanchan       (D) Prasun

53.  Who is sitting between Prasun and Kanchan ?

      (A) Mithun        (B) Satyen        (C) Naren       (D) Arun

54.  Normal saline is an aquous solution of sodium chloride of strength

      (A) 0.84 %        (B) 1.00 normal        (C) 1.00 molar     (D) 1 %

55.  Force India is the name of

       (A) Formula one car racing team         (B) A military exercise in the Himalayas

       (C) A missile-launch centre        (D) A new naval base

56.  The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is

       (A) The Brahmaputra Valley      (B) Indo-Gangetic Plain       (C) Deccan Trap Region       (D) Rann of Kutch

57.  What is the middle unit in the three-tier Panchayati Raj System ?

       (A) Gram Panchayat      (B) Zilla Parishad       (C) Panchayat Samiti       (D) Union Board

58.  How much per cent of human body is water by weight ?

       (A) 66       (B) 50       (C) 33       (D) 10

59.  Who discovered the Indus Valley Civilization ?

       (A) Sir Leonard Wooley       (B) V. S.Agarwal        (C) Rakhaldas Banerjee       (D) A. L. Basham

60.  Who founded the ‘Forward Bloc’ ?

       (A) Rashbehari Bose       (B) Mahatma Gandhi       (C) Subhas Chandra Bose      (D) Captain Mohan Singh

61.  Which of the following pair is correct  ?

       (A) Maharastra — Pradip        (B) Tamil Nadu — Mangalore

       (C) Gujarat — Kandla       (D) Karnataka—Tuticorin

62.  Iodine is administered to patients suffering from

       (A) Goitre        (B) Night blindness       (C) Ricket       (D) Rheumatism

63.  Which metal was unknown to the Indus people  ?

       (A) Copper        (B) Iron        (C) Bronze       (D) Gold

64.  Which one of the following offices has not been provided by the Indian Constitution ?

       (A) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha         (B) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

       (C) Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly      (D) Deputy Prime Minister

65.  The first heavy electrical equipment manufacturing plant set up in the Public Sector in I960 is at

        (A) Bhopal       (B) Durgapur        (C) Hyderabad       (D) Ranipur (near Hardwar)

66.   Fullerene is

        (A) An allotrope of carbon       (B) A synonym for carborundum

        (C) Artifical emery       (D) A compound of carbon

67.  Who was called the Iron Man of India ?

       (A) Sardar ballabhbhai Patel       (B) Surendranath Banerjee

       (C) Bipin Chandra Pal       (D) Lala Lajpat Rai

68.  Some boys have been arranged in a row in increasing order of their height. Bratin taller than Arabinda is in the 7th position from one end, while Arabinda is in the 10th position from the other end. If there are just 3 boys between Arabinda and Bratin, the total number of boys in the row is

       (A) 12      (B) 13       (C) 19      (D) 20

69.  The reaction that occurs in nuclear reactors is

       (A) Nuclear fusion       (B) Spallation       (C) Nuclear fission       (D) Nuclear isomerisation

70.  During which period the Vedic Literature was composed ?

      (A) 1000 B.C.      (B) 3000 B.C. – 2500 B.C.     (C) 1500 B.C – 1000 B.C.      (D) 1200 B.C. – 1000 B.C.

71.  Which of the following raw materials for the manufacturing of paper is used in large quantity in India  ?

       (A) Salai wood       (B) Sabai grass       (C) Cotton rags       (D) Bamboo

72.  Vitamin C is

       (A) Tocopherol     (B) Cyanocobaltammine       (C) Ascorbic acid      (D) Thiamine

73.  The largest expenditure head in the Revenue Account of the last Union Budget is

       (A) Defence      (B) Interest Payment       (C) Social Service       (D) Subsidy

74.  Name one revolutionary who attacked the ‘Writers’ Buildings’ ?

       (A) Anathbandhu Panja      (B) Mrigen Datta        (C) Binoy Basu      (D) Prafulla Chaki

75.  Green house effect is caused by addition of too much of this compound in atmosphere.

       (A) Carbon di-oxide      (B) Ammonia      (C) Water vapour    (D) Dust particles

76.  The word Aryan denotes

       (A) Cultivation       (B) A race       (C) Pastoral society      (D) Brahmachari

77.  “Which of the following parts of India produces nearly three-fourth of the total quantity of tea ?

        (A) Northern India       (B) South India        (C) North-East India       (D) North-West India

78.  The Opposition Party status is accorded to a political party in the Loksabha only if it captures at least

       (A) 5 per cent seats       (B) 10 per cent seats       (C) 15 per cent seats      (D) 20 per cent seats

79.  Which one of the following diagrams is the correct representation of Men, Ministers and Members of Parliament ?

       Ans :: Figure (C)

80.  Edible portion of coconut is the

       (A) Fruit wall      (B) Endosperm      (C) Cotyledon       (D) Embryo

81.  The “Tripitaka” was written in

       (A) Brahmi       (B) Kharosti        (C) Pali       (D) Sanskrit

82.  Who passed ‘Vernacular Press Act’ ?

      (A) Lord Lytton      (B) Lord Dalhousie      (C) Lord Wellesley       (D) Lord Curzon

83.  In a party, everyone shook hands with everyone else. There were 120 handshakes altogether. Number of persons present in the party was

       (A) 60      (B) 30       (C) 16      (D) 5

84.  From which part of Cinchona plant quinine is obtained ?

       (A) Seed        (B) Leaf        (C) Flower       (D) Bark

85.  How many Tirthankars were there in ancient India ?

       (A) 16      (B) 22      (C) 23       (D) 24

86.  India’s permanent Research Station “Dakshin Gongotri’ is situated in

       (A) Great Himalayas      (B) Indian Ocean       (C) Antarctica      (D) Arabian Sea

87.  The Union Budger is laid before the two Houses of Parliament in accordance with Article No. —— of Indian Constitution.

       (A) 73       (B) 112       (C) 360       (D) 370

88.  Which of the following International Conventions provides framework for conservation of wetland habitats ?

       (A) Earth Sumit      (B) Ramsar Convention      (C) Belem Declaration      (D) Botanical Congress

89.  Name the last Tirthankara

        (A) Parsvanath      (B) Mahavira       (C) Siddhartha      (D) Silbhadra

90.  Which of the following hydro-electric power projects has the largest installed capacity (M.W.) for generation of electricity ?

       (A) Sabari Giri (Kerala)     (B) Koyna (Maharastra)      (C) Bhakra-Nangal (Punjab)     (D) Kundah (Tamil Nadu)

91.  The first Indian state which was created on a linguistic basis following a long-drawn agitation is

       (A) Andhra Pradesh       (B) Assam        (C) Tamil Nadut        (D) Karnataka

92.  In which year ‘ Vernacular Press Act’ was passed ?

       (A) 1870         (B) 1875        (C) 1878       (D) 1880

93.  This region of India is very important from biodiversity point of view

       (A) Eastern Himalayas       (B) Eastern Ghats        (C) Panchmari Hill      (D) Kashmir Valley

94.  Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty ?

       (A) Bimbisara        (B) Mahapadmananda       (C) Ajatasatru       (D) Dhananda

95.  Name the first Bengali newspaper

       (A) Samachar Darpan       (B) Samvad Kaumudi       (C) Samvad Prabhakar     (D) Tattvadohini Patrika

96.   The lowest female ratio to males among the states is in

        (A) Arunachal Pradesh       (B)Tripura       (C) Sikkim       (D) Manipur

97.   During Vietnam War 2, 4, 5-trichlorophenoxy—acetic acid (2, 4, 5-T), the so-called Agent Orange was sprayed on forests to

     (A) Destroy Crops     (B) Pollute Air     (C) Remove leaves and reveal enemy hiding places      (D) Start forest fire

98.   Who in ancient India assumed the title ‘amitraghata’  ?

        (A) Ajatasatru      (B) Chandragupta Maurya       (C) Bindusara      (D) Asoka

99.  Which Indian state came under President’s Rule for Maximum number of times ?

        (A) Punjab       (B) Himachal Pradesh       (C) Kerala       (D) Karnataka

100.  Malaria Parasite can best be obtained from blood of its patient:

         (A) One hour before rise of temperature       (B) Five hours after temperature

         (C) When temperature rise with rigor          (D) Any time

101.  When was established the Muslim League ?

         (A) 1904       (B) 1906       (C) 1910      (D) 1915

102.  Of the 3 numbers, the first is twice the second and the second is thrice the third. The average of the 3 numbers is 10. The largest number is

         (A) 30      (B) 20       (C) 18       (D)15

103.  Which one of the following rates is not determined by the Reserve Bank of India ?

         (A) CRR      (B) SLR     (C) Repo Rate      (D) Prime Lending Rate

104.  Which of the following vitamins forms the prosthetic group of acyl-COA dehydrogenage ?

         (A) Nicotinic acid       (B) Pyridoxine        (C) Pantothenic acid       (D) Riboflavin

105.  Who introduced the Saka era ?

         (A) Bhumaka       (B) Nahapana        (C) Rudradaman        (D) Kanishka

106.  In India when population of an urban settlement cross 100000 it is called

         (A) Town       (B) City       (C) Metropolis      (D) Megalopolis

107.  The Anti Defection Bill was passed under the Prime Minister ship of

         (A) V. P. Singh      (B) Rajib Gandhi       (C) Narashimha Rao     (D) A. B. Bajpayee

108.  Who was Titu Mir ?

         (A) Leader of Wahabi Movement       (B) Leader of Faraji Movement

         (C) Leader of the Sepoy Mutiny        (D) Leader of the Indigo Revolt

109.  Name the execratory organ of prawn

        (A) Salivary gland       (B) Green gland       (C) Ink gland      (D) Malpighian tubule

110.   Who wrote Buddha charita ?

          (A) Nagarjuna       (B) Asvaghosa       (C) Basuitiitra        (D) Vishakhadatta

111.  The artificial harbor along the West Coast of India is

          (A) Cochin       (B) Kandla       (C) Marmagao       (D) New Mangalore

112.  Ruminant Stomach is possessed by

         (A) Cow       (B) Dog        (C) Pigeon       (D) Cameleon

113.  The largest source of India’s Gross Domestic Product is

         (A) Agriculture and Allied Activities

         (B) Foreign Trade

         (C) Manufacturing, Construction Industry, Electricity and Gas

         (D) Services Sector

114.  Name one book written by Swami Vivekananda

         (A) Kathamala       (B) Katha Saritsagar       (C) Bartaman Bharat      (D) A nation in making

115.  As per the concept of Scheduled India wild life conservation concept, Rhinoceros indica is incorporated in

         (A) Schedule I       (B) Schedule II       (C) Schedule III       (D) None of the above

116.  When did the Mathura School of Art flourish ?

         (A) Sunga period      (B) Satavahana period      (C) Saka period      (D) Kushana period

117.  Coastline of which of the following states is known as the Coromondal Coast ?

         (A) Karnataka       (B) Kerala       (C) Orissa       (D) Tamil Nadu

118.  If TIGER = 2323 ,  BUFFALO = 3434 , CROCODILE = 4545 , then ELEPHANT = ?

         (A) 5656     (B) 5858       (C) 3535      (D) 3838

119.  From Antheraea assamensis the type of silk obtained is

         (A) Tasar      (B) Munga       (C) Eri      (D) Mulberry silk

120.  Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty ?

        (A) Chandragupta I      (B) Srigupta       (C) Samudragupta      (D) Skanuagupta

121.  The Draft Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-12) aims to achieve an average annual growth rate of

         (A) 8 per cent      (B) 9 per cent       (C) 9.5 per Cent      (D) 10 per cent

122.  Which state of India touches the boundaries of the largest number of other states ?

         (A) Andhra Pradesh      (B) Bihar      (C) Madhya Pradesh      (D) Uttar Pradesh

123.  The Navratri rush that triggered panic due to blast rumours and led to a temple tragedy leading to the death of 147 people on September 30, 2008 occurred at

         (A) Mandhra Devi temple in Maharashtra            (B) Chamunda Devi temple in Jodhpur

         (C) Naina Devi temple in Himachal Pradesh         (D) Nasik temple in Maharashtra

124.  Which of the following taxes/duties is not under the jurisdiction of The Central Government ?

         (A) Land Revenue     (B) Personal Income Tax     (C) Corporate Income Tax      (D) Customs Duties

125.  Which emperor has been called ‘Napoleon of India’ ?

         (A) Asoka       (B) Kanishka       (C) Samudragupta      (D) Chandragupta II Vikramaditya

For Questions 126, 127 & 128, use the following information:

The 3 circles P, C and M in the following diagram represent those passing in Physics. Chemistry and Mathematics respectively in an examination out of 175 students in a class. Numbers shown in different segments indicate number of students

126.  Number of students who could not pass in Physics was

         (A) 63       (B) 82       (C) 102      (D) 151

127.  Number of students who failed in at least two subjects out of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics was

         (A) 72       (B) 74       (C) 81      (D) 94

128.  Number of students who could not pass in any of these three subjects was

         (A) 19      (B) 39       (C) 51       (D) 81

129.  Where was the capital of Sasanka ?

         (A) Samatata       (B) Tamralipta       (C) Karnasuvarna        (D) Lakhnawati

130.  The 13-member Committee of Secretaries formed by the Central Government to process the 6th Pay Commission Report was headed by

          (A) Revenue Secretary R V. Bhida        (B) Expenditure Secretary Sushma Nath

          (C) Cabinet Secretary K. M. Chandrashekhar       (D) Finance Minister P. Chidambaram

131.  The Tropic of Cancer passes through

         (A) Andhra Pradesh        (B) Uttar Pradesh       (C) Maharastra      (D) Madhya Pradesh

132.  Who is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India ?

         (A) B. D. Jalan       (B) Y. V. Reddy      (C) P. Narasimhan       (D) J. Shetty

133.  Planning Commission is a

         (A) Statutory Body        (C) Constitutional Body       (B) Non-Statutory Body      (D) Autonomous Body

134.  The first Latin American country to sign a Preferential Trade Agreement with India is

         (A) Brazil       (B) Chile       (C) Mexico       (D) Venezuela

135.  When did Ikhtiyaruddin Bakhtiyar Khalji invade Bengal  ?

         (A) 1194 A.D.       (B) 1199 A.D.       (C) 1202A.D.       (B) 1206 A.D.

136.  Satish Dhawan Space Centre located at 13° north latitude is situated at

         (A) Chennai       (B) Sriharikota        (C) Trombay       (D) Chandipur

137.  If a < b < c < d,  which one of the following is not necessarily true ?

         (A) a + c < b + d       (B) b – a < d – c      (C) ab < cd        (D) bc<dabc<da

138.  The Indian diplomat who has recently replaced Don Mckinnor of New Zealand as Commonwealth Secretary-General is

         (A) Kamalesh Sharma        (B) Muchkund Dubey        (C) Navtej Sarava        (D) Mecha Sikri

139.  Name one famous poet of the Delhi Sultanate who was adorned with the title ‘the Parrot of Hindustan’ .

         (A) Ziauddin Barani        (B) Utbi        (C) Alberuni        (D) Amir Khasru

140.  In which year was the Swarajya Party established ?

         (A) 1922       (B) 1925       (C) 1930       (D) 1941

141.  Chhattisgarh which came into being on 1st November, 2000 has been carved out of

         (A) Madhya Pradesh      (B) Orissa       (C) Uttar Pradesh       (D) Bihar

142.  Which bank has won ‘Best Care Banking Project Award, 2007’ ?

         (A) Federal Bank       (B) Punjab National Bank      (C) Central Bank of India       (D) State Bank of India

143.  Ahana gets 10% more than Bidisha; as a result Bidisha gets x% less than Ahana. The value of x is

         (A) 91119111      (B)  9101191011      (C) 10      (D) 1011110111

144.  Name one of the Leaders of the Swarajya Party

         (A) Mahatma Gandhi      (B) Chittaranjan Das       (C) Anandamohan Bose      (D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

145.  Which of the following public sector companies has been recently granted Navratna Status by the Union Government ?

         (A) Rural Electrification Corporation (REC)       (B) Bharat Electronic Ltd.

         (C) Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.        (D) None of the above

146.  The battle of Tarain was fought between Muhammad Ghuri and

         (A) Rana Sanga       (B) Rana Pratap       (C) Prithviraj Chauhan        (D) Rana Hambirdeva

147.  The basis for determination of Dearness Allowance of urban salaried workers and government employees in India is

         (A) Wholesale Price Index        (B) Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial workers

         (C)  CPI for agricultural labourers       (D) CPI for urban non-manual employees

148.   Which one of the following is not a correct statement ?

         (A) The single member Commission under Mrs. Usha Mehra was set up for finding the feasibility of sub-quotas within SC quotas.

         (B) Some castes included in the SC category like the Valmikis, the caste of scavengers and safai karmacharis have been demanding the sub quota within SC quota.

         (C) The Mehra Commission report did not recommend for sub-quotas within the SC quota.

         (D) The report of the Mehra Commission has been referred to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes by the Central Government for its approval.

149.  When did the Dandi March take place  ?

        (A) 12th April, 1925      (B) 7th August, 1942      (C) 12th March, 1930     (D) 14th May, 1935

150.  Who introduced the Iqta system ?

         (A) Muhammad Ghuri       (B) Qutubuddin Aibak       (C) Iltutmish      (D) Ghiyasuddin Balban

151.  Who was known as the Frontier Gandhi ?

         (A) Abdul Gaffur Khan      (B) MahatmaGandhi       (C) Shaukat Ali     (D) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

152.  The next diagram in the series is

     Ans : Diagram (A)

153.  On May 7, 2008, Agni III, India’s nuclear capable intermediate range ballistic missile was successfully test-fired from

      (A) Sriharikota     (B) Pokhran      (C) Wheeler Island of Orissa Coast     (D) Barren Island in the Andamans

154.  In a code every letter of the alphabet is replaced by some other letter. A possible code for the letter NANDIGRAM is

         (A) ELEPHANTS        (B) ELEPHANLA          (C) POPSINGER      (D) POPSANGOR

155.  Who built the famous Adina Mosque in Bengal ?

         (A) Iliyas Shah        (B) Sikandar Shah       (C) Azam Shah      (D) Hamza Shah

156.  National Development Council deals with

         (A) The approval of Five-Year Plans        (B) Poverty Alleviation Programmers

         (C) Rural Development Programmers      (D) Preparation of Development Plans

157.   On the pattern of the OPEC the Government of Thailand has proposed to form a Cartel of five rice-producing and exporting countries to help each other in trading rice in the world market. The other countries are

         (A) China, Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos         (B) India. China. Vietnam and Cambodia

         (C) Myanmar, Bangladesh. Laos and Vietnam       (D) Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos

158.  Who was the founder of Hindu Mela  ?

         (A) Nabagopal Mitra      (B) Bal GandharTilak       (C) Akshay Kumr Dutta       (D) Surendranath Banerjee

159.  If COCK is 5153,    FOOD is 4116,   DOLL is 6199,    CROW is 5812. Then RICE is

         (A) 8753       (B) 8051       (C) 8756      (D) 8057

160.  Name the Bengali poet who was conferred with the title ‘Gunaraj Khan’ in the Sultanate period

         (A) Jnanadas       (B) Govindadas        (C) Maladhar Basu       (D) Chandidas

161.  If  P = (20 – 1) (20 – 2) (20 – 3) … to 40 terms, then P is

       (A) greater than or equal to 20,000

       (B) greater than or equal to 10,000 but less than 20,000

       (C) greater than or equal to – 10,000 but less than 10,000

       (D) less than -10,000

162.  On May 6.2008 the 108th Constitution (Amendment) Bill was introduced by the UPA Government in Rajya Sabha with the aim of

         (A) Including the Gujjar community of Rajasthan in the list of Scheduled Tribes

         (B) Protecting the rights of arrested persons

         (C) Establishing right to education as Fundamental Right

         (D) Providing one-third reservation for women in Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies

163.  The headquarters of SAARC is in

         (A) Dhaka      (B) Kathmandu        (C) Islamabad        (D) Delhi

164.  Who was the founder of the Indian Association ?

        (A) Lala Lajpat Rai      (B) Surendranath Banerjee     (C) Bipin Chandra Pal    (D) W. C. Bonerjee

165.  In a set of observations 

         13, 6, 31, 25, 20, 39, 15, 36

         If  γ(13) = 7,  γ(20) = 5 and  γ(36) = 2. Then γ(25) is

         (A) 10      (B) 8      (C) 6      (D) 4

166.  In May, 2008, USA signed civil nuclear pact under 123 agreements with a powerful nuclear country. What is the name of the country ?

         (A) France      (B) Britain       (C) India       (D) Russia

167.  Who wrote Humayun nama ?

        (A) Abul Fazal        (B) Faizi       (C) Badaoni       (D) Gulbadan Begum

168.  Breeding of a certain species of insect is incredible—everyday the total number of such insects in a closed glass jar is double the number on the previous day. There was just one insect in the jar on 1.2.2007, and the jar was full to the brim with these on 28.2.2007.  On which date of February was the jar quarter-full ?

        (A) 7       (B) 14        (C) 26       (D) None of the above

169.  When was founded the Indian Association  ?

        (A) 1876       (B) 1884       (C) 1887       (D) 1890

170.  Which of the following industries is most adversely affected by the recent surge of Indian rupee against the dollar ?

        (A) Metal        (B) Information Technology       (C) Capital Goods       (D) Pharmaceuticals

171.  Who among the following Indian film personalities was awarded Officer de la Legion d’ Honneur by the French Government in June, 2008 ?

         (A) Mahesh Bhatt         (B) Yash Chopra        (C) Subhash Ghai        (D) Shyam Benegal

172.  Who introduced ‘Qabuliyat’ and ‘Patta’  ?

         (A) Babar        (B) Shershah        (C) Akbar       (D) Shahjahan

173.  For an integer n, n! = n(n – 1)(n – 2) …….. 3.2.1. Then 1! + 2! + 3! + …. + 100! when divided by 5 leaves remainder

        (A) 0       (B) 1      (C) 2       (D) 3

174.  Mention the date of ‘Quit India Movement’

         (A) 8th August, 1942      (B) 9th September, 1945     (C) 10th August, 1951      (D) 14th February, 1955

175.  Which of the following statement is NOT true ?

         (i) RBI has hiked the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by 50 basis points,

        (ii) RBI did not change the Repo Rate (upto September. 2008)

        (iii) RBI has hiked the Repo Rate by 50 basis points.

        Choose the correct code:

       (A) only i        (B) only ii       (C) only iii         (D) all of the above

176.  Who was called ‘Zinda Pir’ or ‘living saint’ in Mughal India ?

         (A) Babar      (B) Akbar      (C) Shahjahan       (D) Aurangzeb

177.  A mobile company offered to pay the Indian Cricket Team as much money per run scored by the side as the total number it gets in a one-dayer against Australia. Which one of the following CANNOT be the total amount to be spent by the company in this deal ?

         (A) 21,904      (B) 56,169       (C) 1,01,761       (D) 1,21,108

178.  How many times did the President of India declare National Emergency so far ?

         (A) Never       (B) Only once       (C) Only twice        (D) Thrice

179.  Assumptions:    All cricketers are singers.

                                  All footballers are singers.

        Conclusions:      I.  Some singers are cricketers.

                                 II. Some footballers are cricketers.

      Mark your answer as

      (A) if only I follows from the assumptions

      (B) if only II follows from the assumptions

      (C) if both I & II follow from the assumptions

      (D) if neither I nor II follows from the assumptions

180.  When was the Azad Hind Fouz formed  ?

         (A) 1st  October, 1939       (B) 10th August, 1940      (C) 11th  May, 1941      (D) 1st September, 1942

181.  The first President of post-monarchy democratic Nepal is

         (A) Ram Baran Yadav     (B) Girija Prasad Koirala     (C) Jhalanath Khanal      (D) Ram Raja Prasad Singh

182.  Name the Sultan who introduced Rationing System in India

         (A) Ghiyasuddin Baioan       (B)Alauddin Khalji       (C) Muhammad bin Tughlaq      (D) Firuz Tughlaq

183.  Name one leader of the Home Rule movement

         (A) Annie Besant      (B) Surendranath Banerjee       (C) Aurobinda Ghosh      (D) Bipin Chandra Pal

184.  The state with the second largest population in India is

         (A) Madhya Pradesh       (B) Maharastra       (C) Uttar Pradesh       (D) West Bengal

185.  10% of 5 and 5% of 10 add up to

         (A) 0.25        (B) 0.10        (C) 1.0       (D) 2.5

186.  At present, as per government rulings, the maximum area allowed for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is

         (A) 2000 hectares       (B) 3000 hectares       (C) 4000 hectares       (D) 5000 hectares

187.  Himalayas are,

        (A) Young fold mountains    (B) Residual mountains     (C) Volcanic mountains     (D) Block mountains

188.  The length of a rectangular plot is increased by 25% while its breadth is decreased by 25%. As a result, the area of the plot will

         (A) Remain unchanged     (B) Increased by 6.25%      (C) Decrease by 6.25%     (D) Decrease by 12.5%

189.  The slogan “Garibi Hathao” was included in which Five Year Plan ?

         (A) Third Plan       (B) Fourth Plan       (C) Fifth Plan      (D) Sixth Plan

190.  Mahatma Gandhi International Award Reconciliation and Peace 2008 has been awarded to

         (A) Kofi Annan      (B) Neslon Mandela       (C) Aung San Suu Kyi      (D) Hamid Karzai

191.  Which of the following river does not drain into the Arabian Sea ?

         (A) Mahanadi       (B) Narmada       (C) Tapti       (D) Sharavati

192.  When did the Jaliianwallah Bagh Massacre take place ?

         (A) 13th April. 1919        (B) 15th August 1922      (C) 21st April, 1922      (D) 25th September. 1925

193.  The decision to hold Panchayat Election is taken by the

         (A) District Magistrate      (B) State Government       (C) Union Home Ministry     (D) Election Commission

194.  Recently in 2008. which bank was merged with the State Bank of India ?

         (A) Bank of India      (B) Bank of Maharashtra      (C) Bank of Baroda      (D) Bank of Saurashtra

195.  The line demarcating the boundary between India and China in North Eastern Sector is called

         (A) Radcliffe line        (B) Durand line      (C) Mc Mohan line       (D) Siegfried line

196.  Who was the editor of Kesari ?

         (A) Lala Lajpat Rai      (B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak      (C) Gopal Krishna Gokhle      (D) Dadabhai Naoraji

197.  According to a recent judgment of the Bombay High Court in the petition filed by Dr. Nikhil Datar and a readier couple, the law (the MRTP Act of 1971) permits conditional abortions within —— of pregnancy.

       (A) 18 weeks       (B) 20 weeks       (C) 22 weeks      (D) 25 weeks

198.  The yalue of (1−12)(1−13)(1−14)⋯(1−1m)(1−12)(1−13)(1−14)⋯(1−1m) is

         (A) 1      (B) 1m1m       (C) 12m12m   (D) 11.2.3.…(m−1)m11.2.3.…(m−1)m

199.  Which one of the following statement is not correct ?

         (A) Decan Plateau slopes towards the West.

         (B) Height of WN Ghats increases from North to South.

         (C) WN Ghats are higher than the EN Ghats.

         (D) The N/WN part of the Deccan Plateau is made up of lava flows

200.  Who among the following participated in Olympic Torch Relay at New Delhi ?

         (A) Amir Khan      (B) Baichung Bhuttia       (C) Sachin Tendulkar      (D) Soha Ali Khan

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