WBCS 2013 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2013 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2013 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2013 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2013 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2013 Question Paper

Instruction for Question Nos. 1 & 2

Choose the correct alternatives from the options to fill in the blanks:

1. They ‘laughed down’ the man means that they —— the man.

    (A) Confined        (B) Laughed with       (C) Ridiculed and belittled       (D) Punished

2.  ‘Crocodile tears’ means —— .

     (A) Expression of sorrow      (B) Tears of animals      (C) False tears      (D) Painful expression

Instruction for Question Nos. 3 to 6

Use apropriate words to fill in the blanks :

3.  The — structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonders of the world.

     (A) Magnanimous      (B) Mediocre       (C) Mighty        (D) Majestic

4.  He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself —— .

     (A) Insipid        (B) Insolent       (C) Innocent        (D) Insolvent

5.  The child proved himself —— by his behaviour and was expelled from the school.

     (A) Ill-bred       (B) Ill-advised       (C) Ill-treated       (D) Illogical

6.  A —— makes no difference between man and man in spreading his love.

     (A) Philander        (B) Philistine        (C) Philosopher        (C) Philanthropist

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word :

7.  Transparency is needed in dealing with a matter of public interest :

     (A) Haziness       (B) Trauma        (C) Turbulence       (D) Transition

Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below to make the sentence meaningful :

8.  His friend —— his word much to his despair.

     (A) Went back on       (B) Went away from       (C) Went with      (D) Went in

Identify the correct word from the options given to make the sentence meaningful :

9.  The banquet-hall is —— decorated to celebrate the occasion.

     (A) Slovenly      (B) Simply       (C) Lavishly       (D) Poorly

10.  An omnivorous creature is one who :

     (A) Eats both plants and animals       (B) Omnipresenl        (C) Omniscient      (D) Eats nothing

11.  People who do not settle down, speak the Romany language, are called :

     (A) Truant       (B) Vagabond        (C) Omniscient       (D) Wanderer

12.  He came of his own —

     (A) Impulse       (B) Instinct       (C) Accord       (D) Indifference

Instructions for Question Nos. 13 & 14

Choose the word closest to the meaning of the underlined words :

13.  The patient needed an anodyne for his strained nerves.

     (A) Alcohol       (B) Opium        (C) Medicine      (D) Painkilling balm

14.  The news came like a bolt from the blue.

     (A) Windfall       (B) Thunderbolt        (C) Sudden and unexpected       (D) Shock

Fill in the blank with the appropriate preposition :

15.  I was alarmed —— the news of my brother’s illness.

     (A) In       (B) At       (C) Of       (D) On

16.  He is such a good Samaritan. It means :

    (A) He is very clever      (B) He is a fool     (C) Someone who tries to help people      (D) He is a bad man

17.  Select the pair in the following options, which is set in opposition :

    (A) Erroneous — Faulty     (B) Reticent — Silent      (C) Vilify — Slander      (C) None of the above

18.  ‘Deciduous’ trees are :

    (A) Trees that lose the leaves annually      (B) Trees that are big

    (C) Trees that are short       (D) Trees that are scattered

19.  ‘To see red’ means :

     (A) To begin to understand        (B) To be mad with anger

     (C) A narrow escape        (D) Smart and clean

20.   A preparation for killing insects is :

     (A) Parasite       (B) Insecticide       (C) Humus       (D) Rodent

21.  Eruption means outbreak, irruption means :

     (A) Bursting in       (B) Equal        (C) Disease       (D) Evil

Replace the underlined word by any of the options given below:

22.  It was queer to see his behaviour.

    (A) Natural        (B) Odd       (C) Probable       (D) Convincing

Fill in the blank  :

23.  The street is not properly —

    (A) Illumed       (B) Illumined        (C) Illuminated        (D) Enlightened

24.  ‘We are superior to every body else’ is the apt utterance of a/an —

    (A) Egoist      (B) Pacifist       (C) Anarchist       (D) Chauvinist

25.  The opposite of  ‘remote’ is :

    (A) High      (B) Less       (C) Far        (D) Near

26.  Dyne-sec, stands for the unit of :

    (A) Force      (B) Momentum        (C) Energy       (D) Power

27.  Seismograph is :

    (A) An instrument for photographing clouds

    (B) An instrument for recording earthquake tremors

    (C) An instrument for measuring depths of water in the sea

    (D) A device for recording changes in the atmospheric pressure

28.  Which river flows through the vale of Kashmir ?

    (A) Sutlej       (B) Ravi       (C) Chenab        (D) Jhelum

29.  In which year the resolution to fight for ‘Purna Swaraj’ was taken by the Congress ?

    (A) 1928       (B) 1929       (C) 1930      (D) 1931

30.  For the same Kinetic energy, the momentum shall be maximum for :

    (A) Electron      (B) Proton       (C) Deuteron       (D) Alpha particle

31.  Following the October, 2012 elections, the president of Venezuela is :

    (A) Henrique Capriles       (B) Fiedel Kaslro       (C) Hugo Chavez       (D) None of the above

32.  The source of the Narmada River lies in :

    (A) Amarkantak Plateau       (B) Vindhya Range       (C) Maikhal Range       (D) Palni Hills

33. Panchayats in West Bengal are authorised to collect :

    (A) Income Taxes      (B) Sales Taxes        (C) Toll taxes and water taxes       (D) Land Revenue

34.  An ice cube containing a large bubble of air is floating in water contained in a large beaker. When the ice melts completely, the level of water will :

    (A) Remain unchanged        (B) Go down        (C) Rise        (D) First rise and then go down

35.  Jute is mainly grown in :

    (A) Tamil Nadu       (B) West Bengal         (C) Kerala      (D) Himachal Pradesh

36.  Cyclones of the Bay of Bengal are common during the :

    (A) Early monsoons      (B) Late monsoons      (C) Winter season      (D) Summer season

37.  Which session of Muslim League formally proclaimed Muslims as a nation in 1940  ?

    (A) Karachi       (B) Sindh        (C) Lahore       (D) Patna

38.  The tourist, Bosusco Paolo who was released by Maoists in Odisha in April 2012 hailed from —

    (A) Italy      (B) France      (C) Germany       (D) U.S.A.

39.  The dispute regarding ‘Sir Creek’ is between

    (A) India-Bangladesh      (B) India-Pakistan       (C) India-Nepal       (D) India-Sri Lanka

40.  The Eastern and Western Ghats meet in the —

    (A) Palni Hills       (B) Nilgiri Hills        (C) Palghat Gap      (D) Annamalai Hills

41. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme gives right to employment for —

   (A) 70 days a year      (B) 200 days a year      (C) 100 days a year       (D) 30 days a year

42.  Water is boiling in a flask over a burner. To reduce its boiling temperature one must —

   (A) Reduce the surrounding temperature

   (B) Connect the mouth of the flask to an evacuating system

   (C) Supply heat from a less intense source

   (D) Connect the mouth of the flask to a compressor

43.  In whose report the idea of federation of states was first proposed ?

    (A) Rajagopalachari        (B) Sarat Bose        (C) Motilal Nehru       (D) Shyamaprasad Mukherjee

44.  The Nobel peace prize of 2012 went to —

    (A) Lin Ziaobo       (B) Barack Obama       (C) European Union      (D) Al Gore

45.  On a map of the world some lines are drawn joining places of equal dip angles. These lines are known as —

    (A) Isogonic lines       (B) Isoclinic lines       (C) Agonic lines       (D) Isothermal lines

46.  Which is the eastern most river of the North Bengal Plains ?

    (A) Torsa      (B) Raidak       (C) Mechi       (D) Pagla

47.  Which Hindu sacred text did Dr. Ambedkar burn in public ?

    (A) Bhagavat Gita        (B) Manusmriti      (C) Sulva Sutra      (D) Parasar Samhita

48.  One of the break through of Acharya P. C. Roy was to synthesize the following compound :

    (A) HgCl2        (B) HgO        (C) Hg2Cl2        (D) H2O4

49.  A is taller than B and C is taller than D. If B is not shorter than C, then who is the tallest ?

    (A) B       (B) C      (C) P      (D) A

50.  The principal controlling factor of the Indian monsoons is the —

      (A) Jet stream       (B) Temperature      (C) Presence of the Himalayan Mountains      (D) Lower air circulation

51.  BPL means :

       (A) Below Proverty Line       (B) Behind Public Litigation     (C) Beyond Private Limits      (D) Barren Public Land

52.  The value of 2.25−−−−√+6.25−−−−√−−−−−−−−−−−−√2.25+6.25

      (A) 2.0       (B) 1.75      (C) 1.0       (D) 2.5

53.  If 3x+1x=53x+1x=5, then 27x31x327x31x3 = ?

      (A) 125       (B) 80       (C) 205       (D) 170

54.  Whose presence in drinking water is welcome ?

       (A) K       (B) Ca       (C) As       (D) Fe

55.  At the Oscar Awards Ceremony in 2012 the Best Picture Award was given for the film —

   (A) Rango       (B) Hugo       (C) The artist       (D) The girl with the Dragon Tattoo

56.  In April thunder squalls are very frequent in —

   (A) Assam       (B) West Bengal       (C) Bihar       (D) Rajasthan

57. Indian Polity is —

    (A) Federal in nature       (B) Unitary in nature       (C) Semi-feudal in nature      (D) None of the above

58.  Instruments can be shielded from the effects of external magnetic fields by surrounding them with —

    (A) A glass shield       (B) A rubber shield       (C) A brass shield      (D) An iron shield

59.  The great Bath was found in —

    (A) Lothal       (B) Harappa       (C) Mohen-jo-daro       (D) Kalibangan

60.  Under whose presidentship did the Congress constitute its first National Planning Committee in 1938 ?

     (A) Jawaharlal Nehru      (B) Subhas Chandra Bose       (C) Jayaprakash Narayan       (D) Vallabhbhai Patel

61.  In terms of area India’s rank in the world is —

     (A) 5th       (B) 7th       (C) 10th      (D) 12th

62.  Muriatic acid used in household work is diluted form of —

     (A) Acetic acid       (B) Hydrochloric acid       (C) Oxalic acid       (D) Aqua regia

63.  Who composed ‘Ai-hole prasasti’  ?

     (A) Kautilya        (B) Rabikirti       (C) Harisena       (D) Nayanikar

64.  Indian Economy is a :

      (A) Totally command economy with no private sector       (B) Mixed economy

      (C) Capitalist economy       (D) None of the above

65.  Kharagpur Railway work-shop was built in :

      (A) 1850       (B) 1875      (C) 1900      (D) 1930

66.  Which of the following gasses is most responsible for recent death in AMRI, Kolkata ?

     (A) Carbon dioxide       (B) Carbon monoxide      (C) Methane      (D) Hydrogen sulfide

67.  When was the All India Trade Union Congress formed ?

     (A) 1918       (B) 1920       (C) 1921       (D) 1924

68.  The least integer multiplied by 112 to make the result a perfect square is —

      (A) 2      (B) 7      (C) 3      (D) 11

69.   Which metal ion is associated with Haemoglobin ?

       (A) Mg++       (B) Fe++       (C) Al+++      (D) Mn++

70.  Buddha was born in —

      (A) 523 B.C.        (B) 563 B.C.       (C) 623 B.C.     (D) 602 B.C.

71.  Cotton production is highest in the state of —

      (A) Maharashtra       (B) Gujarat       (C) Andhra Pradesh      (D) Punjab

72.  Phenyl used in household work is a derivative of —

      (A) Methyl alcohol       (B) Tartaric acid        (C) Benzene      (D) Anthracene

73.  Planning Commission of India is a —

      (A) Statutory Body

      (B) A department of Central Government

      (C) A department of State Government

      (D) A subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India

74.  Which novel of Rabindranath Tagore makes a critique of the Swadeshi movement ?

      (A) Chokherbali        (B) Ghare Baire       (C) Chaturanga    (D) Char Adhyay

75.  Endemic plants are those which grow in —

      (A) Fresh water lakes       (B) Shady places       (C) On other plants        (D) Geographically limited areas

76.  The first permanent home of the Aryans in India was —

       (A) Punjab      (B) Rajasthan        (C) Sindh       (D) Gujarat

77.  Sugar-cane production is highest in the state of —

      (A) Uttar Pradesh       (B) Maharashtra      (C) Tamil Nadu      (D) Andhra Pradesh

78.  Indian constitution allows state legislatures to pass —

      (A) Union Budget       (B) State Budget      (C) Constitutional Amendments     (D) None of the above

79.  A square lamina is made from three square laminae, whose sides are 2 cm, 3 cm, and 6 cm. The side of the new square lamina is —

      (A) 11 cm       (B) 10 cm       (C) 7 ciri       (D) 9 cm

80.  In angiosperm, triple fusion is required for the formation of —

      (A) Embryo       (B) Endosperm       (C) Suspensor       (D) Pericarp

81.  Who of the following put up a stiff resistance against Alexander ?

     (A) Ambhi       (B) Mahapadma        (C) Porus       (D) All of the above

82.  Leading which expedition did Pritilata Waddedar die ?

      (A) Chattogram armoury raid       (B) Feni expedition

      (C) Carpole expedition        (D) Attack on Pahartali European club

83.  Two numbers are in the ratio 7 : 9 and their difference is 6.  The numbers are —

     (A) 49.55       (B) 91.97        (C) 21.27        (D) 42.54

84.  Forestation prevents —

      (A) Soil erosion       (B) Pollution       (C) Flood       (D) All of the above

85.  In his inscriptions, Ashoka calls himself

      (A) Priyadarshi       (B) Dhammasoka       (C) Daivaputra       (D) Devanampriya Priyadarsin

86.  West Bengal accounts for — of the population of India.

      (A) 6 %       (B) 7.55 %        (C) 8.24 %        (D) 9.12 %

87.  The president of India is elected hy —

      (A) Directly by people of India

      (B) Members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Legislatures jointly

      (C) Chief Ministers of States of India

      (D) None of the above

88.  Part of earth where life exist is known as —

      (A) Lithosphere       (B) Hydrosphere      (C) Atmosphere      (D) Biosphere

89.  Which of the following Gupta rulers was known as Vikramaditya ?

      (A) Chandragupta-I       (B) Samudragupta        (C) Chandragupta-II      (D) Skandagupta

90.  West Bengal has a literacy rate of —

      (A) 70 %       (B) 75 %       (C) 77 %       (D) 80 %

91.  Structural Adjustment Policy was introduced by India on taking loan from —

     (A) IMF       (B) World Bank       (C) Asian Development Bank       (D) European Union

92.  When did the Tebhaga movement begin in Bengal ?

     (A) 1942       (B) 1944        (C) 1945       (D) 1946

93.  Spraying of DDT in crop plants produces pollution of —

     (A) Air only      (B) Air and soil only       (C) Air, soil and water only      (D) Air and water only

94.  In which year did Muhammad-bin-Qasim conquer Sind ?

      (A) 712 AD       (B) 715 AD      (C) 718 AD        (D) 721 AD

95.   Where in 1942 was the ‘Swaraj Panchayat’ set up ?

      (A) Tamluk       (B) Contai       (C) Cuttak      (D) Puri

96.  In Darjeeling district of West Bengal temparate forests occur at an elevation of —

       (A) 1000 mts       (B) 1200 mts       (C) 1500 mts       (D) 2000 mts

97.   Oil is obtained from the endosperm of —

       (A) Groundnut       (B) Coconut        (C) Mustard       (D) Sesame

98.  How many times did Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni invade India ?

       (A) 12        (B) 17       (C) 5       (D) 20

99.  Freedom of Speech is a —

      (A) Fundamental Right      (B) Directive Principle      (C) Grant by State Legislature     (D) None of the above

100.  The number of cervical vertebrae in mammal is —

      (A) Seven       (B) Seventeen       (C) Seventy seven       (D) Eleven

101.  Who was not a member of the Subhas Bose’s Azad Hind Fauj ?

       (A) P. K. Sahgal        (B) Shah Nawaz Khan       (C) Captain Mohan Singh      (D) G. S. Dhillon

102.  A man walks 7 km towards East, then he walks 2 km towards South. He then turns towards left and walks 1 km.  Finally he takes turn towards left again and walks
17 km How far he is now from the starting point ?

      (A) 17 km        (B) 18 km        (C) 20 km        (D) 27 km

103.  Agriculture, under Indian Constitution is —

     (A) State subject       (B) Union Government subject      (C) Concurrent list       (D) None of the above

104.  Limbless Amphibia belongs to the order —

      (A) Urodela       (B) Anura        (C) Gymnophiona       (D) None of the above

105.  Who introduced Kaulinya system in Bengal ?

      (A) Gopala       (B) Ballal Sen       (C) Lakshana sen      (D) Dharmapala

106.  In India which State has the largest coal reserve ?

      (A) Orissa        (B) Jharkhand        (C) Chattisgarh        (D) West Bengal

107.  The Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Force is —

     (A) President of India      (B) Governors of States       (C) Prime Minister of India      (D) Union Home Minister

108.  Who was one of the advocates of ‘United Sovereign Bengal’ ?

     (A) H. S. Surhawardi        (B) Shyamaprasad Mukherjee

     (C) Maul an a Abul Kalam Azad        (D) None of the above

109.  Birds differ from bat in the absence of —

     (A) Warm blood       (B) Four chambered heart      (C) Trachea       (D) Diaphragm

110.  Who was the founder of the slave dynasty ?

     (A) Iltutmish       (B) Balban        (C) Nasiruddin        (D) Qutab-ud-din Aibak

111.  In India which state produces the largest amount of coal ?

     (A) Chattisgarh      (B) Jharkhand      (C) Orissa       (D) Andhra Pradesh

112.  A famous bird sanctuary is —

     (A) Koladeo Ghana Sanctuary       (B) Gir forest        (C) Sunderban        (D) Sandipur National Park

113.  India’s Informal Sector engages.

     (A) 93 % of its work force         (B) 68 % of its work force

     (C) 77 % of its work force         (D) 16 % of its work force

114.  Who wrote ‘India Wins Freedom’ ?

      (A) Jawaharlal Nehru        (B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad       (C) Sardar Patel      (D) M.A. Jinnah

115.  Portion of the carapace which covers the gill of prawn is known as —

      (A) Bronchus       (B) Branchiostegal membrane       (C) Branchiostegite       (D) Branchiostegal spine

116.  Who was Jalaluddin Mangabarni ?

      (A) Ruler of Afganistan       (B) Ruler of Persia

      (C) Ruler of Mongolia        (D) Ruler of Khwarizm or Khiba

117.  West Bengal produces —— of the rice produced in India.

      (A) 10 %       (B) 15 %       (C) 20 %       (D) 25 %

118.  Find the missing term of the series :

         24,  25,  27,  ?,  39,  55

       (A) 29       (B) 31      (C) 33       (D) 35

119.  Which one of the following is a rich source of amylase ?

       (A) Brain       (B) Blood       (C) Thyroid        (D) Pancreas

120.  Who invited Babur to invade India ?

        (A) Ibrahim Lodi      (B) Sikandar Lodi       (C) Daulat Khan Lodi      (D) Sher Khan

121.  Bangladesh was created in the year —

        (A) 1956      (B) 1971      (C) 1990      (D) 1947

122.  India refines — M.M.T. of petroleum annually —

       (A) 195       (B) 215       (C) 230        (D) 250

123.  The present Chief Justice of India is —

       (A) A. K. Sikri       (B) Altamas Kabir       (C) Rajeev Gupta       (D) None of the above

124.  The, latest population Census was undertaken in —

       (A) 2011       (B) 1991       (C) 2005      (D) 2001

125.  Who of the following became a member of the ‘Din-i-Ilahi ?

        (A) Raja Man Singh        (B) Todarmal        (C) Tansen       (D) Raja Birbal

126.  A man sells an article at a loss of 10%. If he had sold it for Rs. 40 more he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the article is —

       (A) Rs. 250       (B) Rs. 200        (C) Rs. 300        (D) Rs. 180

127.  If A + B means A is mother of B, A – B means A is brother of B and A x B means A is sister of B, then P – M + N x Q means —

      (A) P is uncle of Q       (B) P is brother of Q      (C) P is nephew of Q      (D) None of the above

128.   At every forty five minutes a train crosses the Maharaja Gate.  Just 10 minutes ago one train crossed the gate and next will be crossing at 9.35 A. M. What is time now ?

       (A) 9-15 A.M.       (B) 9-00 A.M.        (C) 9-05 A.M.       (D) 9-10 A.M.

129.   What was the ‘Dam’ ?

       (A) Copper coin introduced by Sher Shah        (B) Copper coin introduced by Akbar

       (C) Copper coin introduced by Shah Jahan        (D) Copper coin introduced by Aurangzeb

130.  The 98th Indian Science Congress held in 2011 was at —

      (A) Kochi        (B) New Delhi         (C) Chennai        (D) Kolkata

131.  World’s longest railway platform is —

      (A) Kharagpur         (B) Vishakhapatnam         (C) Secunderabad         (D) Kanpur

132.  Indo-China War broke out in —

      (A) 1952       (B) 1971        (C) 1962        (D) 2001

133.  India’s political system is —

      (A) Democratic        (B) Dictatorial        (C) Military       (D) None of the above

134.  The Indian nuclear capable surface-to-surface missile that was test fired from wheeler Island on 19th September, 2012, was —

      (A) Agni III        (B) Agni IV       (C) Agni V       (D) Prithvi III

135.  Which Mughal emperor subdued the Portuguese in Bengal ?

       (A) Akbar        (B) Jahangir        (C) Shah Jahan        (D) Aurangzeb

136.  Indian coal is mostly —

       (A) Anthracite        (B) Bituminous         (C) Lignite        (D) Peat

137.  Complete the following letter number series :

        B2E,  D6H,  F14K,  H30N,  ?

       (A) K62P        (B) K50P        (C) J50Q        (D) J62Q

138.  The President of India can be impeached by —

       (A) Special tribunal        (B) Supreme Court        (C) Central Cabinet        (D) Parliament

139.  When did Siraj-ud-daullah ascend the throne ?

        (A) 1707       (B) 1739        (C) 1756       (D) 1757

140.   In which year was the Asiatic Society founded ?

        (A) 1784       (B) 1785       (C) 1794        (D) 1796

141.  Cultivation of Boro Rice in West Bengal is predominant in —

        (A) Purulia plateau area       (B) North Bengal plains       (C) Eastern districts       (D) Rarh area

142.  In which state in India is there a tiger reserve that is a world heritage site ?

       (A) Rajasthan        (B) Assam       (C) Madhya Pradesh       (D) West Bengal

143.  The difference between two numbers is 15 and the difference between their square root is 1.  The smaller number is —

          (A) 81       (B) 49        (C) 36       (D) 25

144.  Who translated ‘Neel Darpan’ ?

        (A) Rev. James Long        (B) William Gary

        (C) Satish Chandra Mukherjee       (D) Michael Madhusudan Dutta

145.  The final interpreter of the Indian Constitution is —

        (A) Central Cabinet       (B) President       (C) Parliament       (D) Supreme Court

146.  Who said : ‘Sab Lal ho Jayega’ ?

       (A) Guru Gobind Sing       (B) Ajit Sing        (C) Tegh Bahadur       (D) Ranjit Sing

147.  Green Revolution occurred first in —

       (A) Punjab and Haryana        (B) Bihar and West Bengal

       (C) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu       (D) Gujarat and Maharastra

148.  Human Rights Day is observed on —

       (A) 10th March       (B) 10th May       (C) 10th September       (D) 10th December

149.  Where did Bhil revolt take place ?

      (A) Chhotonagpur       (B) Singbhum         (C) Satara       (D) Khandesh

150.  Who introduced the ‘Sunset Law’ ?

       (A) Warren Hastings       (B) Lord Comwallis       (C) Lord Bentink       (D) Lord Canning

151.  Who was the leader of the Tariqa movement in Bengal ?

       (A) Dudu Mian       (B) Titu Mir       (C) Haji Shariatullah        (D) Sayed Ahmed

152.   In a certain code “MUSIC” is written as ‘XVQYW and “USAGE” is written as ‘ VQZJF, then how can “CAUSE” be written in the same code ?

         (A) WZQVF        (B) WVZQF       (C) WZVQF        (D) WVQZF

153.   Which country gave asylum to Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange ?

        (A) USA      (B) France       (C) Ghana       (D) Ecuador

154.  12 : 20 = * : 25, the missing term is —

       (A) 16       (B) 24       (C) 18       (D) 15

155.  The ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ was introduced by —

      (A) Lord Wellesley        (B) Lord Dalhousie         (C) Lord Canning         (D) Lord Linlithgo

156.  India is a full member of —

      (A) NAFTA       (B) E. U.        (C) SAARC        (D) None of the above

157.  Lakshmi Sehgal, who passed away recently was —

       (A) Famous dancer       (B) Sports person       (C) Veteran freedom fighter       (D) Reputed musician

158.  Which place did the Santhal call Damin-i-Koh ?

       (A) Dhalbhum       (B) Palamau        (C) Rajmahal hills       (D) Hazaribag

159.  P is mother of X who is wife of Z. Y is brother of P and Q is husband of P. How Q is related to Z ?

       (A) Son-in-law        (B) Father-in-law        (C) Son       (D) Daughter-in-law

160.  Tipu’s final defeat came at the hands of —

       (A) Lord Wellesley        (B) Lord Cornwallis        (C) Lord Dalhousie        (D) John Shore

161.  Manish can type 500 words in 10 minutes and Rana can type 400 words in 10 minutes. In how many minutes they can together type 3600 words ?

        (A) 60 minutes        (B) 45 minutes         (C) 40 minutes        (D) 38 minutes

162.  The number of fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution are —

       (A) 6       (B) 7        (C) 8      (D) 9

163.  Share of the sector in India’s GDP is highest —

       (A) Agricultural sector       (B) Industrial sector        (C) Services sector        (D) Foreign Trade sector

164.  In which year was the widow-remarriage Act passed ?

       (A) 1829        (B) 1833        (C) 1856        (D) 1890

165.  If RESCUE = 372057 and PROBLEM = 9348176, then PROCURE = 7

       (A) 9340357       (B) 9340537        (C) 3840537       (D) 3904537

166.  Who was the ‘Man of the Match’ in 2011 Cricket World Cup Final ?

       (A) Sachin Tendulkar       (B) Yuvraj Singh       (C) Mahendra Singh Dhoni        (D) Gautam Gambhir

167.  The Prarthana Samaj was established by —

       (A) M. G. Ranade       (B) Atmaram Pandnrang        (C) Ram Mohun Roy      (D) Keshab Sen

168.  Find out the missing figure :

         46,  56,  67,  80,  ?,  104

        (A) 101       (B) 88       (C) 83       (D)  91

169.   Which Act allowed the Christian Missionaries to enter India ?

         (A) Charter act of 1793      (B) Charter act of 1813

         (C) Charter act of 1833      (D) Pitt’s India act of 1784

170.  The Mahalanobis strategy of Indian Planning gave emphasis to the growth of —

        (A) Agricultural sector      (B) Services sector

        (C) Heavy Capital Goods Industrial sector       (D) Small Scale Village Industrial sector

171.  The controversial Vedanta Aluminium Plant is located in —

          (A) Maharashtra        (B) Odisha       (C) Jharkhand        (D) Bihar

172.  The Non-Cooperation Movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in —

        (A) 1916       (B) 1920        (C) 1923        (D) 1926

173.  A cube painted black on all sides. It is then cut into 64 cubes of equal size. How many of these smaller cubes are painted on one side only ?

       (A) 4       (B) 8       (C) 16       (D) 24

174.  Who was the painter of the famous ‘Bharatmata’ ?

      (A) Gaganendranath Tagore      (B) Abanindranath Tagore      (C) Nandalal Bose     (D) Jamini Roy

175.  The founder of Facebook is —

       (A) Steve Jobs        (B) Mark Zuckerberg        (C) Larry Page       (D) Bill Gates

176.  Who was the last Governor-General of India ?

       (A) Lord Mountbatten       (B) Lord Canning       (C) AbuJ Kalam Azad      (D) Chakravorty Rajagopalachari

177.  If P denotes ‘+’ ,  R denotes ‘x’ , Sdenotes ‘-‘, and T denotes ‘+’ , then what will be the value of 5R9P7S9 T 3 P 6 ?

       (A) 55       (B) 54        (C) 39      (D) 128

178.  Child Labour employment in factory is banned in India below the age of —

       (A) 12 years        (B) 17 years        (C) 14 years        (D) 10 years

179.   If 16 + 2 = 16,  20 + 4 = 40,  24 + 8 = 96 then 15 + 6= ?

        (A) 45       (B) 30       (C) 90        (D) 60

180.   Where was the first session of the Indian National Congress held ?

        (A) Calcutta        (B) Bombay        (C) Madras       (D) Poone

181.  The National Green Tribunal was established in India in :

        (A) 2009        (B) 2010         (C) 2011        (D) 2012

182.  Who was the first President of the ‘Constituent Assembly’ ?

       (A) Dr. Ambedkar        (B) Rajagopalachari        (C) Abul Kalam Azad       (D) Dr. Rajendraprosad

183.   Whom did the Ghadr Party plot to kill ?

        (A) Kingsford        (B) Hardinge        (C) Tegart        (D) Northbrooke

184.  India achieved political independence from British Rule on :

        (A) 26th January, 1950        (B) 2nd October, 1942

        (C) 15th August, 1947        (D) 3rd December, 1972

185.  The area of a sphere in sq.cm. is 3 times its volume in cu.cm. The diameter of the sphere is :

        (A) 1 cm        (B) ππ cm        (C) 2 cm       (D) 3 cm

186.  The Prime Minister of Japan is

        (A) Sninzo Abe       (B) Yoshihiko Noda        (C) Naoto Kan       (D) None of the above

187.   Granites and gneisses of Dharwarian age are found in :

        (A) Siwalik Hills       (B) Deccan Plateau        (C) Chotonagpur Plateau       (D) Kirthar Range

188.  The value of A/625 + J & 25 + 0-0625 is :

        (A) 27-75        (B) 25-25        (C) 27-25        (D) 25-75

189.  Percentage of poor in India is :

        (A) 40%        (B) 83%         (C) 10%    (D) 66.66%

190.   ‘Higgs Boson’ is :

        (A) Name of a film       (B) An elementary particle       (C) Generic name of a medicine     (D) Planet

191.  Laktak Lake is located in the State of —

        (A) Jammu & Kashmir       (B) Himachal Pradesh       (C) Arunachal Pradesh       (D) Manipur

192.  In which year was The Hindu College established ?

        (A) 1817       (B) 1820       (C) 1832        (D) 1857

193.  Indian Rupee is fully convertible at :

        (A) Current Account      (B) Capital Account       (C) Trade Account      (D) None of the above

194.  The headquarters of NATO is located in :

         (A) New York      (B) Vienna       (C) Brussels      (D) London

195.  Gondwana beds are known for their :

        (A) Iron deposits       (B) Coal deposits        (C) Bauxite         (D) Petroleum

196.  Who said ‘What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow’ ?

       (A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad       (B) Motilal Nehru       (C) G. K. Gokhle        (D) None of the above

197.  The hurricane that hit USA on the eve of the 2012 presidential elections was —

        (A) Sandy       (B) Cindy       (C) Tony       (D) Florence

198.  Find the missing term :  EGI,    JLN,    OQS   ?

        (A) FHI        (B) UWZ       (C) NVX       (D) TVX

199.  The first jute mill was set up in India in —

        (A) 1920       (B) 1850       (C) 1800       (D) 1755

200.  Which country recently planned to replace paper money with plastic bank notes ?

        (A) Germany       (B) Australia       (C) New Zealand       (D) U.K.

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