WBCS 2007 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2007 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2007 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2007 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS 2007 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2007 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2007 Question Paper

1. Political crime against one’s own country is called

(A) Treachery

(C) Sedition

2. A drawback usually observed in women is ca

(A) Womanly

(C) Female

3. The trees which shed all their leaves at a particular time of the year called

(A) Evergreen

(C) Deciduous

4. Choose the correct item:

Dance is an art form but to dance attendance is to

(A) Take part in group dance

(C) Be subservient

5. Our gateman is a man of enormous size.

(A) Healthy

(C) Gigantic

6. The receptionist of the hot

(A) Very sweetly

(C) Warmly

7. Choose of the opposite of the following idiomatic expression from the

options given:

To have other fish to fry

(A) To play the second fiddle

(B) To do the Yeoman’s Service

(C) To oil one’s own machine

(D) To cut the coat according to

8. The concluding part of a literary work is called

(A) Epigraph

(C) Conclusion



Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Marks: 200

Political crime against one’s own country is called

 (B) Treason

 (D) Terrorism

A drawback usually observed in women is called

 (B) Womanish

 (D) Feminine

The trees which shed all their leaves at a particular time of the year called

 (B) Coniferous

 (D) Savanna

Choose the correct item:

art form but to dance attendance is to

(A) Take part in group dance (B) Entertain by dancing

 (D) Be flattering

Our gateman is a man of enormous size.

 (B) Tall

 (D) Big

he receptionist of the hotel greeted us with the pink of courtesy.

 (B) With seriousness

 (D) Respectfully

Choose of the opposite of the following idiomatic expression from the

To have other fish to fry

nd fiddle

(B) To do the Yeoman’s Service

(C) To oil one’s own machine

(D) To cut the coat according to one’s cloth.

The concluding part of a literary work is called

 (B) Epitaph

 (D) Epilogue


Marks: 200

The trees which shed all their leaves at a particular time of the year called

el greeted us with the pink of courtesy.

Choose of the opposite of the following idiomatic expression from the


9. One who knows all is called

(A) Scholarly (B) Omniscient

(C) Learned (D) Erudite

10. The beautiful lady compared the moon by the poet:

(A) With (B) to

(C) of (D) like

11. Competitors ___________ the globe took part in the game.

(A) From (B) over

(C) around (D) across

12. The senior officer was angry_________ the subordinates.

(A) Upon (B) on

(C) with (D) against

13. Shylock nurtured a deep-rooted hatred ________ Antonio.

(A) For (B) to

(C) against (D) about

14. A government of the richest class is called

(A) Monarchy (B) Aristocracy

(C) Plutocracy (D) Oligarchy

15. A person out to destroy the government is known as

(A) a terrorist (B) An anarchist

(C) A militant (D) An extremist

16. From the given options choose the most appropriate word to fill in the

blank in the sentence:

After one week’s continuous fever, the relatives of the patient became

______ about the mode of treatment.

(A) Suspicious (B) doubtful

(C) Apprehensive (D) inquisitive

17. We all —— an unknown danger before us.

(A) Foresaw (B) predicted

(C) Anticipated (D) apprehended

18. This method is not wrong; but there may be a more _______ method then


(A) suitable (B) effective


(C) effectual (D) working

19. Complete the sentence by choosing appropriate word from the given options:

The Republic Day was —— with due solemnity.

(A) observed (B) enjoyed

(C) celebrated (D) performed

20. Choose the correct meaning of the following idiomatic expression from the

options given:

At daggers drawn

(A) Hostile to others (B) Violent to others

(C) Dangerous for others (D) violently opposed to each other

21. From the options choose the word most nearly opposite in meaning to

those underlined in the following sentence:

The 19th century was the hey-day of the renaissance in Bengal.

(A) Days of decline (B) Peak-point

(C) Period of stagnation (D) Time of up-rise

22. After much resistance the robbers gave in to the police.

(A) Arrested (B) Apologized

(C) Yielded (D) Defeated

23. Man does not live by bread alone.

(A) Food (B) Sustenance

(C) Material prosperity (D) Good health

24. People who believe anything told to them are not dependable.

(A) Faithful (B) Credible

(C) All-believing (D) Credulous

25. The two men coming from the same country booked the same hotel in the

neighboring state.

(A) Immigrants (B) Compatriots

(C) Comrades (D) Refugees

26. Agni III is

(A) Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

(B) Intermediate range Ballistic Missile

(C) Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile

(D) Short Range Ballistic Missile

27. The phytohormone responsible for senescence


(A) Cytokinin (B) Auxin

(C) Gibberellin (D) Ethylene

28. “I am giving you a Muslim province”—who said?

(A) Fazlul Haque (B) Lord Curzon

(C) Stafford Cripps (D) Lord Mountbatten

19. Who was the first secretary of the Brahma Sabha?

(A) Chandrasekhar Deb (B) Tarachand Chakraborti

(C) Prasanna Kumar Tagore (D) Dwarakanath Tagore

30. The Finance Commission is constituted under Article ______ of the

Constitution of India.

(A) 275 (B) 280

(C) 282 (D) None of the above

31. _____ are the 2nd major source of irrigation in India.

(A) Well (B) Canals

(C) Tanks (D) Oceans

32. Neutron was discovered by

(A) J. Chadwick (B) J.J Thomson

(C) Rutherford (D Neil Bohr

33. Who was the first woman to preside over the Indian national Congress in 1925?

(A) Sarojini Naidu (B) P. Naidu

(C) A. Besant (D) P. Waddedar

34. The Palghat gap serves communication inland from this port to Madras:

(A) Goa (B) Mangalore

(C) Mumbai (D) Cochin

35. The Protection of women from the Domestic Violence Act (2005) is

applicable to all States and Union Territories except

(A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Jammu and Kashmir

(C) Lakshadweep (D) Gujarat

36. The book “The Argumentative Indian” is written by

(A) Mulk Raj Anand (B) Dan Brown

(C) Biman Jalan (D) Amartya Sen


37. In which year was the part of Fundamental Duties included in the Constitution

by the Indian Parliament?

(A) 1976 (B) 1978

(C) 1980 (D) 1982

38. In a row of boys, A sits in the left of B and is at the fifteenth position

from left while position of B is fourth from right. There are three boys

between A and B. If C sits immediately next to the left of A, what is the

position of C from the right?

 (A) 9th (B) 10th

(C) 11th (D) 12th

39. Who was given the title of “Andhra-Kavita-Pitamaha”?

(A) Sayan (B) Madhav

(C) Srinath Vidyalankar (D) Peddan

40. Which one of the following is not a hereditary disease in man?

(A) Hemophilia (B) Color blindness

(C) Alzheimer’s disease (D) Down’s syndrome

41. No. of Municipal towns in West Bengal, at present:

(A) 119 (B) 104

(C) 256 (D) 191

42. Which one of the following is the AGMARK related to?

(A) Agricultural Products (B) Gems and Jewellery

(C) Capital Goods (D) None of the above

43. Miss Universe 2006 is

(A) Zulayka Rivera (B) Natalie Glevova

(C) Katie Blair (D) Tara Conner

44. Raja is younger than Rik by 7 years and older than Ratul by 6 years. Sum of



 of Raja’s age and

of Rik’s age and

of Ratul’s age is 36 years.

What is the age of Raja?

(A) 14 years (B) 18 years

(C) 22 years (D) 24 years

45. Who was the Mughal Emperor to have lifted the Zizya on Hindus?

(A) Babar (B) Akbar

(C) Jahangir (D) Shah Jehan


46. Who founded All India Harijan Sangh?

(A) B. R. Ambedkar (B) Gandhiji

(C) Jayprakash Narayan (D) Raj Narayan

47. Which is not true about proportion of area under following categories?

(A) Marginal farms decreased (B) Large farms decreased

(C) Small farms increased (D) Medium farms decreased

48. The first indication of the revolutionary movement in India was seen in

(A) Maharashtra (B) Bengal

(C) Punjab (D) Rajasthan

49. In which year the Supreme Court of India dismissed the petitions of the

cement, fertilizer and sugar industries challenging the Jute Packing

Material Act, 1987?

(A) 1980 (B) 1990

(C) 1994 (D) 1996

50. When a body is lifted by hand, what type of work is performed by hand?

(A) First type of lever (B) Second type of lever

(C) Third type lever (D) Simple machine

Each question is followed by two statements labeled I and II.


(A) If I is required to get the answer

(B) If II is required to get the answer

(C) If I and II are required together to get the answer

(D) If I and II together are not sufficient — extra information


51. Is xy<0

I. x>2 II. y > – 1

52. Is n the square of the integer?

I. n=4m2

 where m is an integer.

II. n2




 where p and q are integers

53. Did ABC Company make a profit in 2004?

I. ABC company made a profit in 2003

II. ABC company made a profit in 2005

54. Is a number divisible by 9?

I. The number is divisible by 3


II. The number is divisible by 27

55. The executive powers of the state are vested in the Governor under Article

_________ o f the institution.

(A) Article 154 (1) (B) Article 155

(C) Article 14 (D) Article 356

56. The white vitriol is

(A) FeSO4 ,7H2O (B)ZnSO4 ,7H2O

(C) MgSO4 ,7H2,O (D)CuSO4 ,5H2O

57. The Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act was legislated in ___.

(A) 1974 (B) 1976

(C) 1977 (D) 1978

58. Consumption of chemical fertilizer is the highest in

(A) Punjab (B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Assam (D) Gujarat

59. The Vervacular Press Act of 1878 was repealed by

(A) Lord Ripon (B) Lord Lytton

(C) lord Cur/on (D) Lord Minto

60. Ecological niche is the

(A) Biotic component in an ecosystem

(B) Abiotic component in an ecosystem

(C) both (A) and (B) above

(D) None of the above

61. Who was called “Chanakya of Maratha Politics”?

(A) Baji Rao II (B) Balaji Viswanath

(C) Nana Pharnabis (D) Mahadaji Scindia

62. At present the National Commission of population is under

(A) Planning Commission

(B) Ministry of Human Resource Development

(C) Cabinet Secretariat

(D) Ministry of Health

63. Dr. V. Shanta of India was awarded the 2005 Ramon Magsaysay

award for

(A) Community Leadership (B) Government Service

(C) Public Service (D) Emergent Leadership


64. The Green Revolution in India has contributed to

(A) Inter-regional inequality (B) Inter-crop inequality

(C) Inter-class inequality (D) All of above

65. How many members were initially there in the Constituent Assembly of


(A) 300 (B) 304

(C) 308 (D) 310

66. Who Was the Chola King to have conquered Bengal?

(A) Rajaraja (B) Rajendra Chola I

(C) Rajendra Chola II (D) Rajadhiraja

67. ________ is not a Nuclear Power Centre

(A) Narora (B) Kakrapara

(C) Chamera (D) Kota

68. Kiran Desai received Man Booker Prize for

(A) The Tin Drum

(B) Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

(C) The Inheritance of Loss

(D) One hundred years of solitude

69. Iron is not dissolved in

(A) Hot dil. NSO4 (B) cold dil. HN03

(C) Fuming HNO3 (D) None of the above

70. The UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy was adopted by

(A) Security Council

(B) General Assembly

(C) Economic and Social Council

(D) International Labor Organization

71. When did the Akali Movement start?

(A) 1901 (B) 19I1

(C) 1921 (D) 1931

72. The All-India Kisan Sabha was formed in

(A) 1926 (B) 1936

(C) 1946 (D) 1956


73. The screen of a cinema hall is always white and rough. Because light rays

of all colors falling on the screen suffer

(A) total absorption (B) total reflection

(C) Refraction (D) scattering

74. The Chairperson of National Knowledge commission 2005 is

(A) P. M. Bhargava (B) Andre Beteille

(C) Deepak Nayar (D) Sam Pitroda

75. Santosh Trophy Footabll Tournament 2006 was won by

(A) West Bengal (B) Goa

(C) Manipur (D) Punjab

76. Who founded Asiatic Society of Bengal?

(A) William Jones (B) Drinkwater Bethune

(C) David Hare (D) Lord Ripon

77. Who among the Maratha peshwas followed the ideal of


(A) Baji Rao I (B) Balaji Viswanath

(C) Narayana Rao (D) Madhab Rao

78. Who founded Sikhism?

(A) Gobind Singh (B) Ramdas

(C) Nanak (D) Hargovind

79. Who was the founder of the Indian Association?

(A) A. O. Hume (B) Raja Rammohan Roy

(C) W. C. Bonerjea (D) S. N. Banerjee

80. How many 7’s are preceded by 9 and followed by 6?

(A) 3 (B) 2

(C) 4 (D) None of the above

81. Which figures have equal frequency?

(A) 2, 5, 3 (B) 3, 7, 5

(C) 2, 4, 5 (D) 8, 6, 5

82. Which figures has the highest frequency?

(A) 2 (B) 3

(C) 7 (D) None of the above


83. A virion is

(A) Infective particle of virus

(B) Infective particle of bacteriophage

(C) Infective stage of virus

(D) None of the above

84. The Muslim League first gave the call for a separate State of Pakistan


(A) 1939 (B) 1940

(C) 1941 (D) 1942

85. UPA stands for

(A) ‘United Peoples’ Alliance (B) United Progressive Alliance

(C) United promoters’ Alliance (D) United Painters’ Alliance

86. Which one of the four following substances contribute most of the causation

of greenhouse effect in nature ?

(A) Carbon di-oxide (B) Hydrogen flouride

(C) Carbon monoxide (D) Sulphur di-oxide

87. A peduncle is a

(A) Stalk of flower (B) Stalk of a leaf

(C) Stalk of a fruit (D) None of the above

88. Which of the following is true for the literacy rate in West Bengal?

 (A) The literacy rate in West Bengal is higher than the national average

(B) The literacy rate in West Bengal is lower than the national average

(C) West Bengal’s literacy rate is the lowest in India

(D)None of the above

89. Which of the following is true for the Indian judicial system?

(A) It is controlled by the Parliament

(B) The Supreme Court of India is controlled by the Parliament and

the High Courts are controlled by the State Legislative


(C) It is an independent institution

(D) None of the above

90. Which of the following was the biggest source for the Constitution of India?

(A) The Government of India Act, 1919

(B) The Government of India Act, 1935

(C) The Indian Independence Act, 1947


(D) None of the above

91. In which year was “Sakabda” started?

(A) 78 A.D. (B) 58 B.C.

(C) 273 B.C. (D) 420 A.D.

92. ________ is also called ‘Sunrise’ industry.

(A) Copper (B) Plastic

(C) Automobile (D) Jewellery

93. Oxidation number of oxygen in superoxide is

(A) 0 (B) -1/2

(C)-1 (D)+2

94. What is the main property of mercury for using it in a clinical

thermometer ?

(A) Good conductor of heat (B) High density

(C) Good Conductor of electricity (D) Easily available

95. The Kala-azar disease in man is spread by the bite of a

(A) Culex mosquito (B) Phleboromous sandfly

(C) Climex bed-bug (D) Sarcoptes mite

96. Wimbledon Tennis Championship (Women) 2006 won by

(A) Sharapova (B) Kurnikova

(C) Henin-hardenne (D) Mauresmo

97. Who founded independent Sultanate of Bengal?

(A) Ilias Shah (B) Murshid Quli Khan

(C) Hussain Shah (D) Alivardi Khan

98. The First Factory Act (1881) was passed by

(A) Lord Curzon (B) Lord Wellesley

(C) Lord Cornwallis (D) Lord Ripon

99. US open tennis championship (men) 2006 was won by

(A) Federar (B) Nadal

(C) Roddick (D) Chang

100. The Liberhan Commission is related to

(A) Fodder Scam (B) Administrative Tribunals

(C) Babri Masjid demolition (D) Reservation of minorities


101. Who was inspiration behind Young Bengal Movement?

(A) Madhsudan Dutt (B) Henry Vivian Derozio

(C) Krishnamohan Banerjee (D) Ramgopal Ghosh

102. Who was the General of Sher Shah?

(A) Brahmajit Gaur (B) Dilir Khan

(C) Shayestha Khan (D) Jaising

103. ______ is India’s largest district (area wise)

(A) Baster (B) Kachchh

(C) Leh-Ladakh (D) Burdwan

104. What is 0.1÷ 0.01?

(A) 0.1 (B) 0.01

(C) 10 (D)100

105. Average size of operational holdings in India is

(A) less than 2 hectare (B) 2-4 hectare

(C) 3-5 hectare (D) 4-5 hectare

106. ‘In The Line of Fire’ is written by

(A) Kapil Dev (B) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

(C) Pervez Musharraf (D) Amartya Sen

107. If x is less than 2, which of the following statement(s) is (are) always true?

I. x is negative II. x is positive

III. 2x is greater than or equal to x IV. x- is greater than or equal to x

(A) (III) only (B) (IV) only

(C) (I), (III) and (IV) only (D) None of the above

108. Khadar is not _______

(A) Calcareous (B) Younger

(C) Flooded (D) Anushilan

109. Which one of the following was an emigre Communist journal of M.N.Roy?

(A) Kishan Sabha (B) The Worker

(C) Vanguard (D) None of the above

110. The fertile Bari Doab lies between

(A) The Beas and the Ravi rivers

(B) The Beas and the Sutlej rivers

(C) The Beas and the Chenub rivers


(D) None of the above

111. Gandhiji’s Champaran Movement was of

(A) The security of rights of Harijans

(B) Civil Disobedience Movement

(C) Maintaining the unity of Hindu Society

(D) Solving the problem of indigo workers

112. When was Non-Cooperation Movement called off?

(A) 11th February, 1922 (B) 20th February, 1922

(C) 19th February, 1922 (D) 28th February, 1922

113. Milk is an example of

(A) emulsion (B) gel

(C) foam (D) sol

114. If ‘medicine’ is to ‘cure’, which one of the following two words bear the

same relationship as that exists between the words stated above ?

(A) ‘Education’ is to ‘book’ (B) ‘bird’ is to ‘nest’

(C) ‘Tooth’ is to ‘tongue’ (D) ‘book’ is to ‘educated’

115. Who was the Hindu Saint to have as disciple both Hindus and Muslims?

(A) Sri Chaitanya (B) Ramanuja

(C) Rabidas (D) Namdev

116. Who said “Swaraj is my birth right”?

(A) Bipin Chandra Pai (B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(C) Lala Lajpat Rai (D) G. K. Gokhale

117. Nobel Prize for literature in 2006 was received by

(A) Gabriel Garica Marquez (B) Orhan Pamuk

(C) Gunter Grass (D) Harold Pinter

118. In October, 2006, scientists have found new strain of Bird Flu in

(A) India (B) England

(C) Singapore (D) China

119. The genetic make-up of a normal human male consists of

(A) XY Chromosomes (B) XO Chromosomes

(C) XX Chromosomes (D) XXO Chromosomes

120. When did Tilak initiate a no-tax campaign?


(A) 1886 (B) 1898

(C) 1895 (D) 1899

121. When 24 is added to 40 percent of a number the result is the number itself.

Determine the number

(A) 24 (B) 40

(C) 16 (D) 64

121. In a certain area of a small town, 350 families watch Doordarshan. 300 watch

Star TV, 200 watches both and 250 do not have TV sets, what is its


(A) 850 (B)900

(C) 700 (D)1100

122. Which rulers introduced gold coins in India for the first time?

(A) Sakas (B) Mauryas

(C) Guptas (D) Kushanas

124. Justice Mukherjee Commission is related to

(A) Bombay High Fire (B) Godhra Incident

(C) Demolition of Babri Masjid (D) Death of Subhas Chandra Bose

125. Montague-Chelmsford reforms provided for

(A) diarchy (B) Provincial autonomy

(C) partial independence (D) separate communal electorate.

126. Who was known as “the Parrot of Hindusthan” ?

(A) Amir Khasru (B) Malik Muhammad Jaisy

(C) Roy Vanmal (D) Purandar Khan

127. When was the concept of the Human Development Index (HDI) introduced

by the United Nations Development Programme?

(A) 1990 (B) 1991

(C) 1993 (D) 1995

128. Which one of the following may be regarded as the first labor association of


(A) The Bombay Workers’ Association

(B) The Bombay Millhands’ Association

(C) The Indian Workers’ Union

(D) The Printers’ Union, Calcutta

129. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was


established in

(A) 1981 (B) 1982

(C) 1983 (D) 1984

130. If TRAIN is coded as OJBSU than what is the code of BUS?



131. Number of Panchayet Samities in West Bengal at present in

(A) 341 (B) 344

(C) 333 (D) 334

132. Which one of the following is a polymorphic species?

(A) Garden lizard (B) Spider

(C) Gorilla (D) Ant

133. Find out the missing figure: 4. 8, 9. 27, 16, 64, 25, ?

(A) 81 (B) 125

(C) 100 (D)36

134. Volvo Masters of Europe 2006 Golf tournament is lifted by

(A) Joyoti Randhavva (B) Jeev Milkha Singh

(C) Harrington (D) Tiger Woods

135.The Panchayati Raj Institution at the block level is known is

(A) Gram Panchayat (B) Panchayat Samiti

(C) Zilla Parishad (D) None of the above

136.Who was among the Mughal Emperors, the “Zinda Pir” to the Sunnis ?

(A)Aurangzeb (B) Akbar

(C) Babar (D) Humayun

137. In India food grains occupy __________ of the total cropped area.

(A) 76 % (B) 65 %

(C) 80 % (D) 85 %

138. All food tins in nature begin at the producer level and all end at the

decompose level. Which of die following is be producer in a pond ecosystem?

(A) Phytoplankton (B) Zooplankton

(C) Herbivores (D) Carnivores

139. A plant virus causing disease of the vegetables:

(A) Tobacco Mosaic virus (B) Cauliflower Mosaic virus


(C) Adenovirus (D) None of the above

140. During which of the following periods did the Constituent Assembly

deliberate upon and finalise the Constitution of India?

(A) November, 1946 – November, 1949

(B) November, 1947-Nobember, 1949

(C) December. 1946-November, 1949

(D) December. 1947 – November, 1949

141. Who wrote “Akbarnama” ?

(A) Abul FazI (B) Faizi

(C) Shaik Mubarak (D) Tansen

142. Who was called, “the Akbar of Kashmir” ?

(A) Zainul Abedin (B) Hussain Shah

(C) Balban (D) Sujauddoullah

143.Which of the following substances can act as only reducing agent?

(A) H2O2 (B) MnO2

(C) K2Cr2O2 (D) H2S

144. The Directive Principles of State Policy of India have similarity with

(A) The Constitution of U.K. (B) The Constitution of U.S.A.

(C) The Constitution of Ireland (D) None of the above

145. Chemically Sporopollenin is a

(A) Co-polymer of carotenoids & fatty acid

(B) Carbohydrate

(C) Protein

(D) Lactic acid

146. Charnocite is

(A) Nilgiri gneiss (B) A Gemstone

(C) Found in Jharkhand (D) A glacier

147. Who was the Muslim general to have conquered Bengal in 13th century AD?

(A) Afzal Khan (B) Iktiaruddin-bin-Baktiar-Khilji

(C)Chenghiz Khan (D) Temuchin

148. Rain in cold weather, season is due to

(A) Nor’westers (B) Western disturbances

(C) Cold waves (D) Arabian Sea depressions


149. Which of the following experienced the fastest expansion during the plan

period in India?

(A) Agriculture (B) Industry

(C) Services (D) None of the above

150. The Union Ministers hold office during the pleasure of .

(A) The President

(B) The Prime Minister

(C) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

(D) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India

151. Bhuban is younger than Tarak and Ram. Jit is younger than Tarak but older

than Ram. Which of the following statement is definitely true?

(A) Bhuban is older than Jit

(B) Jit is the oldest among them

(C) Ram is second youngest among them

(D) No definite conclusion can be drawn

152. The motion of which particle through a metallic wire is called electric

current ?

(A) Electron (B) Positron

(C) Neutron (D) Photon

153. Kansi Ram was the mentor of

(A) Mayabati (B) Uma Bharati

(C) Jaya Bachchan (D) Sharad Jadav

154. _________ is the most industrially advanced State in India.

(A) Maharashtra (B) Punjab

(C) Gujarat (D) Tamilnadu

155. Forest Research Institute of India is located at

(A) Jorhat (B) Bangalore

(G) Dehra Dun (D) Allahabad

156. Female literacy rate is lowest in _________ district of West Bengal

(A) Bankura (B) Uttar Dinajpur

(C) Purulia (D) Malda

157. A’s father is father in-law of B whose father is father-in-law of C. If a and B

are men and C is a woman, than what is the relation between A and C and

between B and C?

(A) C is the wife of A and sister of B


(B) A is brother of C who is wife of B

(C) A and B are brothers and C is wife of B

(D) Such a relation does not exist

158. Who converted Sikhs into a martial race?

(A) Arjundev (B) Gobind Singh

(C) Hargovind (D) Teg Bahadur

159. In which of the following years was the Food Corporation of India set up?

(A) 1955 (B) 1960

(C) 1965 (D) 1970

160. Who was the first person to establish an independent Indian army outside


(A) M. N. Roy (B) Lala Haradyal

(C) Rashbehari Bose (D) Subhas Chandra Bose

161. 2005 UFA award for Best Film won by

(A)VeerZara (B) Yuba

(C) Muder (D) Hum Turn

162. The master plan of National Capital Region was approved in

 (A) 1959 (B) 1962

(C) 1981 (D) 1996

163. What was the number of the princely states in India at the time of partition?

(A) 555 (B) 558

(C) 560 (D) 562

164. The most salient feature of rainfall pattern in India is

(A) its deficiency (B) seasonability

(C) spatiality (D) copiousness

165. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?

(A) 1935 (B) 1940

(C) 1947 (D) 1949

166. Who was the President of the first session of the Indian National Congress?

(A) Surendranath Banerjee (B) G. H. Deshmukh

(C) A. Besant (D) W. C. Bonerjea

167. At what temperature, mass of pure water of volume 1 cubic centimeter is

1 gm?


(A) 0°C (B) 100°C

(C) 4°C (D) I0°C

168. Who amongst the following was the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee set up by the Constituent Assembly?

(A) Jawaharlal Nehru (B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(C) Dr. B. R.Ambedkar (D) None of the above

169. New Secretary General of UN is

(A) Sashi Tharoor (B) Ban-Ki-Moon

(C) C. C. Mello (D) Donald Rumsefele

170. Five books are lying in a pile. English is lying on Arithmetic book, while

Commerce book is lying, under Biology book. Arithmetic book is lying

above Biology book and Drawing book is lying under Commerce book.

Which book is lying in the centre?

(A) Biology (B) Arithmetic

(C) English (D) Drawing

171. Steve Irwin was famous as

(A) Shark hunter (B) Crocodile hunter

(C) Whole hunter (D) Elephant hunter

172. 2006 Annual meeting of World Economic Forum was held in

(A) USA (B) UK

(C) Austria (D) Switzerland

173. In a certain code ‘253’ means ‘books are old’. ‘546’ means ‘man is old’.

‘378’ means ‘buy good books’, what is the code of ‘are’?

(A) 2 (B) 5

(C) 7 (D) 6

174. Which two revolutionaries were involved in the Muzaffarpur Murder


(A) Binoy Bose, Badal Gupta

(B) Surya Sen, Lokenath Bal

(C) Damodar and Balakrishna Chepekar

(D) Prafulla Chaki, Khudiram Bose

175. The goal of the Lahore Congress (1929) was

(A) Self-government for India

(B) Federal government for India


(C) Complete independence for India

(D) Local self-government for India

176. Aim of the Swarajya Party was to

(A) Agitate for total freedom

(B) Boycott the Congress moves

(C)Enter the legislature and wreck the Government from within

(D)Resort to extremism

177. Who was the Sikh Guru to be slaughtered by Aurangzeb?

(A) Ramdas (B) Teg Bahadur

(C) Arjundev (D) Gobind Singh

178. Map of India is best suited to_________ projection.

(A) Polyconic

(B) Lamberts/ Orthomophic

(C) Albert’s Conical Equal Area

(D) Sinusoidal

179. Who gave the slogan “Jai Hind”?

(A) M. K Gandhi (B) J. L. Nehru

(C) S. C Bose (D) B. G. Ulak

180. When a loaded and an empty trucks of identical specifications are moving

with same velocity, more force is required to stop the loaded truck. Which

of the following laws is proved by this action?

(A) Newton’s first law of motion

(B) Newton’s second law of motion

(C) Newton’s third law of motion

(D) Gravitational law

181. Who was the first ‘real king’ of Sultanate?

(A) Qutubuddin (B) Iltutmish

(C) Balban (D) Alauddin

182. Number of districts in West Bengal at present is

(A) 18 (B) 19

(C) 17 (D) 16

183. Who hs been described by Elliot as “the Akbar of the Sultanate” ?

(A) lltutmish (B) Balban

(C) Aluddin Khiljii (D) Firuz Tuglak


184. When a body is raised upwards from the surface of the earth, its weight shall

(A) Increase (B) remain same

(C) Decrease (D) fluctuate

185. Members of constituent assembly were

(A) Elected by provincial assemblies

(B) Elected directly by people

(C)Nominated by government

(D)Represented only by the princely states

186. Which of the following is included in the Employees’ State Insurance Act.


(A) Unemployment insurance (B) Medical Benefit

(C) Minimum Wages (D) None of the above

187. Who founded Anglo-Mohammedan College?

(A) Syed Ahmed Khan (B) Nawab Salim Ullah

(C) Fazlul Haque (D) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

188. According to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) India is

(A) Tenth largest economy (B) Fifth largest economy

(C) Fourth largest economy (D) Seventh largest economy

189. If x and y are negative numbers, which of the following statements is (are)

always true?

I. (x~y) is negative II. (-x) is positive

III. (-x)(-y) is positive

(A) I only (B) II only

(C) I and III only (D) II and III only

190. The Government of West Bengal introduced democratic elections to the

local bodies in

(A) 1977 (B) 1978

(C) 1979 (D) 1980

191. Hydel power potentional is the highest in case of ____

(A) B rahmaputra basin

(B) Ganga basin

(C) East flowing rivers of South India

(D)West flowing rivers of South India

192. If 6 x 6 = 33, 7 x 2 = 36, 4 x 8 = 24 then 8 x 4 = ?


(A) 24 (B) 48

(C) 84 (D) 42

193. There are floristic regions in India.

(A) 4 (B) 6

(C) 8 (D) 7

194. What is the ratio of



(A) 1/4 (B) 10/12

(C) 8/15 (D) 20/6

195. In which general election did the Congress Party lost majority in the

parliament for the first time?

(A) 1967 (B) 1977

(C) 1980 (D) None of the above

196. Duncan passage lies between

(A) Andaman and Nicobar

(B) South Andaman and Little Andaman

(C) Amindivi and Lakshadweep islands

(D) Little Andaman and Nicobar

Directions for Question Nos. 197 and 198

Read the following information to answer the given questions:

1. P + Q means ‘P is the brother of Q

II. P x Q means P is the father of Q

III. ‘P ÷ Q’ means P is the mother of Q

197. Which of the following would mean ‘R is the son of M’?

(A) M ÷ R x S (B) M ÷ R x S

 (C) M x S x R (D) None of the above

198. To answer the above question, which of the statements can be

 dispensed with?

(A) I only (B) II only

(C) I or II (D) None of the above

199. Under which Article of the Constitution of India can the Indian Parliament

make laws under the Residuary powers?

(A) Article 248 (B) Article 249

(C) Article 250 (D) Article 251


200. Non-violence, accroding to Gandhiji, was

(A) a means to achieve an end

(B) an end in itself

(C) a means to embarrass an opponent

(D) passive resistance

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