GS Questions Asked In SSC CHSL 12 April 2021: Shift 1, 2, and 3

GS Questions Asked In SSC CHSL 12 April 2021: Shift 1, 2, and 3: SSC CHSL 2020 exam started from today and As per the board, the exam for all regions of India except for West Bengal will continue till April 27, 2021. In today’s post, we will share Memory based GS questions asked in all shifts of 12th April 2021 for the SSC CHSL 2020 exam. To download the PDF version for daily questions join our Telegram Channel.

GS Questions Asked In SSC CHSL 12 April 2021

Questions Asked In SSC CHSL 12 April 2021

In this post we will just provide the GS question.

SSC CHSL 12 April 2021 GS Question For Shift 1

  1. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of which river?
  2. Khelo India Youth Game 2020 was held where?
  3. Which player has played maximum Test Matches?
  4. In which of the following state is not belonging to Seven Sister?
  5. Vande Bharat Express train run between which stations.
  6. The book “Pathway to God” is written by?
  7. Who is the Prime Minister of Finland?
  8. Who was the founder of the Pala Dynasty?
  9. World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on which day?
  10. Zojila pass is located in which state or Union Territory.
  11. Which of the following country is the Landlock countries in South America?
  12. Which of the following banks merged with Bank of Baroda?
  13. Who is the Deputy Election Commission of India?
  14. What is India’s rank in the Global Hunger index 2020?
  15. 55th Jnanpith award given to whom?
  16. Speed of Sound does not travel in which medium.
  17. Greenland is in which Ocean?
  18. What is the Chemical name of Blue Vitriol?
  19. Cashew is grown in which type of Soil.
  20. Article 72 is related to what?
  21. Central Potato Research Institute is situated in which state.
  22. Who is called Grand Old Man of India?
  23. Which is the largest floating solar power plant in India?
  24. Pattachitra Shaili is belonging to which state.
  25. Who is called Napoleon of India?

SSC CHSL 12 April 2021 GS Question For Shift 2

  1. Who won the first women’s gold medal in Olympics
  2. In which country is Katas Raj Temple?
  3. In which state is pambam island situated?
  4. Amanda Amritraj and Naveen Amritraj belong to which sports?
  5. Which king does not belong to the Kushnava dynasty?
  6. Study of bones?
  7. What was India’s rank in the largest economy in 2019?
  8. Who established Murshidabad?
  9. What is the name of the joint military exercise of India with the USA?
  10. Who is the chief vigilance commissioner?
  11. Renuka Lake is situated in which state of India?
  12. Which union territory is become from the first to be 100% organic? Q17. Which article of the constitutions gives the authority to the Supreme Court to protect fundamental rights?
  13. Aryabhatt is related to?
  14. Which causes red layers in the onion?
  15. What is Ubuntu?
  16. Who was the first female to get a medal in Olympics in weight lifting? Q14. the book “Amesty” was written by?
  17. Law of Inertia is also known as?
  18. The term ‘Hang’ is related to?
  19. What is the scientific name of “Mango”?
  20. Sakshi Malik is related to which sports?
  21. Fatehpur Sikri is founded by whom?
  22. “Who lives if India dies” said by which person?
  23. After which satyagraha, the title “Sardar” is given to Patel?

SSC CHSL 12 April 2021 GS Question For Shift 3

  1. Who discovered the cell?
  2. Name of the player related to hockey?
  3. In 1857 revolution, who was the Mughal ruler?
  4. In 1959 through which act India took hold of West Bengal from independent state? Q4. If Googly is related to cricket what is gambit related to?
  5. Elisa Test done to know which disease?
  6. Which Indian Athlete got fourth rank in Dhaka Marathon 2021?
  7. In which state is Sarovar dam?
  8. Which institution gives the Nobel price in economics?
  9. What is the name of waterfall in Jharkhand?
  10. What is the highest age limit for state service commission?
  11. Who is the Director General of NCC?
  12. Who is the Chairman of UPSC?
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