WBCS 2014 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2014 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2014 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2014 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2014 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2014 Question Paper

1.  Select the correct meaning of the underlined idiom from the alternatives provided.

     I gave him a piece of my mind.

     (A) Expressed love        (B) Fell in love        (C) Expressed anguish        (D) Trusted him

2.  Select the correct meaning of the underlined idiom from the alternatives provided.

     He has the gift of the gab.

     (A) A talent for speaking      (B) A good voice      (C) A logical bent of mind      (D) Talking nonsense

3.  Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below.

     Tour de force.

     (A) Masterpiece      (B) Grand Tour      (C) Long Tour      (D) Art and Culture

4.  Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below.


     (A) Foolish       (B) Exciting       (C) Dull        (D) Sensible

5.  Fill in the blank with correct phrasal verb from the options provided below :

     They decided to —— his number in the yellow pages.

     (A) look into        (B) look at       (C) look up       (D) look onto

6.  Select the correct meaning of the underlined idiom from the alternatives provided :

     She is a little under the weather today.

     (A) Feeling unwell      (B) In sync with the weather       (C) Feeling excited       (D) Feeling sad

7.  Choose the word opposite meaning to the underlined below :

     His point was lost amid the cacophony.

     (A) Music        (B) Discordance        (C) Silence      (D) Crowd

8.  Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined below:

     The possibility of failure was imminent.

     (A) Remote       (B) Inherent       (C) Immediate       (D) Perenial

9.  Select the correct synonym of the following word from the alternatives provided.


     (A) Adversity       (B) Intentional        (C) Unintentional      (D) Advanced

10.  Fill in the blank :

       He would always —— the police.

       (A) elude       (B) illude       (C) allude       (D) delude

11.  Fill in the blank :

       The last —— will be performed by member of the family only.

       (A) wright       (B) right        (C) rite       (D) write

12.  Complete the sentence by choosing the correct meaning from the options provided :

       A person of outgoing nature is known as a/an —— .

       (A) Stoic       (B) Extrovert         (C) Megalomaniac       (D) Philanthropist

13.  Fill in the blank with the correct preposition :

       He held his breath —— several minutes.

       (A) on.       (B) of        (C) for        (D) from

14.  Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below :


       (A) Candid       (B) Impromptu         (C) Opposed         (D) Disguised

15.  Choose the word opposite in meaning to the one underlined below :

       There is abundant scope for improvement.

       (A) Ample        (B) Scarce        (C) Copious        (D) Eternal

16.  The word ‘Pride’ is also used to describe a group of

       (A) Tigers       (B) Elephants        (C) Lions       (D) Hyenas

17.  ‘Cricket’ is also a kind of a/an

       (A) Bird        (B) Insect       (C) Food        (D) Flower

18.  A ‘Page’ also means

       (A) A sweet dish       (B) A chauffeur        (C) A book       (D) A servant

19.  Insert the correct phrasal verb from the options provided to make meaningful sentence :

       I will —— to my job until May.

       (A) hold up      (B) hold on        (C) hold in      (D) hold

20.  Fill in the blank with correct phrasal verb from the options provided below:

       The boss simply could not ——— his inefficiency any more.

       (A) put off       (B) put up with       (C) put down       (D) put across

21.  Fill in the blank with the correct preposition:

       He is —— the phone right now.

       (A) at       (B) in        (C) on        (D) to

22.  Select the correct synonym of the following word from the alternatives provided:


       (A) Steal        (B) Steel        (C) Honesty        (D) Dazzle

23.  Select the correct synonym of the following word from the alternatives provided :


       (A) Opaque        (B) Solid         (C) Clear        (D) Hazy

24.  Fill in the blank:

       You should —— her case as a precedent.

       (A) site         (B) cite        (C) sight        (D) side

25.  Complete the sentence by choosing the correct meaning from the options provided:

       A person suffering from an uncontrollable desire to steal is known as a/an —— .

       (A) Kleptomaniac        (B) Necromaniac         (C) Necrophobic        (D) Introvert

26.  Which one of the following is not a tributary of the Ganga ?

       (A) Son        (B) Gomati        (C) Gandak        (D) Subarnarekha

27.  What proposals were made in the ‘August Offer’ ?

       (A) Complete independence of India gradually

       (B) Dominion Status

       (C) Provincial autonomy

       (D) Representative government at the centre

28.  Find the wrong number among the following.

       (A) 1381       (B) 343        (C) 8       (D) 125

29.  Find the wrong number among the following:

       7,  28,  63,  124,  215,  342,  511

       (A) 28       (B) 124       (C) 342       (D) 215

30.  The major portion of West Bengal plateau lies in the district of

       (A) Medinipur        (B) Murshidabad        (C) Purulia        (D) Bardhaman

31.  Compound microscope has

       (A) two lenses      (B) requires UV light source

       (C) used to view only dead organisms       (D) requires large room space

32.  A complete outcome of the War ——

       (A) holding of a reference as — frontier province.

       (B) absorption of the State of Hydrabad the Indian Union.

       (C) summoning of Simla Conference.

       (D) The Constitution of the Content Assembly.

33.  The plains at the foot of the Darjeeling Himalayas is known as —— in Darjeeling district of West Bengal

       (A) Duars        (B) Terai        (C) Rarh       (D) Barind

34.  The Congress President who conducted negotiation with Cripps in 1942 and Wavell at the Shimla Conference was

       (A) Abul Kalam Azad       (B) Jawaharlal Nehru       (C) J. B. Kripalani       (D) C. Rajagopalachari

35.  The stage of mitosis in which chromosomes become V,  J, L or I shaped ?

       (A) Prophase       (B) Metaphase       (C) Anaphase       (D) Telophase

36.  The distance from the north to the south of West Bengal is approximately

       (A) 600 km.        (B) 700 km.        (C) 800 km.       (D) 400 km.

37.  Simantika sold two radios for Rs. 2000 each. On one she gains 16 % and on the other she losses 16 %.  Find her gain or loss per cent in the whole transaction.

       (A) 5.28        (B) 2.56       (C) 4.68        (D) 8.01

38.  The digested food is absorbed in

       (A) Stomach       (B) Intestine (small)       (C) Intestine (large)       (D) Colon

39.  Who among the following attended the first session of the Round Table Conference ?

       (A) Tej Bahadur Sapru        (B) M. K. Gandhi       (C) Abul Kalam Azad        (D) S. C. Bose

40.  Damodar river rises from

       (A) Rajmahal plateau       (B) Chhotanagpur plateau       (C) Himalayas       (D) Eastern Ghats

41.  The difference between 78 % of a number and 59 % of the number is 323. What is 62% of that number ?

       (A) 1054       (B) 1178       (C) 1159       (D) 1037

42.  Rhizome is a modified stern because

       (A) it grows vertically upward in the soil and it has fleshy leaves.

       (B) it has nodes and it has eyes which bears germinating buds.

       (C) its stem is highly condensed and disc like.

       (D) it has nodes, internodes and has brown, scaly leaves.

43.  The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan died in

       (A) 1658 A.D.      (B) 1659 A.D.       (C) 1662 A.D.       (D) 1670 A.D.

44.  Who prepares the topographical maps of India ?

      (A) Geological Survey of India       (B) Survey of India

      (C) Defence Ministry       (D) Geographical Survey of India

45.  Why was the Simon Commission boycotted by the Congress ?

       (A) As it did not include any representative of the Congress.

       (B) As it included a member of the Muslim League.

       (C) As it negated the claim of the Indians to determine their own constitution.

       (D) As it was appointed one year before.

46.  The population of a city increases at the rate of 15 % pa. If its population was 4000 at the end of 2009. Find its population at the end of 2011 .

       (A) 5390        (B) 4780        (C) 5290        (D) 8256

47.  The longest cell in animals is

       (A) Nerve cell       (B) Hepatocyte (Liver cell)        (C) Blood cell       (D) Muscle cell

48.  Which ruler was contemporary of both Buddha and Mahavira ?

       (A) Bimbisara       (B) Chandragupta        (C) Pradyot       (D) Ajatasatru

49.  Bokaro Steel Plant was established with the help of

       (A) America        (B) Britain       (C) France       (D) Soviet Union

50.  Who among the following was not a member of the Congress Socialist Party ?

       (A) Achyut Patwardhan       (B) Jawaharlal Nehru

       (C) Jayaprakash Narayan    (D) Acharya Narendra Dev

51.  Alleppo is a rebellious province of

       (A) Iraq       (B) Lebanon        (C) Syria        (D) Ukraine

52.  How many iron rods each of length 14 m. and diameter 4 cm. can be made out of 0.88 m3 of iron ?

       (A) 45      (B) 50       (C) 65       (D) 80

53.  El Nino refers to

       (A) an atmospheric phenomenon        (B) an environmental phenomenon

       (C) an Oceanic phenomenon        (D) a climatic phenomenon

54.  The president of the India National Congress at the time of independence was

       (A) Mauiana Abul Kalam Azad       (B) Jawaharlal Nehru       (C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad        (D) J. B. Kripalani

55.  The identifying features of carrot roots are

       (A) Conical with small roots.        (B) Conical without small roots.

       (C) Round with small roots.         (D) Irregular with no small roots.

56.  India held Garuda-V air exercises jointly with

       (A) Russia       (B) U.S.A        (C) France       (D) China

57.  The soil of the sunderban of West Bengal is

      (A) Red Soil       (B) Clayey Saline Soil       (C) Alluvial Soil      (D) Black Soil

58.  In India the Federal Court was constituted by an act of

       (A) 1891       (B) 1909       (C) 1919        (D) 1935

59.  The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 was launched in

       (A) January, 2013      (B) December, 2012     (C) April, 2013      (D) November, 2013

60.  879 x 439 + 879 x 321 = ?

       (A) 668040       (B) 669040        (C) 667030        (D) 666040

61.  Where is the Forest Research Institute of India located ?

       (A) Delhi       (B) Bhopal        (C) Dehradun        (D)Lucknow

62.  Who among the following was the founder of Khudai Khidmatgar Organisation ?

       (A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan       (B) Abdul Rab Nishtar   

       (C) Shaukatullah Ansari        (D) Khan Abdul Quayumkhan

63.  The Centenary session of Indian Science Congress was held in January, 2013 at

       (A) Kolkata        (B) Chennai        (C) Mumbai        (D) Ernakulam

64.  48 % of the first number is 60 % of the second number. What is the ratio of the first number to the second number ?

       (A) 4 : 7        (B) 3 : 4        (C) 5 : 4        (D) 3 : 2

65.   Jalpaiguri is situated on the banks of which rivers ?

       (A) Tista and Karala        (B) Tista and Jaldhaka       (C) Jaldhaka and Torsa      (D) Tista and Raidak

66.  In which year was passed the Congress resolution on Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy ?

      (A) 1940        (8) 1931       (C) 1921        (D) 1935

67.  Which was a major port of the Indus valley ?

       (A) Lothal        (B) Kalibangan       (C) Chanhudaro        (D) Mehargarh

68.  The product of two consecutive odd numbers is 6723. What is the greater number ?

       (A) 89       (B) 85       (C) 91       (D) 83

69.  Who founded the All India Trade Union Congress ?

       (A) N. M. Joshi       (B) M. K. Gandhi       (C) S. C. Bose      (D) N. M. Samarth

70.  Tuticorin, an important fishing harbour is situated along —— coast.

       (A) Malabar       (B) Coromondal        (C) Konkan       (D) Gulf of Kutch

71.  Darjeeiing Himalayan Railway became World Heritage Site in

       (A) 1980        (B) 1990       (C) 1999       (D) 2003

72.  M is the son of R Q is the grand daughter of O. who is the husband of P.  How is M related to O ?

       (A) Son       (B) Daughter       (C) Mother      (D) Father

73.  Who among the following founded a national paper, a national school and a national gymnasium in the second half of the nineteenth century ?

       (A) Jatindranath Tagore        (B) Rajnarayan Bose       (C) Nabagopal Mitra       (D) Satyendranath Tagore

74.  The Election Commission of India celebrates the National Voters Day on

       (A) 26th January       (B) 25th March       (C) 25th January        (D) 1st February

75.  60 : 15 :: * : 1/4 ,   Find  *

       (A) 1.1        (B) 2.1       (C) 1       (D) 0.1

76.   Panchayat system in India was introduced by the

        (A) 73rd amendment of the Constitution         (B) 72nd amendment of the Constitution

        (C) 70th amendment of the Constitution         (D) 68th amendment of the Constitution

77.   The tribal rebellion against the British Known as UIgulan was organised by

        (A) Korra Mallya        (B) Ranade        (C) Birsa Munda        (D) Konda Dora

78.   India’s first Slum Free City under Slum Free India Scheme is in

        (A) Jaipur        (B) Ahmedabad        (C) Chandigarh       (D) Mumbai

79.   If withdrawal of a worker from employment does not create any output loss, this situation is known as

        (A) Search unemployment         (B) Voluntary unemployment

        (C) Diaguised unemployment       (D) Frictional unemployment

80.   A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around a round table. A is in between E and F,  E is opposite to D and C is not in either of the neighbouring seats of E, Who is opposite to B ?

       (A) C       (B) D       (C) F      (D) None of the above

81.  In which year did the Congress Ministries start functioning in the provinces ?

      (A) 1937        (B) 1930        (C) 1948        (D) 1938

82.  Major part of the Indian agriculture is characterised by

       (A) Large size farm        (B) Capitalist agriculture      (C) Small size farm       (D) Co-operative farm

83.  The Maha Kumbh was celebrated in 2013 for

       (A) 44 days       (B) 55 days       (C) 49 days       (D) 61 days

84.  Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by

       (A) Bindusara       (B) Ajatasatru      (C) Ashoka      (D) Harsha

85.  Land reforms largely benefitted the economic condition of

       (A) Agricultural labourers      (B) Bargadars       (C) Small farmers      (D) Co-operative farmers

86.  What is the value of two-fifth of 60 % of 320 ?

       (A) 76.6      (B) 38.4       (C) 76.8       (D) 37.4

87.  Q’s mother is sister of P and daugher of M.  S is daughter of P and sister of T.  How is M related to T ?

       (A) Father      (B) Grand father      (C) Grandmother       (D) Either Grandmother or Grandfather

88.  Tertiary sector activities include

       (A) Cottage industries       (B) Mining activities

       (C) Construction activities      (D) Infrastructure services

89.  Rituparno Ghosh won how many national awards in his career ?

       (A) 14       (B) 16       (C) 8       (D) 12

90.  The difference of the aqes of Riju and Rivu is 12 years. The ratio of their ages is 3 : 5.  The age of Rivu is

       (A) 32 years      (B) 24 years      (C) 28 years       (D) 30 years

91.  Plan finance creates increase of money supply if there is

       (A) increase in taxes

       (B) increase in loan from the Reserve Bank of India.

       (C) increase in loan from commercial Banks.

       (D) increase in loan from general public.

92.  Among the following select the odd one.

       (A) Metre       (B) Furlong        (C) Acre       (D) Mile

93.  What was the policy of Samudragupta in the south ?

       (A) Conquest      (B) Dharma Vijaya       (C) Digvijay        (D) None of the above

94.  In order to control inflationary price rise, Reserve Bank directs Banks to

       (A) Reduce rate of interest on credit       (B) Reduce Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)

       (C) Increase Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)      (D) Buy bonds from capital market

95.  Average of 5 numbers is 50. If every number is multiplied by 2, find the average.

       (A) 52      (B) 48      (C) 100       (D) 25

96.  INS Vikramaditya is

       (A) a nuclear powered submarine      (B) an aircraft carrier

      (C) a leander class frigate      (D) a patrol boat

97. Point out the false statement.

      (A) India entered into financial structural reform by

      (B) increasing import restriction

      (C) import liberalisation

      (D) opening of domestic market to the world trade devaluation of exchange rate

98.  A boat is rowed down stream at 35 Km./hr. and up stream at 17 km./hr. Find the speed of the stream.

       (A) 4 km./hr.      (B) 9 km./hr.      (C) 6 km./hr.       (D) 7 km./hr.

99.  In a row of boys, Syamantaka is 7th from the left and Venkat is 12th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Syamantaka becomes 22nd from the left. How
many boys are there in the row ?

       (A) 29        (B) 31      (C) 33        (D) 34

100.  Existence of huge black money creates

        (A) increase in the inequality of income.

        (B) decrease in the quality of output.

        (C) high living standard for all

        (D) Both (B) and (C)

101.  The Rourkela Steel Plant is located on the Bank of river.

         (A) Bhadra        (B) Brahmani         (C) Damodar       D) Bhima

102.  Find the missing number from the series.

        8,  15,  28,  53,  ?,  109

        (A) 104        (B) 103        (C) 102        (D) 101

103.  World Trade Organisation (WTO) directed LDCs including India to

        (A) impose export subsidy

        (B) bring in exchange control measures.

        (C) increase liberalisation and co-operation in foreign trade sector.

        (D) none of the above

104.  If the difference of the square of two natural numbers is 19, find the sum of the squares of these numbers.

         (A) 220        (B) 169        (C) 189        (D) 181

105.  Which one of the following is a medium range missile  ?

        (A) Akash         (B) Prithvi       (C) Agni        (D) Brahmos

106.  Diamond mines of India are located in —— 

         (A) Utter Pradesh        (B) Karnatak       (C) Madhya Pradesh       (D) Gujarat

107.  Which of the rays is most dangerous  ?

         (A) Alpha ray       (B) Beta ray        (C) Gama ray       (D) X-ray

108.   Find out the statement which is false.

          Financial Structural reform needs

          (A) fall in government budget deficit       (B) increase in profitability of economic sectors

          (C) reduce inflationary pressure.       (D) increase in the balance of payment deficit.

109.   A circular wire of radius 42 cm. is cut and bent in the form of an rectangle whose sides are in the ratio of 6 : 5. Find the smaller side of the rectangle.

          (A) 120 cm.       (B) 144 cm.       (C) 177 cm.       (D) 110 cm.

110.  Soil erosion is most alarming in —— littoral state of India.

         (A) Kerala       (B) Tamil Nadu        (C) Odisha        (D) Karnatak

111.  Light year is a unit of

         (A) Time        (B) Distance        (C) Light       (D) Intensity of light

112.  The oldest Veda is

         (A) Atharvaveda         (B) Rigveda        (C) Yajurveda        (D) Samveda

113.  Education, under the Indian Constitution is included in

         (A) The Union list        (B) The State list       (C) The concurrent list       (D) None of the above

114.  Copious rain in the northern coast of Tamil Nadu in October-November are due to

         (A) The South East Trade winds       (B) Retreating Monsoon       (C) Westerly Depression       (D) Occlusion

115.   RADAR is used for

         (A) locating submerged submarines.

         (B) receiving signals in a radio receiver.

         (C) locating geostationary satellites.

         (D) detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplane.

116.   The new National Security Adviser is

          (A) Ashok Joshi       (B) Ajit Doval        (C) Sujatha Singh       (D) None of the above

117.   The age of retirement of the Supreme Court Judge is

           (A) 70 years        (B) 65 years       (C) 62 years       (D) 60 years

118.   Sasanka belonged to the

          (A) Pal dynasty       (B) Sen dynasty       (C) Gauda dynasty       (D) Kamrup dynasty

119.   Sound waves in air are

          (A) Transverse       (B) Longitudinal        (C) Electromagnetic       (D) Polarized

120.   The major concentration of India’s mica production comes from

          (A) Bihar       (B) Chhatishgarh        (C) Jharkhand        (D) Odisha

121.   Find the incorrect statement.

          (A) The President presides over cabinet meetings.

          (B) The President is elected by the system of proportional representation.

          (C) The President is elected for a term of five years.

          (D) The President can be removed by impeachment.

122.   The new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is

          (A) J. S. Khehar      (B) Ranjana Desai        (C) A. Sathasivam        (D) R. M. Lodha

123.   LCD stands for

         (A) Liquid Crystal Display       (B) Low Current Display

         (C) Light Circuit Display       (D) None of the above

124.  Which of the following problems is not encountered in the Indira Gandhi Canal command area ?

         (A) Increase in soil salinity        (B) Progressive waterlogging

         (C) Aeolian setting of the canal      (D) Decline in water supply

125.   Find out the incorrect statement.

          The Council of States

          (A) has no power over money bill.        (B) has power over money bill.

          (C) has no effective control over the Executive.       (D) is presided over by the Vice President of India.

126.   Who was the founder of the Bahmani dynasty ?

          (A) Ala-ud-din Hasan Bahman Shah      (B) Muhammad Shah I      (C) Firoz Shah      (D) Ahmad Shah

127.   The Wimbledon Men’s Singles title was won 2013 by

          (A) Andy Murray      (B) Roger Federer       (C) Rafael Nadal       (D) Novak Djokovic

128.   Which one of the following sectors of Indian economy is state owned and its service sector is a public enterprise ?

          (A) Irrigation       (B) Agriculture       (C) Ferestry      (D) Plantations

129.   Which of the following is not included in the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution ?

          (A) Right to Equality       (B) Right to Freedom 

         (C) Right against Explotation        (D) Right to adequate means of Livelihood

130.  The most malleable metal is

         (A) Platinum        (B) Silver       (C) lron       (D) Gold

131.  In 2013, the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was given to

         (A) Aamir Khan      (B) Soumitra Chatterjee      (C) Gulzar       (D) None of the above

132.  Which one of the following pairs is not correct matched ?

         (A) Himalayas  →  Tertiary Fold Mountains

         (B) Deccan Trap → Volcanic Cone Eruption

         (C) Western Ghats → Palaeozoic Fold Mountains

         (D) Aravallis →  Pre Cambrian Re Mountains

133.  New agri-structural strategy created special benefits for

         (A) Small farmers      (B) Big capitalist farmers      (C) Agricultural labourers      (D) Intermediate traders

134.  Triangle ABC is rightangled at B. If AB = 24 mm. and BC = 7 mm. then AC = ?

         (A) 31 mm       (B)21 mm       (C) 35mm       (D) 25mm

135.  Every angle of a regular hexagon is

         (A) 90°      (B) 120°      (C) 135°       (D) 145°

136.  Find the value of K for which the lines

         5x + 3y + 2 = 0 and 3x – Ky + 6 = 0 are perpendicular.

         (A) 5      (B) 32     (C) 14      (D) 6

137.  The location of Iron & Steel plants in India has been influenced by the availability of the following in order of importance :

         (A) Iron Ore – Coking Coal – Limestone – Manganese

         (B) Coking Coal – Iron Ore – Limestone – Manganese

         (C) Iron Ore – Manganese – Limestone – Coking Coal

         (D) Coking Coal – Manganese – Iron Ore – Limestone

138.  Apex Bank for supplying agricultural credit is

         (A) Reserve Bank of India       (B) State Bank of India       (C) NABARD       (D) (B) and (C) above

139.  Which one of the following states is not a member of SAARC ?

         (A) Bhutan       (B) Bangladesh       (C) Mauritius       (D) Nepal

140.  Structural reform of financial policy needs

         (A) SLR to increase and CRR to fall.

         (B) both SLR and CRR to increase.

         (C) cut down of easy loan to priority sectors.

         (D) None of the above

141.  The biggest ship building yard of India is —— .

         (A) Garden Reach Workshop, Kolkata       (B) Hindustan Shipyard, Vishakhapatnam

         (C) Mazagaon Dock, Mumbai      (D) Cochin Shipyard. Kochi

142.  Basically domestic electric wiring is a

         (A) parallel connection       (B) series connection

         (B) combination of series and parallel connections       (D) None of the above

143.  Who organised “The Council of Barabhais” ?

         (A) Nana Phadnavis       (B) Madhav Rao Narayan       (C) Baji Rao II      (D) Mahadji Scindia

144.  Revenue from agricultural income tax is collected and received by

         (A) Only Union Government        (B) Only State Government

         (C) Local self Government         (D) Both Union and State Government

145.  Chhanda Gayen went missing while trying to climb to the peak of

         (A) Mount Everest       (B) Makalu       (C) Annapurna        (D) Kanchenjangha West

146.  At which of the following places, the Pole Star appears at the highest angle in the sky ?

         (A) Sandakfu       (B) Falut        (C) Darjeeling       (D) Kalimpong

147.  Sufism reached India in the

         (A) Eleventh century       (B) Twelfth century      (C) Fourteenth century      (D) Thirteen century

148.  Major part of tax revenue in India comes from

         (A) Direct taxes       (B) Indirect taxes

         (C) both Direct and Indirect taxes have equal share      (D) None of the above

149.  The heat required to raise the temperature of a body by 1K is called

         (A) Specific heat        (B) Thermal capacity       (C) Water equivalent       (D) None of the above

150.  Which of the following is in the correct descending order of the districts of West Bengal in terms of area (2011) ?

         (A) Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan – Bankura

         (B) Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan – South 24 Parganas

         (C) South 24 Parganas – Paschim Medinipur – Burdwan

         (D) South 24 Parganas – Paschim Medinipur – Bankura

151.  Abdel Fatah Al Sisi is the President of

         (A) Afghanistan       (B) Arab Republic of Egypt        (C) Libya       (D) lran

152.  In which year the second battle of Panipat was fought ?

         (A) 1605 AD       (B) 1707 AD      (C) 1757 AD      (D) 1556 AD

153.  Term loan for expansion of industries in India is mainly provided by

         (A) Commercial Banks       (B) Development Banks      (C) Reserve Bank of India      (D) Co-operative Banks

154.  Which of the following is in the correct descending order of the districts of West Bengal in terms of sex ratio (2011) ?

         (A) Darjeeling – Paschim Medinipur – Hooghly

         (B) Hooghly – Darjeeling – Murshidabad

         (C) Darjeeling – Hooghly – Murshidabad

         (D) Hooghly – Murshidabad – Darjeeling

155.  The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is

         (A) Helium       (B) Neon        (C) Argon       (D) Xenon

156.  The last British Viceroy in India was

         (A) Lord Wavell       (B) Lord Mountbatten        (C) Lord Linlithgow      (D) Attlee

157.  In a bloodless coup the Army recently took over power in

         (A) Indonesia      (B) Malayasia       (C) Myanmar      (D) Thailand

158.  Disinvestment policy implies

         (A) dissolving the public sector units (PSU).

         (B) selling the equities of the PSUs to the open capital market

         (C) increasing government share in the PSUs.

         (D) None of the above.

159.  Attitude of present industrial policy towards foreign direct investment is

         (A) Total rejection of FDl       (B) Increase in share of FDl

         (C) Decrease in share of FDl       (D) None of the above

160.  The centre of Portuguese power in India was

         (A) Cochin       (B) Calicut        (C) Bijapur       (D) Goa

161.  Washing soda is the common name for

         (A) Sodium carbonate       (B) Calcium carbonate       (C) Sodium bicarbonate       (D) Sodium hydroxide

162.  Increasing female literacy is expected to affect the birth rate in this way.

         (A) To increase       (B) To decline       (C) To remain constant       (D) None of the above

163.  Who founded the Indian Reform Association in 1870 ?

         (A) Ram Mohan Roy       (B) Debendranath Tagore

         (C) Keshab Chandra Sen       (D) Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar

164.  Who was the Governor-General of India during the revolt of 1857 ?

         (A) Canning      (B) Dalhousie       (C) Elgin      (D) Ripon

165.  Flight MH 370 that went off the radar was scheduled to fly from Kualalampur to

         (A) Beijing       (B) Jakarta       (C) New Delhi       (D) Perth

166.  Where did the Theosophical Society establish its headquarters in India ?

         (A) Adyar      (B) Belur       (C) Avadi       (D) Vellore

167.  The half life period of an isotope is 2 hours. After 6 hours what fraction of the initial quantity of the isotope will be left behind ?

         (A) 1/6        (B) 1/3        (C) 1/8       (D) 1/4

168.  Alexander fought against Perus on the Banks of the river

         (A) Indus       (B) Jhelum        (C) Ravi       (D) lravati

169.  Which one of the following newspapers/journals was from Maharashtra ?

         (A) Kranti      (B) Atmasakti       (C) Sarathi       (D) Sandhya

170.  Who founded the Asiatic Society ?

         (A) David Hare       (B) Alexander Duff       (C) H. V. Derozio      (D) William Jones

171.  Optical fiber works on the

         (A) Principle of Refraction       (B) Total Internal Reflection       (C) Scattering       (D) Reflection

172.  Who became Viceroy of India after Lord Irwin  ?

        (A) Lord Wavell       (B) Lord Reading       (C) Lord Willingdon       (D) Lord Linlithgow

173.  Oliver Stone is

        (A) An Oscar winning film-maker       (B) An actor       (C) A Lyricist       (D) A Novelist

174.  The number of electrons present in H+ is

         (A) Zero       (B) One       (C) Two       (D) Three

175.  Who elaborated the Drain of Wealth theory propounded by Dada Bhai Naorogi ?

         (A) M.G. Ranade      (B) R. G. Tilak      (C) G.K. Gokhale      (D) Feroz Shah Mehta

176.  Who is the author of ‘Indica’ ?

         (A) Herodotus        (B) Megastenes        (C) Strabo       (D) Plutarch

177.  Who was the founder President of the Indian National Congress ?

         (A) W.C. Banerjee       (B) S.N. Banerjee       (C) G.K. Gokhale      (D) A.O. Hume

178.  Which one of the following is known as the ‘Magna-Carta’ of English Education in India ?

         (A) Charter of Act of 1813        (B) Indian Education Commissiion’s Report of 1882

         (C) Indian Universities Act of 1904      (D) Educational Despatch of 1854

179.  Which one of the following is a protein deficiency disease ?

         (A) Pellagra       (B) Ricket       (C) Kwashiorkor       (D) Retinoblastoma

180.  Petro Poroshenko is the new President of

         (A) The Czech Republic      (B) Georgia        (C) Ukraine      (D) Poland

181.  Who was the founder of the ‘Delhi Sultanate’ ?

         (A) Muhammad Ghori      (B) Qutubuddin Aibak     (C) lltutmish      (D) Ghiyasuddin Balban

182.  Who was the author of the book ‘Eighteen Fifty Seven’ ?

         (A) S. N. Sen       (B) R. C. Majumdar      (C) Syed Ahmad Khan      (D) R. C. Bhandarkar

183.  Which disease is caused by fungus ?

         (A) Polio       (B) Malaria        (C) Dermatitis.     (D) Cholera

184.  Taxila was the famous site of

         (A) Early Vedic Age       (B) Gandhara Art       (C) Gupta Art       (D) Mauryan Art

185.  The I.N.A. under Subhas Chandra Bose surrendered to the British after the collapse of

         (A) Germany       (B) Italy       (C) Japan       (D) After the cessation of World War II

186.  The first National News Agency India was

         (A) The Indian Review       (B) The Free Press of India

         (C) The Hindustan Review       (D) The Associated Press of India

187.  Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is a national of

         (A) Argentina       (B) Mexico       (C) Brazil       (D) Uruguay

188.  Clove is obtained from

         (A) Root       (B) Stem        (C) Leaf       (D) Flower bud

189.  Who amongst the following communities opposed the llbert Bill vigorously ?

         (A) The Hindus      (B) The Muslims       (C) Anglo Indian Community      (D) AII of the above

190.  Which one of the following was a mouth piece of the Liberals ?

         (A) Now India       (B) Leader       (C) Young India       (D) Free Press Journal

191.  The Nobel Prize for Peace, 2013 was awarded to

         (A) Barack Obama      (B) Al Gore

        (C) The UN High Commission for Refugees

        (D) Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

192.  Which one of the following is not a true fruit ?

         (A) Date        (B) Plum        (C) Apple        (D) Grape

193.  Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated ?

         (A) Agra       (B) Delhi       (C) Lahore      (D) Srinagar

194.  In the Nehru Report Committee (1928) the Liberal Federation was represented by

         (A) M. R. Jayakar        (B) Tej Bahadur Sapru       (C) V. S. Srinivasa Sastri       (D) M. S. Aney

195.  AIDS is caused by

         (A) Bacteria       (B) Virus       (C) Protozoa       (D) Helminth

196.  Name the Maratha leader who put forward the ideal of founding Hindu Empire before the Marathas.

         (A) Shivaji       (B) Balaji Viswanath       (C) BajiRaol       (D) BajiRaoll

197.  The immediate cause for the launching of Non Co-operation Movement was the

         (A) Khilafat Wrong / Movement        (B) Rowlatt Act 

         (C) Jallian Walla Bagh massacre       (D) Dissatisfaction with the Government of India Act, 1919

198.  More than 300 school children died earlier this year in a Ferry disaster off the coast of

        (A) China       (B) Japan       (C) South Korea        (D) North Korea

199.  Who among the following was not the active leader of the Brahmo Samaj ?

         (A) Devendra Nath Tagore       (B) Keshab Chandra Sen

        (C) Akshay Kumar Datta       (D) Swami Vivekananda

200.  Monocotyledonous plants show which of the following feature ?

         (A) Leaf shows reticulate venation        (B) Tap root system

         (C) Flowers are trimerous        (D) Perennial growth

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