WBCS 2005 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: Download For Free

WBCS 2005 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS 2005 Preliminary Examination Question Paper: The W.B.C.S. (Exe.) etc. examination consists of two parts – (1) Written Examination and (2) Personality Test. Written Examination
will be held in two successive stages, viz., (i) Preliminary Examination (Objective MCQ Type) and (ii) Main Examination (Both Objective MCQ Type and Conventional Type). A number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Preliminary Examination will be allowed admission to the Main Examination and a number of candidates to be selected on the results of the Main Examination will be called to appear at the Personality Test.

In this post, we will share WBCS preliminary question paper 2005 pdf and you can download WBCS previous year question paper with answers pdf from this link also.

WBCS 2005 Preliminary Examination Question Paper

WBCS Preliminary Question Paper 2005 PDF

WBCS Preliminary Examination 2005 Question Paper

1.One who acquires a bad name is

(a) famous (b) evil

(c) notorious (d) infamous

2.One who leaves his country for another is-

(a) a traitor (b) a refugee

(c) an emigrant (d) an immigrant.

3.That which is not permissible is-

(a) wrong (b) Prohibited

(c) evil (d) impermanent

Direction for Question Nos. 4 to 6:

From the given options choose the most appropriate word to fill in the gaps in the following

sentences :

4.The Road was completely ______ by a fallen tree.

(a) closed (b) hindered

(c) stopped (d) blocked

5.A hostile crowd tried to ______ the Chairman from delivering his speech.

(a) prevent (b) obstruct

(c) impede (d) hinder

6.The administrator could not make up his mind about this ______ point.

(a) indecisive (b) vague

(c) debatable (d) pointless

 Page- 2 –

Direction for Question .Nos. 7 to 9 :

Complete the sentences by choosing appropriate words from the given options.

7.Judgment was passed on the murderer and he was duly ____

(a) assassinated (b) strangled

(c) killed (d) executed

8.Jesus of Nazareth illustrated religious concepts by means of ——.

(a) Stories (b) Legends

(c) Fables (d) Parables

9.The money a man receives during the year is considered his——.

(a) Revenue (b) Salary

(c) Income (d) Fee

Direction for Question Nos. 10 to 11

Choose the most appropriate single word from the options given, as substitutes for the underlined

parts of the sentences.

10.His ghost story was beyond belief

(a) Fantastic (b) Terrifying

(c) Incredible (d) Imaginary

11.My friend was a person apt to act suddenly without thinking

(a) Impulsive (b) Excitable

(c) Thoughtless (d) Violent

Direction for Question Nos. 12 and 13 :

Choose the opposite of the following idiomatic experssions from”the options given.

12.In a nutshell

(a) in the open (b) in all its detail

(c) to throw in the sponge ‘(d) to put on paper

13.On no account

 Page- 3 –

(a) with an ill grace (b) in the open

(c) by all means (d) by hook or by crook

Direction for Question Nos. 14 and 15 :

From the option, choose the words most nearly opposite in meaning to those underlined in the

following sentences

14.The boy wore a dismal look after having failed to clear the final examination.

(a) Despondent (b) Solemn

(c) Beautiful (d) Cheerful

15.The liberal views of the leader did not find favour with a

section of his party.

(a) Biased (b) Prejudiced

(c) Conservative (d) Backward

Direction for Question Nos. 16 and 17

Choose the correct prepositions to fill in the blanks.

16.The woman is standing _____ the door.

(a) by (b)on

(c) at (d) in

17.The train was passing _______ a dark tunnel.

(a) through (b) under

(c) in (d) by

Direction for Question Nos. 18 to 19 : Choose the correct item.

18.To refuse is to deny but used as a noun the word can mean

(a) garbage (b) dust

(c) Prohibition (d) fuel

19.A day in winter is cold but to turn a cold shoulder to a person is to

(a) Pursue him (b) ignore him

 Page- 4 –

(c) approach him (d) hurt him

Direction for Question Nos. 20 to 22 :

From the given options choose the words nearest in meaning to those underlined in the sentences.

20.Please ‘expand’ your commentary on the text

(a) Increase. (b) Amplify

(c) Enlarge (d) Magnify

21.The Chairman proceeded to speak in a ‘dignified’ manner.

(a) Elegant (b) Stately

(c) Sarcastic (d) Loud

22.Compared with the earth many of the planets are bodies of ‘immense’ size.

(a) Huge (b) Vast

(c) Large (d) Big

Direction for Question Nos. 23 to 25 :

Complete the following proverbs with words chosen

from those given below :

23. Don’t judge a book by its-——

(a) Contents (b) Cover

(c) Words (d) Story

24: Deeds are better than —-

(a) Actions (b) Appearances

(c) Words (d) Hopes

25.Don’t count your chickens before they are _____

(a) Hatched (b) Eaten

(c) Cooked (d) Ready

26.Panchayati Raj was started in India in the year (Misc)

(a) 1956 (b) 1951

(c) 1959 (d) 1961

27.Article 25 of the Constitution of India relates to (Const)

(a) Cultural and educational rights

(b) Right to freedom of religion

(c) Right against exploitation

(d) Ban on religious instruction in government institutions

28.Who was the main inspiration behind the Young Bengal Movement? (HIST)

(a) Derozio (b) Rammohan

(c) Dsbendranath (d) David Hare

29.Find the odd one out : (MISC)

(a) Stone chips(b) Bricks

(c) Building (d) Cement

30.Who was the first President of Indian National Congress? (HIST)

(a) A. O. Hume (b) Surendranath Banerjee

(c) W. C. Bonnerjee (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

31.Personality development tends to be most rapid in the (MISC)

(a) early childhood (b) adulthood

(c) middle age (d) adolescence

32.Rajya Sabha is presided over by the (CONST)

(a) President (b) Prime Minister

(e) Vice-President (d) Home Minister.

33.In India, fourteen major commercial banks were nationalised in the year (MISC)

(a) 1949 (b) 1953 (c) 1969 (d) 1975

 Page- 6 –

34.In which plan was the target of deficit finance taken as zero? (MISC)

(a) First Plan (b) Third Plan

(c) Seventh Plan (d) Ninth Plan

35.In 1997 Darwin Prize was awarded to Prakash Tiwari and Suresh Rai for (MISC)

(a) Bravery

(b) Foolish act

(c) Explaining Darwinism

(d) Discovery of fossils of Donosaurs in India

36.Who fathered the two-nation-theory? (HIST)

(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (b)M. A. Jinnah

(c) Md. Iqbal (d) Fazlul Haque

37.Which one of these is not a measuring instrument? (GEN SCI)

 (a) Barometer (b) Thermometer

 (c) Picorneter (d) Hygrometer

38.Intelligence tests are useful primarily because they (MISC)

(I) Provide a direct measure of intelligence.

(II) Help to predict behaviour in certain social situation.

(a) Only I is logically valid

(b) Only II is logically valid

(c) Both I & II are logically valid

(d) Neither I nor II is logically valid

39. According to Darwin the unit of Natural Selection is (GEN SCI)

(a) Individual (b) Family

(c) Genus (d) Species

 Page- 7 –

40.Who introduced the Zabti system? (HIST)

(a) Babar (b) Humayun

(c) Akbar (d) Species

41.Who was the revolutionary who assisted Bhagat Singh to throw bomb in the Legislative

Assembly in Delhi? (HIST)

(a) Sukdev (b) Rajguru

(c) Chandra Sekhar Azad (d) Batukeswar Datta

42.From which year the policy of globalisaton of Indian economy has been followed? (ECO)

(a)1980 (b) 1985 (c) 1991 (d) 2000

43.Who said “If to love my country is a crime, I am a criminal”? (HIST)

(a)C.R. Das

(b)Sri Aurobinda

(c)Upendranath Ganguly

(d)Brahmabandhab Upadhyay

44.Which one of the following plants keep its stomata open during night and closed during the

day? (GEN SCI)

(a) Water Lily (b) Cactus

(c) Sun flower (d) Fern

45.In which year was the battle to Talikota fought? (HIST)

(a) 1556 (b) 1565 (c) 1571 (d) 1581

46.Who said “Education may wait, but Swaraj cannot”? (HIST)

(a) C.R.Das (b) Gandhiji

(c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (d) Rajagopalachari

47. Panu is shorter than Shanu, but not so short as Hari; Ramu is taller than Shanu, but shorter than

Kanu. Who is the tallest person?

 Page- 8 –


(a) Panu (b) Ramu (c) Shanu (d) Kanu

48.Communalism Means (MISC)

(a)Showing favour to one community

(b)All communities are equal before law

(c)Showing favour on the basis of religion

(d)None of these

49.The main function of nor epinephrine is to (GEN SCI)

(a)increase blood pressure

(b)increase urine formation

(c)increase cellular respiration

(d)release epinephrine

50.Who founded the “Amrita Bazar Patrika”? (HIST)

(a) Surendranath Banerjee

(b) Barindra Ghosh

(c) Krishna Kumar Mitra

(d) Sisir Kumar Ghosh

Direction for Question Nos. 51 and 52: (MISC)

Find out the word which is essential for the sentence mentioned.

51.AH coins have

(a) brightness (b) Copper

(c) danger (d) value

52.All birds have

(a) nest (b) song

(c) egg (d) beak

 Page- 9 –

53.Find the odd one out :(MISC)

(a) Iron (b) Gold (c) Steel (d) Silver

54.Minimum age of an Indian citizen to be elected for LokSabha is (CONST)

(a) 18 years (b) 20 years

(c) 25 years (d) 35 years

55.Who was described by the British Prime Minister as “half naked fakir from India”? (HIST)

(a) Gandhiji (b) Tej Bahadur Sapru

(c) B. R. Ambedkar (d) Muhammad Ali

56.Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan? (G.K)

(a) Shaukat Aziz (b) Pervez Musharraf

(c) Riaz Khokhar (d) Benazir Bhutto

57.Which one of the following is not a metal? (G.K)

(a) Platinum (b) Mercury (c) Nickel (d) Silicon

58.Where was the “Gadar” Party formed? (HIST)

(a) U.S.A. (b) Russia

(c) Japan (d) United Kingdom

59.Which Gandhi movement was merged with the Khilafat movement? (HIST)

(a) Non Co-operation (b) Civil Disobedience

(c) Quit India (d) Anti-Indigo (1917)

60.Name the States where Assembly elections were held in February, 2005 (G.K/CURR


(a)Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal

(b)Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh

(c)Bihar, Jarkhand, Haryana

 Page- 10

(d)Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh

61.The theme country for 30th Kolkata Book Fair is (G.K/CURR AFFAIRS)

(a) Spain (b) Chile

(c) France (d) Brazil

62.Who wrote Kitab-ur-Rahlabl (HIST)

(a) Ibn Batuta (b) Al Beruni

(c) Hasan Nizami (d) Abul Fazl

63.Which one of the follwing plant tissues is composed of dead cells? (GEN SCI)

(a) Xylem (b) Phloem

(c) Parenchyma (d) Hypodermis

64.During the reign of which Sultan did Chingiz Khan attack India? (HIST)

(a) Iltutmish (b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Ghiyasuddin Balban (d)Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

65.The first capital of Magadha was (HIST)

(a) Pataliputra (b) Kashi

(c)-Rajagriha (d) Vaishali

66.Who assisted Rashbehari Basu in his revolutionary activities at Benaras? (HIST)

(a) Paramanand (b) Sachindra Nath Sanyal

(c) Basanta Biswas (d) Kartar Singh

67.The headquarter of Airbus is in (G.K)

(a) Seattle (b) Toulouse

(c) Cologne (d) Frankfurt

68.In which year did Jallianwala Bagh Massacre occur? (HIST)

(a) 1919 (b) 1918 (c) 1909 (d) 1908

 Page- 11

69.Who constructed the Rajrajesvara temple? (HIST)

(a) Rajendra I (b) Rajaraja I

(c) Rajadhiraja I (d) Virrajendra

70.Who among the following persons wrote Mitaksharal (HIST)

(a) Nyayachandra (b) Gangadhar

(c) Bilhan (d) Vijnanesvara

71.The first Vice-President of India was (G.K)

(a) G.S. PathaV (b) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

(c) Dr. Zakir Hussain (d) V. V. Giri

72.Who was the founder President of the Swarajya Party?

(a) Motilal Nehru (b) C. R. Das

(c) Rajendra Prasad (d) Rajagopalachari

73.In which year was Chittagong Armoury raided by Indian revolutionaries? (HIST)

(a) 1921 (b) 1930 (c) 1931 (d) 1929

74.Who is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalka Award, 2003? (G.K)

(a) Mrinal Sen (b) Tapan Sinha

(c) Rituporno Ghosh (d) Gautam Ghosh

Direction for Question No. 75 :

Find out the correct relationship :

75.M is mother of N, N is daughter of O, O is father of P,what is M to P? (REASONING)

(a) Sister (b) Mother

(c) Father (d) Daughter

76. Which numbers should come next : 15, 16, 14, 17, 13,18,? (REASONING)

(a) 12 and 19 (b) 13 and 20

 Page- 12

(c) 14 and 19 (d) 19 and 20

77. Which one, out of the following, is not the objective of Indian Planning? (PLANNING)

(a) Industrial growth

(b) Population growth

(c) Self reliance

(d) Productive employment generation

78.The Indian Planning Commission was formed in the year (PLANNING)

 (a) 1947 (b). 1949 (c) 1950 (d) 1951

79.In which session of Indian National Congress was the resolution on full Swaraj for India

adopted? (HIST)

(a) Surat (b) Bombay (c) Lahore (d) Kolkata

80.Who composed Allahabad Prasasti?

(a) Asvaghosha (b) Nagarjuna

(c) Hansen? (d) Vasumitra

81.Who founded the Society for Promotion of National Feeling (1866)? (HIST)

(a)Prince Dwarakanath

(b)Is war Gupta

(c)Rajnarayan Bose


82.If ‘DAD’ is coded as ‘414’, what is.the code for ‘PAD’? (REASONING)

(a). 1624 (b) 1614

(c) 215 (d) 712

83.In the scond industrial policy of-1956, industries weren divided into (MISC)

(a) two classes (b) three classes

 Page- 13

(c) four classes (d) six classes

84.Who was called “the mother of Indian revolution”? (HIST)

(a) Sarojini Naidu (b) Basanti Devi

(c) Bhikhaji Rustomji Kama (d) Matangini Hazra

85.Who was the roving singer to sing “Mayer deya mota kapar mathai tule ne re bhai”? (G.K)

(a ) Mukunda Das (b) Nabin Chandra Sen

(c) Dwijendralal Roy (d) Rabindranath Tagore

86.How many hands are there in an alarm clock? (G.K)

(a) One (b) Two

(c) Three (d) Four

87.Who first introduced rationing system? (HIST)

(a) Iltutmish (b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq (d) Ibrahim Lodi ‘

88. Who of the followng two persons founded Home Rule League? (G.K)

(a) C.R.Das and Motilal Nehru

(b) Annie Besant and Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(c) Sarojini Naidu and Nelly Sengupta

(d) Gandhi and’Baba Shaheb B. R. Ambedkar

89.The first Amendment Act to the Indian Constitution was made in the year (G.K/ CONST)

(a) 1949 (b) 1951

(c) 1955 (d) 1960

90.After spending Rs. 91- Madhu got Rs. 6/- from his brother.

Now he possesses Rs. 9/-. HOw much money had he before spending? (MATH)

(a) Rs. 10 (b) Rs. 12

 Page- 14

(c) Rs. 14 (d) Rs. 16

91.Who said ‘Swaraj is my birth-right and I must have it”? (G.K)

(a)Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

(b)Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(c)Sri Aurobinda

(d)Lala Lajpat Rai

92.According to Census Report 2001, literacy rate in WestBengal was (G.K)

(a) 43.2% (b) 59.2%

(c) 69.2% (d) 79.2%

93.Who introduced Kulinism? (G.K)

(a) Samanta Sen (b) Hemanta Sen

(c) Ballal Sen (d) Lakshman. Sen

94.Which one of the following blood-group bearing persons is called a universal donor? (GEN


(a) A (b) B (c) AB (d) O

95.Lilabati was translated into Persian by (G.K)

(a) Faizi (b) AbulFazl

(c) Dara d) Abu Talib Kalim

96.The largest reservoir of Nitrogen on Earth is (G.K/GEN SCI)

(a) Soil (b) Air

(c) Ocean (d) Rock

97. Who was the Governor-General of India during the Revolt of 1857? (HIST)

(a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Canning

(c) Lord Lytton (d) Lord Ripon

 Page- 15

98.Who-was known as Amitraghata? (HIST)

(a) Bindusara (b) Bimbisara

(c) Ashoka (d) Kalashoka

Direction for Question Nos. 99 and 100 : Fill in the blank space :

99.The increase in an individual’s size with changing age is termed — (G.K)

(a) growth (b) development

(c) maturity (d) change

100.Habit depends on (MISC)

(a) learning (b) imitation

(c) thinking (d) imagination

101.Oxygen was discovered by (G.K)

 (a) Priestley (b) Lavoisier

(c) Charles (d) Boyle

102.Which one of the following is in the mixture of sympathetic ink? (GEN SCI)

(a) Cobalt chloride and water

(b) Zinc chloride and water

(c) Magnesium chloride and water

(d) None of the above

103.Both ends of the tube of a Telescope have (GEN SCI)

(a) convex lens (b) concave lens

(c) piano convex lens (d) piano concave lens

104.According to cellular structure which one of the follow

ing is most complex? (GEN SCI)

(a) Bacteria (b) Protozoa

 Page- 16

(c) Algae (d) Fungi

105.Plants store glucose in the form of (GEN SCI)

(a) Monosaccharide (b) Cellulose

(c) Starch (d) Glycogen

106.The Deccan Lava region was formed during (GEO)

(a) CretSteous period (b) Jurassic period

(c) Tribssic period (d) Cambrian period

107.The amount of blood in the blood circulatory system of a man is (GEN SCI)

(a) one litre (b) two litres

(c) five litres (d) ten litres

108.The process by which the gas comes out of an L.P.G. Cylinder is called (GEN SCI)

(a) Diffusion (b) Effusion

(c) Pressure (d) Ventilation

109.Which of the following countries has not been affected by Tsunami? (G.K)

(a) Maldives (b) Maruitius

(c) Malaysia (d) Thailand

110.Imphal is the capital of (G.K)

(a) Arunachal Pradesh (b) Manipur

(c) Nagaland (d) Tripura

111.When was the first West Bengal Human Development Report published? (G.K)

(a) 2001 (b) 2002

(c) 2003 (d) 2004

112.Who played the role of Mogambo in the movie Mr.India? (G.K)

 Page- 17

(a) Shekhar Kapur (b) Amrish Puri

(c) Javed Akhtar (d) Gabbar Singh

113.In which year was the Treaty of Bassein signed? (G.K)

(a) 1765 (b) 1792

(c) 1802 (d) 1805

114.Of the twenty amino acids how many are considered essential? (GEN SCI)

(a) Six (b) Eight

(c) Twelve (d) Fourteen

115.The University of Vikramshila was established by (G.K)

(a) Devapala (b) Gopala

(c) Dharmapala (d) Mahipala I

116. World environment day is (G.K)

(a) 8th March (b) 5 th June

(c) 1st July (d) 31st December

117.The forest group covering most of India is (G.K)

(a)Tropical Moist Deciduous

(b)Tropical Dry Deciduous

(c)Tropical Wet Evergreen

(d)Sub-Tropical Dry Evergreen

118.Who is known as ‘Kunik’ in the history of India? (HIST)

(a) Bimbisara (b) Ajatashauu

(c) Bindusara (d) Aslioka

119.L.P.G. Cylinders contain inside (G.K)

(a)Butane and Isobutane

 Page- 18

(b)Butane and Propane

(c)Isobutane and Propane

(d)Butane,Isobutane and Propane

120.Sania Mirza reached the third round of Australian Open Tennis Championship by defeating :


(a) Patra Mandula (b) Serena Williams

(c) Cindy Watson (d) Maria Sharapova

121.Who wrote Amukta Malyada? (HIST)

(a) Bukka (b) Harihara II

(c) Krishnadev Roy (d) Bir Narasingha

122.Under whose orders the Mahabharata was translated into Bengali? (G.K)

(a) Alauddin Hossain Shah (b) Jalaluddin

(c) Nusrat Shah (d) Haji Iliyas

123.Who first introduced the Portfolio system? (HIST)

(a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Canning

(c) Lord Ripon (d) Lord Minto

124.The highest point in West Bengal is (GEO/G.K)

(a) Sandakphu (b) Darjeeling

(c) Gargabaru (d) Ghum

125. Surya-Siddhanta was authored by (G.K)

(a) Aryabhatta (b) Barahamihir

(c) Bararuchi (d) Sushruta

126. Which University in West Bengal has currently been celebrating its fiftieth anniversary?


 Page- 19

(a) Jadavpur University (b) Burdwan University

(c) North Bengal University (d) Visva-Bharati University

127.The first speaker of Lok Sabha was (G.K)

(a) G. S. Dhillon (b) Hukam Singh

(c)Ananthasayanam Ayyangar

(d)Ganesh Vasudeo Mavalankar

128.The newly elected President of Palestinian National Authority is (CURR AFFAIRS)

(a) Baha al-Bakri (b) Mahmood Abbas

(c) Ammar Dwaik (d) Hafiz al-Assad

129.Who among the following kings performed ‘AsvamedhYajna’? (HIST)

(a) Pulakesin I (b) Kirtivarman

(c) Pulakesin II (d) Mangalesh

130.Dentists use (G.K/GEN SC)

(a) Special Mirror (b) Plane Mirror

(c) Concave Mirror (d) Convex Mirror

131.Who said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself” (G.K)

(a) Abraham Lincoln (b) Franklin D. Roosevelt

(c) Netaji.Subhas Chandra Bose

(d) Jawaharlal Nehur

132.Which of the following is not a Union territory of India? (G.K)

(a) The Andaman and Nicobar Island

(b) Pondicherry (c) Chandigarh (d) Tripura

133.Who was the opponent of Babar at the battle of Panipat? (HIST)

 Page- 20

(a) Ibrahim Lodi (b) Rana Sanga

(c) Mahmud Lodi (d) Medini Roy

134.Which, out of the following, can be levied by the State Government? (G.K)

(a) Income tax (b) Wealth tax

(c) Tax on profession (d) Capital gains tax

135.Cholesterol is a/an (G.K/GEN SC)

(a) Saturated fat (b) Unsaturated fat

(c) Steroid (d) Diglyceride

136.Which one of the following animals possess least number of body segments? (G.K/GEN SC)

(a) Flat worm (b) Earth worm

(c) Prawn (d) Cockroach

137.Sweat, saliva and tear contain an enzyme called Lysozyme. It kills (G.K/GEN SC)

(a) Virus infected cells (b) Protozoa

(c) Bacteria (d) Virus

138.Baltora glacier is located in (GEO)

(a) Karakoram range (b) Kailash range

(c) Pirpanjal range (d) Ladakh range

139.Areawise, west Bengal is roughly identical to (GEO)

(a) Hungary (b) Vietnam

(c) Denmark (d) Switzerland,

140.Amount of annual rainfall is above 200 cm. over—of India’s total area. (GEO)

(a)11 (b) 21 (c) 37 (d) lc

141.Proportion of Scheduled Tribe population is highest in (G.K)

 Page- 21

(a) Nagaland (b) Meghalaya

(c) Manipur (d) Mizoram

142.The difference in local times between the Eastern most and Western most points of India is


(a) 1 hr. 57 m. (b) 2 hr.

(c) 1 hr. 30 m. (d) 2 hr. 15 m.

143.West Bengal lies between ((G.K

(a) 85°50’E-89050’E (b) 85°30’E-90°E

(c) 85°E-89°30’E (d) 85°E-90°E

144.Community development is organised on the basis of (G.K)

(a) Population (b) Community

(c) Area (d) None of these

145.Almost 98% reserves of barites are found in (G.K)

(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Rajasthan

(c) Bihar (d) Madhya Pradsh

146.Who was the founder of the Satavahana dynasty? (HIST)

(a) Simuk (b) Krishna

(c) Satakarni I (d) Gautamiputra Satakarni

147. Tipam sand stones are found in (G.K/GEO)

(a) Assam (b) Jharkhand

(c) Rajasthan (d) West Bengal

148. In which year was the Railway Board founded?

(a) 1905 (b) 1919

(c) 1935 (d) 1947

 Page- 22

149.The Pong dam lias been constructed on— (G.K)

(a) The Beas (b) The Narmada (c) The Sone (d) The Ravi

150.Hamleted rural settlements are characteristic of— (G.K/GEO)

(a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Bihar

(c) Punjab (d) Haryana

151.The Jarawas live in (G.K/GEO)

(a) Laccadive (b) Andaman Islands (c) Mazuli (d) Maldives

152.In India, natural rate of increase of population was highest during ——decade (G.K)

(a) 1961-71 (b) 1981-91

(c) 1941-51 (d) 1921-31

153.Who was proclaimed as an Emperor of India during the Revolt of 1857? (HIST)

(a) Bahadur Shah II (b) Tantia Topi

(c) Nana Shaheb (d) Mangal Pandey;

154.Karewas are terraces of glacial origin found in-— (G.K/GEO)

(a) Jhelum valley (b) Teesta valley (c) Chenuh valley (d) Ravi valley

155.Chirakut, Chachai and Ke.kton waterfalls are located in

(a) M.P. (b) A.P. (c) U.P. (d) W.B.

156.Gautami and Bashista are the principal distributaries of (GEO)

(a) Godabari river (b) Cauveri river

(c) Krishna river – (d) Mahanadi river

157.The National Development Council consists of (CONST/G.K)

(a)Prime Minister

(b)Chief Ministers of all States

(c)Members of the Planning Commission

 Page- 23

(d)All of the above

158.Which one, out of the following, is not a fundamental right? (CONST)

(a)The right to equality


(b)The right to freedom of religion

(c)The right to strike

(d)The right against exploitation

159.The Siwaliks are called in Arunachal Pradesh (GEO)

(a) Dhundwa (b)Dhang

(c) Miri (d) Jaskar

160.Proportion of area under forest cover in West Bengal is (GEO)

(a) 13.5% (b) 11.8% (c) 14.2%. (d) 20.0%

161.Titan is (G.K)

(a) Saturn’s largest moon (b) a luxury passenger liner

(c) an ancient city (d) metallic element

162.Antibodies are synthesized by (GEN SC)

(a) Bone marrow

(b) Plasma and Lymph

(c) Liver (d) Kidney

163.Of the Indian States, West Bengal has the longest boundary with (G.K/GEO)

(a) Jharkhand (b) Bihar

(c) Orissa (d) Assam

164.Indus, Tsangpo, Arun and Sutlej are typical examples of (G.K)

(a) Antecedent drainage (b) Consequent drainage (c) Subsequent drainage (d)

Superimposed drainage

 Page- 24

165.Where is the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre located? (G.K)

(a) San Fransisco (b) Santiago

(c) Kobe (d) Honolulu

166.The Patent Act 1970 has recently been amended to Keep India’s commitment to————.


(a)World Bank

(b)International Monetary Fund

(c)World Trade Organization

(d)United Nations

167.The first hormone produced by Genetic Engineering is (G.K)

(a) Estrogen (b) Testosterone

(c) Thyroxin (d) Insulin

168.X-ray fail to pass through (G.K)

(a)Flesh (b) Bone (c) Iron (d) Gold

169.National Youth Day is observed on (G.K)

(a)Swami Vivekananda’s birthday

(b)Nataji Subhas Chandra Bose’s birthday

(c)Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday

(d)Derozio’s birthday

170.Who passed the Arms Act? (HIST)

(a) Lord Canning (b) Lord Lytton

(c) Lord Curzon (d) Lord Minto

171.The Fedchenko, Biafo and Hispar are the names of Himalayan (GEO)

(a) Glaciers (b) Lakes

 Page- 25

(c) Hill Stations (d) Trees

172.This year’s chief guest at the Republic Day was (CURR AFFAIRS)

(a)The King of Nepal

(b)The King of Bhutan

(c)The Prime Minister of Mauritius

(d)The Prime Minister of Maldives

l73. The song ‘Bande Mataram’ is from (G.K)

(a) Pather Dabi (b) Durgesh Nandini

(c) Ananda Math (d) Gora

174.The captain of Bengal cricket team is (CURR AFFAIRS)

(a) Rohan Gavaskar (b) Sourav Ganguly

(c) Debang Gandhi (d) Utpal Chatterjee

175.’Operation Barga’ refers to (G.K)

(a) a programme of universal registration of tenants

(b) recognition of sharing of outputs between landlords and share-croppers

(c) recognition of share-crpppers’ rights to cultivate lands of absentee landlords

(d) equal distribution of lands

Direction for Question Nos. 176 to 181:

Find the suitable word which will express the same relationship with the third word as that exists

between the first two words within inverted comma of each question.

176.’Hand’ is to ‘write’, as ‘foot’ is to (REASONNIG)

(a) Shoe (b) Finger

(c) Walk (d) Socks

177.’Truth’ is to ‘gentleman’, as ‘lie’ is to (REASONNIG)

 Page- 26

(a) Rascals (b) Live

(c) Poor (d) Falsehood

178.’Vision’ is to ‘eye’-, as ‘olfaction’ is to (REASONNIG)

(a) Ear (b) body

(c) Nose (d) Tongue

179.’Food’ is to ‘hunger’, as ‘water’ is to (REASONNIG)

(a) Liquid (b) Colourless

(c) Thirst (d) Sweet

180.’4′ is to ‘.04’ as ‘2.0’ is to (REASONNIG)

(a) 20 (b) .2

(c) .02 (d) .002

181.’Dismal’ is to ‘dark’, as ‘cheerful’ is to (REASONNIG)

(a) Bright (b) House (c) Gloomy (d) Laughter

182.Who pleaded for Sri Aurobinda in the Alipur Bomb Case? (HIST)

(a) Bipin Chandra Pal (b) C.R. Das

(c) G.K. Gokhle (d) Tej Bahadur Sapru

183.Problem solving may be the result of (G.K)

(a) anxiety (b) past experience

(c) relaxed condition (d) tension

184.Who was the first Indian martyr in United Kingdom? (HIST/G.K)

(a) Savarkar (b) Haridayal

(c) Madanlal Phingra (d) Mohan Singh Bhakna

185.The Patkoi bum forms the boundary between (G.K/GEO)

 Page- 27

(a)Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar

(b)Manipur and Nagaland

(c)Assam and Meghalaya

(d)Meghalaya and Nagaland

186. By which amendment of the Constitution of India the right to property was excluded from the

fundamental right? (CONST)

(a) 40th Amendment (b) 4.1st Amendment

(c) 43rd Amendment (d) 44th Amendment

187.West Bengal Legislative Council was abolished in the year (HIST/CONST)

(a) 1965 (b) 1967 (c) 1969 (d) 1971

188.Who is the author of the book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’? (G.K)

(a) Bill Clinton (b) Frantz Fanon ,

(c) Nelson Mandela (d) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

189.Which of the following is not one of the sources of revenue of the village panchayat? (G.K)

(a) Government grants (b) Income tax

(c) Local taxes on land (d) House tax

190.Who was the first Editor of the “Yugantar”? (HIST/G.K)

(a)Brahmabandhab Upadhyay

(b)Barindra Ghosh

(c)Krishna Kumar Mitra

(d)Bhupendra Nath Datta

191.Find the odd one out : (REASONNIG)

(a) Dolphin (b) Sparrow

(c) Squirrel (d) Bat

 Page- 28

192. No. of Scheduled Caste is highest in State. (G.K)

(a) Karnataka (b) Orissa

(c) Jharkhand (d) Madhya Pradesh

193.Article 370 of the Constitution of India is applicable to (CONST)

(a) Maharashtra (b) Jammu and Kashmir (c) Karnataka (d) Bihar

194.The President of India can declare emergency if there is (CONST)

(a)War or threat of war

(b)Failure of constitutional machinery

(c)Financial instability

(d)Any of these three

195.Who was the author of “Swadhinata hinatay key bachitey chai”? (G.K)

(a) Hemchandra Banerjee (b) Rangalal Banerjee (c) Iswar Chandra Gupta (d) Nazrul Islam

196.The scientific name of Vitamin ‘C’ is (GEN SC)

(a) Acetic acid (b) Muriatic acid

(c) Ascorbic acid (d) Lactic acid

197.What number can replace both the question marks? //WRONG QUES//

(a) 1 (b) 20 (c) 25 (d) 100

198.The first General Election of independent India waS held in the year (G.K)

(a) 1951 (b) 1952

(c) 1953 (d) 1957

199.Adams bridge forms a link between— (G.K)

(a)India and Sri Lanka

(b)Hyderabad and Secunderabad

 Page- 29

(c)India and Pakistan

(d)Araballi and Satpura

200.Government of India has started selling share of selected public sectors from the year (G.K)

(a) 1992 (b) 1993

(c) 1994 (d) 1997                                            

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