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Welcome to your Pre-Medieval Period(Part-2))

Who among the following was born in a military camp in the course of his father's campaign? [UPPCS (Mains) 2013]
The greatest Pratihara King was [UPPSC (GIC) 2010)
The great Jain Scholar Hemchandra adorned the court of [Tamil Nadu PSC (Pre) 2019 UPPCS (Pre) 2010)
Who among the following is credited with initiating a new Samvat? [UPPCS (Pre) 1999)
The Luxman Era was started by: which of the following dynasty? [UPPCS (Mains) 2005]
The great Sanskrit poet and dramatist, Rajshekhara was in the court of Tripura PSC (Pre) 2017 RAS/RTS (Pre) 2013]
Which one of the following was a very important seaport in the Kakatiya Kingdom? (IAS (Pre) 2017]
The Gurjar-Pratiharas dynasty was founded by [UPPCS (Pre) 2003 UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2002]
Who among the following was not a part of tripartite struggle? [UPPCS (Pre) 2015]
Mahodaya is an old name of [Punjab PSC (Pre) 2019 UPPCS (Mains) 2012] .
Which of the following was known as 'Nagar Mahoday Shri'? [UP Lower Sub.(Mains) 2015)
Who among the following granted financial aid for the restoration of a demolished mosque in Khambhat? [UPPCS (Pre) 1999 RAS/RTS (Pre) 1999)
Who was the founder of Parmar Dynasty? [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2016)
King Bhoj ruled over (MPPCS (Pre) 2010]
Who amongst the following wrote a book on artificial scientific equipments? [UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2013]
The presiding deity of Bhojshala Temple is [Kerala PSC (Pre) 2019 UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2001)
Who among the following was not a king of the Parmar dynasty? [MPPCS (Pre) 2017]
The author of Gaudavaho was [UPPSC (RI) 2014)
With reference to the economic history of medieval India, the term 'Araghatta' refers to [IAS (Pre) 2016)
Match List-I (Dynasty) with List-II (Capital) on the basis of code. [Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2008) List-I (Dynasty)
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