Post-Mauryan Period (Part-2) Quiz – Free Chapter wise Ancient History Quiz

Welcome to your Post-Mauryan Period (Part-2

Simuka was the founder of which of the following dynasties?[UPPCS (Spl)(Mains) 2008]

Which Chinese general had defeated Kanishka? (Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2003]

Which of following dynasty empire was expanded even outside of India? (Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Mains) 2006]

The institution of child marriage started in which period? [RAS/RTS (Pre) (Re. Exam) 2000]

Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? [IAS (Pre) 2001 Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2008]

Art of Gandhara style flourished during the reign of[38th BPSC (Pre) 1992]

Which one of the following is not correctly matched? [UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2016] List - I List - II (Dynasties) (Metals of coin)

Bamiyan of Afghanistan was famous for[UPPCS (Spl)(Mains) 2008]

The art style which combines Indian and Greek feature is called [RAS/RTS (Pre) 1993, 2008)

The Gandhara School of art is the synthesis of [UPPCS (Pre) 1996)

Which one of the following sculptures invariably used green schist as the medium? IAS (Pre) 1996)

With reference to the invaders in ancient India, which one of the following is the correct chronological order? CIAS (Pre) 2006)

First Persian ruler who captured some part of India was[RAS/RTS (Pre) 1994]

Which among the following was the earliest dynasty?[UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2001)

Which Purana consists of the longest list of Andra Satavahana Kings? [Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Mains) 2006)

The capital of the Satavahanas was located at [UPPCS (Mains) 2005]

Which of the following places was the capital of Satvahanas? [UP Lower (Spl)(Pre) 2008)

For which of the following rulers 'Ekabrahmana' has been used?(UPRO/ARO (Pre) 2016)

King Kharavela is related to[43rd BPSC (Pre) 1999)

Which of the following Kings was a Patron of Jainism?[UPPSC (RI) 2014)

The King of Kalinga Kharavela was related to which of the following dynasty? [UPPCS (Mains) 2015UPPCS (Spl)(Mains) 2008]

Kalinga's King Kharvel was associated with [Andhra Pradesh PSC (Pre) 2019 60th to 62nd BPSC (Pre) 2016]

Who among the following kings had heavily leaned towards Jainism? [48th to 52nd BPSC (Pre) 2008]

Which field was mostly contributed by Eastern Roman ruler Justinian?(RAS/RTS (Pre) 1994]

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