Post-Mauryan Period (Part-1) Quiz – Free Chapter wise Ancient History Quiz

Welcome to your Post-Mauryan Period (Part-1)

The earliest specimen of "Kavya' style is found in the inscription of[UPPCS (Pre) 1997]

Which inscription tells about the various achievements of Rudradaman-I?[53rd to 55th BPSC (Pre) 2011]

Which one of the following Indo- Greek rulers issued lead coins? [UPPSC (RI) 2014]

Who among the following was not a contemporary of the other three?[IAS (Pre) 2005]

Who renovated Sudarshan lake without using forced labour?[UPPCS (Pre) 2014]

The largest number of copper coins in Northern and North-Western India were issued by[Punjab PSC (Pre) 2019 UPPCS (Pre) 2005]

Who amongst following issued gold coins regularly in ancient India? [UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2004]

Buddha is depicted on the coins of [UPPCS (Pre) 2010]

Which of the following Kings is credited to have issued gold coins for the first time? [UPPCS (Mains) 2009]

Who among the following introduced gold coins for regular use in India? [UPPCS (Pre) 2015]

Which God is found depicted on Yaudheya coins? [UPPCS (Spl)(Mains) 2008]

What is the date of Sarnath Buddhist image inscription of Kanishka?

In which year, the coronation of Kushan King Kanishka was held? [UPPCS (Pre) 1991]

When was Saka Samvat initiated? [UPRO/ARO (Mains) 2013 UPPCS (Pre) 1990]

How much is the year difference between the Saka Samvat and Vikram Samvat? [UP UDA/LDA (Pre) 2006]

Which one of the following is not associated with the Court of Kanishka?[UP Lower Sub. (Spl)(Pre) 2008]

Who of the following did not adorn the court of Kanishka-I?(UPPCS (Mains) 2005)

Which of the following cities is not mentioned in the Rabatak inscription of Kanishka?[UP RO/ARO (Mains) 2014)

Who among the following Ayurvedacharyas was educated at Taxila University?[UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2015)

Which dynasty ruled over India after Shunga dynasty? [45th BPSC (Pre) 2001)

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