Gupta and Post-Gupta Period (Part -2) Quiz – Free Chapter wise Ancient History Quiz

Welcome to your Gupta and Post-Gupta Period (Part -2)

Centres located in Gujarat, Bengal, Deccan and Tamil Country during the Gupta period were associated with which of the following? [RAS/RTS (Pre) 2010]f

Which one of the following ports handled the North Indian trade during the Gupta Period?[UPPSC (RI) 2014)

Who among the following is known for his Ayurvedic thematic composition during Gupta period? [UP Lower Sub. (Spl) (Pre) 2002 IAS (Pre) 1996)

Who among the following is not associated with medicine in ancient India? [IAS (Pre) 1993)

Who of the following among the Nine Gems of Chandragupta was associated with Astrology? [UP Lower Sub. (Spl)(Pre) 2008]

Kalidas was in the ruling period of [MPPCS (Pre) 1990]

Which (among these are Gupta's gold coins? [UPPCS (Pre) 1992)

The silver coins issued by the Guptas were called [IAS (Pre) 1996 UP Lower Sub.(Spl) (Pre) 2002]

Who of the following was the first Gupta ruler to issue coins? [UPPCS (Mains) 2010 UPPCS (Pre) 2011]

In Sanskrit plays written during the Gupta period women and Sudras speak TAS (Pre) 1995)

The first inscriptional evidence of the Satipratha has been found from [UPPCS (Mains) 2010)

Who established Gupta Samvat? [MPPCS (Pre) 1991)

The gradual decline of towns was an important feature of which period? [40th BPSC (Pre) 1995)

Which ruling dynasty donated maximum villages to temples and Brahmins? [39th BPSC (Pre) 1994)

In ancient India, which dynasty's rule is considered as the Golden Age? [UPPCS (Spl)(Pre) 2004]

During which age did women enjoy equality with men? [UPPCS (Pre) 1994)

What was the land revenue rate in Gupta age? [42nd BPSC (Pre) 1997]

What is the land revenue rate in religious books? [Andhra Pradesh PSC (Pre) 2018 40th BPSC (Pre) 1995)

What is the valid tax according to Hindu law? [UPPCS (Pre) 1992]

The Gupta Empire granted tax free agrarian land to which of the following? (MPPCS (Pre) 2014]

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