Ancient Literature and Litterateur(Part-2) Quiz – Free Chapter wise Ancient History Quiz

Welcome to your Ancient Literature and Litterateur(Part-2)

Among the four works mentioned below which one is encyclopedic in nature? (IAS (Pre) 1993)

Which of the following pair is not correctly matched? [UPPCS (Pre) 2012]

Who wrote 'Shakuntalam? (MPPCS (Pre) 2000)

Which of the following is not a literary masterpiece of Kalidasa? [Chhattisgarh PCS (Pre) 2005)

The protagonist of the Play 'Malvikagnimitra' written by Kalidasa is [UPPCS (Pre) 1998]

Which one of the following books of ancient India has the love story of the son of the founder of Sunga dynasty? (IAS (Pre) 2016)

The author of 'Swapnavasavadatta' is[43rd BPSC (Pre) 1999)

Who is the author of "Geet Govind'? [MPPCS (Pre) 1997 Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Pre) 2007]

Whose court was embellished by Jaydev' composer of Geet Govind? [UPPCS (Pre) 1999)

Thy right is to work only, but never with its fruits. This is stated in which of the following book? [UPPCS (Pre) 1992)

In which epic it was told what is here is also found elsewhere, but if not here is found nowhere else? [UPPCS (Pre) 1992]

Which ancient Indian book has been translated into 15 (fifteen) Indian and 40 (forty) foreign languages? [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2010 RAS/RTS (Pre) 1992]

'Panchatantra was originally written by [MPPCS (Pre) 2013]

Who of the following is especially known for his contribution in the field of Algebra? [UPPCS (Pre) 2002 UP Lower Sub. (Pre) 2002]

Lilavathi, a treatise on Mathematics, was written by [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2010]

Aryabhatta was [Uttarakhand UDA/LDA (Pre) 2007]

Which one of the following Indian Mathematician invented decimal place value? [UPPSC (RI) 2014]

Who was the author of 'Matta Vilasa Prahasana'? [UP UDA/LDA (Spl) (Pre) 2010)

'Manusmriti' is mainly related to [UPPCS (Pre) 2007]

The great lawgiver of ancient times was [UPPCS (Mains) 2004)

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