Ancient Literature and Litterateur(Part-1) Quiz – Free Chapter wise Ancient History Quiz

Welcome to your Ancient Literature and Litterateur(Part-1)

Daskumar Charitam was composed (UPPCS (Mains) 2005]
Kumarasambhava' an epic poem was composed by [45th BPSC (Pre) 2001)
The title 'Father of History' rightly belongs to [RAS/RTS (Pre) 1994)
Who of the following was the writer of Mudrarakshasa? [47th BPSC (Pre) 2005]
Which of the following drama was not written by Kalidas? [MPPCS (Pre) 2005]
What is the name of Kalhana's book? [53rd to 55th BPSC (Pre) 2011]
'Rajatarangini' written by Kalhan is associated with which of the following? [MPPCS (Pre) 2012]
Ashtadhyayi' was written by [Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2011 UPPSC (GIC) 2010]
Charaka Samhita is related to which of the following subject? [MPPCS (Pre) 1993]
The Panchasiddhantika of Varahamihira is based upon [UPPCS (RI) 2014)
Which one of the following is not correcly matched? [UPPCS (Mains) 2006)
"Milindapanha' is a [UPPCS (Pre) 1996]
Buddhist text "Milindapanha throws light on which Indo-Greek ruler? [Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) 2012]
Milindapanha is in the form of a dialogue between King Menander and Buddhist monk [IAS (Pre) 1997]
Name the source that is silent about the trade routes of ancient India [39th BPSC (Pre) 1994)
The contemporary ruler of Kalhana, the author of Rajatarangini was [UPPSC (GIC) 2010)
How many Tarangas are in Rajtarangini of Kalhana? [UPPCS (Mains) 2015)
Who among the following continued the Rajtarangini of Kalhana? [UPPCS (Pre) 2000]
Saundarananda was the composition of [MPPCS (Pre) 1991)
'Nagananda', 'Ratnavali and *Priyadarshika' was written by [RAS/RTS (Pre) 1999)
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